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1 Greear announces 2021 Annual Meeting theme
2 Prominent Southern Baptists are dropping ‘Southern’ name amid racial unrest
3 Is the word 'Southern' the latest victim of cancel culture?
4 J.D Greear: "Do not fear satan but do not ignore him either"
5 Do Southern Baptists need a rebranding?
6 Southern Baptists warm to alternate moniker 'Great Commission Baptists'
7 Plug-in: What's in a name? More evidence that Americans live in a post-denominational age
8 Some in SBC warming to 'Great Commission Baptists' name
9 Southern Baptists drop 'southern' over racial connotations
10 Dates, other important information to know before big day (Election Day)
11 SBC Executive Committee reduces CP budget
12 UNC sophomore and political activist featured in Joe Biden campaign commercial
13 Building multiethnic unity: What Summit Church says Christian message has to offer to heal racial division
14 Ex Ministries founder warns Black Lives Matter movement cannot be separated from organization
15 Southern Baptist president wants to retire famed gavel named for slave holder
16 SBC Executive Committee President Ronnie Floyd hosts online event discussing 2021 SBC Annual Meeting
17 JD Greear, President of the SBC, Defines Gospel | Jesus Creed | A Blog by Scot Mcknight
18 Southern Baptist President JD Greear says 'black lives matter'
19 SBC President JD Greear says 'black lives matter'
20 Wyoming Sugar gears up for 2020 harvest
21 2020 SBC President's Message Addresses Diversity, Missions, Unity, Abuse Prevention
22 Announcement of 2021 SBC annual meeting theme 'We are Great Commission Baptists' creates confusion
23 Summit Church to meet in homes for rest of 2020 due to COVID-19: JD Greear explains why
24 Southern Baptist president's church abuse policies under fire
25 Southern Baptist Convention president's church policies questioned
26 Southern Baptist president calls for members to declare: ‘Black lives matter’
27 Washougal golfers invited to PGA championship
28 Greear urges unity, not uniformity • Biblical Recorder
29 SBC president cautions churches about hosting disgraced leader Paige Patterson
30 J.D Greear assumes Christians don't date non-believers
31 JD Greear, Omar Suleiman to discuss Christian-Muslim relations at NC college
32 J.D Greear reminds Christians what to do when we are slandered
33 JD Greear tells SBC it’s time to retire the Broadus gavel, named after slaveholder
34 Bryan Loritts to join The Summit's leadership team • Biblical Recorder
35 Pastors JD Greear and Andres Corson focus on reaching the lost during Global Focus Week Convocation » Liberty
36 The Jolt: A town-and-gown clash over COVID-19 in Athens
37 Greear 'drops' gavel for racist links, but silent about slave owner's ties to seminary
38 JD Greear: God is using coronavirus to wake us up to fragility of the world
39 Evangelical Biden Voters Straddle Partisan Divides | News & Reporting
40 From NT Wright to JD Greear: How JI Packer Shaped My Faith and Work
41 SBC president's church sex abuse policies questioned
42 Greear joins Islamic leader to discuss religious freedom, civility • Biblical Recorder
43 Urban, rural churches benefit from 'Caring Well Challenge' • Biblical Recorder
44 Southern Baptists must investigate, censure JD Greear
45 Mefferd: JD Greear was 'Beta Male' and 'embarrassing' during event with anti-Israel Imam
46 JD Greear answers: 'Is COVID-19 evidence of a specific judgement from God?'
47 SBC president blacklists former leader accused of enabling abuse
48 Will JD Greear, Daniel Akin apologize for spreading gossip?
49 BOMBSHELL: SBC President JD Greear's Church Has Pro-Abortion leader
50 SBC president and Islamic scholar discuss religious freedom
51 Greear names Stetzer to chair resolutions
52 Southern Baptists see historic drop in membership
53 What does COVID-19 mean for Southern Baptist abuse reforms?
54 Greear, Floyd, entity heads issue call for day of prayer
55 Southern Baptists cancel annual meeting because of 'grave emergency' posed by COVID-19
56 Southern Baptist President JD Greear playing Racial Identity Politics
57 Evangelical pastor identifies when it's OK to move to a different church
58 JD Greear says generosity of spirit should trump truth in Trans debate
59 JD Greear warns masturbation can be 'addictive,' 'significantly harm' God-honoring sex life
60 Greear urges churches to 'Fill the Tank' on Easter • Biblical Recorder
61 2400 Summit Church small groups to worship in homes until 2021 • Biblical Recorder
62 J.D. Greear Is Back With a Brand Old Rap (About the SBC)
63 JD Greear Clarifies Pronoun Stance
64 SBC Pres. JD Greear says he'll refer to trans individuals by their preferred pronouns
65 Greear names chair, vice chair for 2020 Committee on Committees • Biblical Recorder
66 View from the Southern Baptists: Black lives matter
67 Grizzly Industrial names Crystal Greear CFO
68 Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear: Combating sexual abuse not a distraction but gospel issue
69 SBC President takes swipe at Trump supporting Evangelicals
70 7 'tragic' myths about sexual abuse: JD Greear at ERLC Caring Well Conference
71 Joe Biden launches new ad blitz In Georgia aimed at Black voters
72 Rep. Mark Walker hosts Southern Baptist Convention President and Triad native J.D. Greear in Washington DC
73 After a Lifetime in the SBC, Black Pastor leaves because of JD Greear
74 A Top Pastor's Culture War Surrender
75 Self-Interest Above All: The SBC Needs More Sales
76 Call to Orlando: A Message from SBC President JD Greear
77 SBC Executive Committee to host SBC Advance June 2
78 'Thank you,' Greear tells black church assembly
79 Greear: Prepare for 'greater works'
80 More leftist 'code words' infiltrating a drifting denomination
81 SBC leader ripped for feel-good forum with Islamic scholar
82 JD Greear is wrong. Jesus was not a refugee.
83 Durham megachurch pastor and Southern Baptist president to confront sex abuse crisis at major conference
84 Wyoming lawmaker criticized after commenting on appearance of Wyoming Women’s Council chairwoman
85 Durham pastor leads Southern Baptist summit on abuse
86 Southern Baptist head calls for reforms, potential removal of multiple Houston churches
87 JD Greear is ready to give Southern Baptists a makeover
88 Matt Chandler called Anti-Israel Imam 'Good People'
89 Stetzer to chair 2020 SBC Resolutions Committee
90 SBC President JD Greear talks new book, Trump-supporting evangelicals, and complementarianism
91 Greear: Catholic abuse report requires 'bold steps' by SBC
92 SBC Pastors Call Members to Join National Day of Prayer with Prayer and Fasting
93 Durham megachurch pastor addresses sex abuse scandal
94 EXPOSED: SBC Elites spread Fake News about racism
95 J.D. Greear: 3 things to know about the new Southern Baptist Convention president
96 Southern Baptists confronted near White House by 'Marxist Thugs'
97 Constructive criticism for JD Greear on homosexual sin
98 Greear: Love well, tip well, come ready for #SBC19
99 JD Greear Elected Youngest Southern Baptist President in Decades | News & Reporting
100 SBC President: We Failed to Heed Victims' Voices | News & Reporting