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Result Content Idea Research
1 Canadian town of Asbestos chooses new name
2 Feds urged to walk away from Brazil trade deal because of fires, climate concerns
3 Waste not, want not: Addressing food waste for a just and ecological food system
4 Government calls on private sector to come up with compostable, recyclable pandemic gear
5 $100 million fund to be used to cut oilpatch emissions, fuel new product development
6 $100M fund to aid oil and gas emissions solutions
7 Environmental impacts of free trade deal with Brazil ignored by review, advocates say
8 Trump-backed Canadian railway to Alaska could free landlocked oil, faces high hurdles
9 Canada to ban single-use plastics by end of 2021
10 Provincial government envisions Alberta as major gas exporter, hydrogen energy hub
11 Climate march anniversary overshadowed by coronavirus pandemic
12 $100M fund to be used to cut oilpatch emissions, fuel new product development
13 Canada's oil patch seeks government green aid to produce cleaner crude
14 Straws, stir sticks and bags among first targets of countrywide plastics ban
15 Canadian Coffee Chain Tim Hortons Finally Ditches Double Cups for Hot Drinks to Reduce Waste
16 How fertilizer in farming is pushing climate change past ‘worst-case scenarios’
17 Tim Hortons will finally stop double-cupping its coffee to reduce waste
18 Greenpeace Canada Supports FSC Responsible Forestry Standard
19 Fifty Years Ago, the Concert that Launched Greenpeace
20 North Bay environmental group uneasy with investment in small modular reactors
21 Nearly a third of Indonesia forest fires fall in pulp, palm areas -Greenpeace
22 Canada must reject industry efforts to derail clean fuel standard
23 How to have a waste-free Halloween
24 Greenpeace Canada peaceful blockade of oil tanker ends
25 Earth Day 2020
26 Helia Sehatpour: No more time to waste on the climate crisis
27 Burger King teams up with TerraCycle for reusable packaging pilot
28 Cruz, Cornyn Complain to Trump That Mexico Is Undermining USMCA
29 Food sovereignty now and beyond COVID-19
30 FSC Canada receives support from Greenpeace
31 Greenpeace activists ask retailers worldwide to stop selling throwaway plastics
32 A city named Asbestos: Debate over name change turns toxic
33 Feds pushed to abandon trade talks with Brazil over Amazon deforestation from fires
34 Ocasio-Cortez dismissed as a ‘garden-variety hypocrite’ — and worse — by former Greenpeace Canada president
35 Greenpeace Canada activists occupy Kinder Morgan 'monster drill'
36 Remembering Bob Hunter: mind bomber
37 36 Organizations Helping Solve the Climate Crisis – Food Tank
38 Veggie burgers are still burgers, EU lawmakers rule
39 Covid-19 Waste Complicates Trudeau's Single-Use Plastics Ban
40 How (and where) Greenpeace is campaigning for a world beyond oil
41 Canadian forestry invents biodegradable mask filter, aims for full mask by Christmas
42 The decline of oil has already begun
43 Dorothy Metcalfe: 1931 – 2019
44 Canadian oil sands compound their image problem
45 Canada attaches stricter environmental rules to oilfield support funds
46 Redefining safety
47 Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace Campaign for a Breakup Between Big Tech and Big Oil
48 Greenpeace Canada's new director highlights 'unstoppable' young generation
49 Regina paying climate crisis skeptic $10K to speak at 'sustainability' conference
50 What I learned from the women fighting to save our planet
51 Should Canada ban single-use plastic? Yes. It's a step toward fixing a global crisis
52 Canada province says sorry after training mistake sparks false nuclear alert
53 Environmental groups say Liberals fall short on GHG targets after accepting Ontario climate plan
54 Kinder Morgan site blocked for the second day as Greenpeace founder joins sit-in
55 Nestlé, Tim Hortons named Canada's top plastic polluters again
56 These companies are the top 5 plastic polluters in Canada | News
57 Greenpeace hits back at Trump tweet on climate change denial
58 National / Regional Offices
59 Canada's oil producers need climate targets to draw investment, Trudeau says
60 Federal oilpatch bailout focus on cleanup of abandoned wells, reduced emissions
61 Fires are raging in the Amazon—again
62 More aid for fossil fuels than clean energy in COVID-19 response
63 Nestlé, Tim Hortons named Canada's top plastic polluters
64 We need to come out of COVID-19 stronger, together
65 We speak for the trees
66 Greenpeace calls for climate action with art
67 Sweden's central bank sells off bonds from Canadian province over climate concerns
68 The end of infinite growth
69 Ecological imperatives
70 Canada's new climate targets, plastics ban likely to be delayed due to pandemic
71 Deutsche Bank says it won't back any new oilsands or coal projects
72 Will you stand up to protect the Pacific from this oil giant?
73 Environmental groups take Ford government to court over COVID-19 recovery bill
74 Greenpeace Canada Activists Occupy Kinder Morgan Monster Drill”
75 Total writes off $9.3B in oilsands assets, cancels Canadian oil lobby membership
76 Greenpeace wins a battle, but a war with a forestry giant continues
77 Greenpeace puts up banners downtown Montreal to protest against oil companies
78 Why you should care where your seafood comes from
79 Liberals say a new climate plan is still in the works despite pandemic
80 Teck Resources says 'anyone's guess' if Canada will approve oil sands project
81 This Campaign Shows How Your Plastic Straws Suck the Life Out of Ocean Animals
82 Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault delving deeper on environmental files
83 Canada could delay decision on Teck's oil sands project, says key minister
84 Reactions to the minority Liberal government's speech from the throne
85 Feds weigh who to bail out
86 AKVA group ASA: Buyback of own shares
87 Our global movement against air pollution
88 Nestle, Tim Hortons rank in top five plastic polluters in Canada
89 Liberal decisions on Wet'suwet'en, Teck crises will make it clear what this government really stands for
90 Disposable masks are a source of pollution, warns Greenpeace
91 Climate youth remind people in power they're still watching
92 Aid for Canada’s energy sector heavily weighted towards fossil fuels in COVID-19 response
93 Canada needs a green COVID economic recovery, says Charlottetown reader
94 U.N report: grim picture on global biodiversity and protection efforts
95 200 days to end deforestation
96 History: Sept 15, 1971, the Canadian origins of Greenpeace
97 Teck withdraws application for $20B Frontier oilsands mine
98 Greenpeace loses Norway Arctic oil lawsuit appeal
99 Wood pellets from clear-cut, old-growth forests may not be carbon neutral