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1 Chances are, you’re not a Gryffindor. From a Gryffindor
2 Harry Potter: 10 Secrets About The Sword Of Gryffindor That Only True Fans Know
3 The LOTR item that's strikingly similar to Harry Potter's Sword of Gryffindor
4 Your 'Harry Potter' Hogwarts House Can Predict How You Respond To Trauma
5 Harry Potter: 10 Mistakes Jk Rowling Made In The Chamber Of Secrets Book
6 Hogwarts House Facts: Gryffindor – the nicholls worth
7 Start the new year with a fresh House journal
8 Kits have been the perfect fit at craft shops during pandemic, from pottery to art to beading
9 Neville Longbottom Actor Can't Watch His Harry Potter Films
10 Bridgerton’s Freddie Stroma, aka Prince Friedrich, Appeared in the ‘Harry Potter’ Franchise Too: See the Photo
11 Hufflepuff: one of the most important houses
12 20 Harry Potter Quotes That'll Inspire Your Kids To Be Brave
13 Harry Potter: 10 Hilarious Draco & Harry Memes | ScreenRant
14 Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Trivia Quiz
15 Matthew Lewis finds it 'painful' re-watching himself in Harry Potter
16 “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” House Editions Are Now Available – MuggleNet
17 Fantastic Beasts 3 Filming Made Eddie Redmayne Swim Outdoors In Winter
18 Bridgerton: Sorting The Main Characters Into Their Hogwarts Houses
19 Hunger Games Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses
20 Why It’s Hard For Harry Potter’s Neville Actor To Watch The Movies
21 Harry Potter: 10 Reasons Why Gryffindor Is The Worst House
22 Wonder Woman Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts House
23 Harry Potter: Gryffindor Is the Only House a Student Can CHOOSE to Be Sorted
24 Harry Potter: 5 Things That Prove Gryffindor Is The Best House (& 5 That Prove It’s The Worst)
25 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses
26 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Cancer Are Typical Gryffindors (& 5 Ways They Are Not)
27 Bridgerton: Harry Potter star has been recognised by fans in hit Netflix show
28 Gryffindor Or Slytherin Dessert Quiz
29 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Pisces Are Typical Gryffindors (& 5 Ways They Are Not)
30 Doting dad spends months building life-size Harry Potter film set for daughter
31 Are You And Cedric Diggory Soulmates?
32 Harry Potter: 5 Most Likable Gryffindors (5 We Can't Stand)
33 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Scorpio Are Typical Gryffindors (& 5 They Are Not)
34 Rupert Grint Credits Daughter Wednesday for Helping Him Smash Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram Record
35 Harry Potter: 10 Prominent Gryffindors, Ranked By Likability
36 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Libra Are Typical Gryffindors (& 5 They Are Not)
37 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Gemini Are Typical Gryffindors (5 They Are Not)
38 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Taurus Are Typical Gryffindors (& 5 Ways They Are Not)
39 Are You Gryffindor Or Slytherin Based On This Quiz?
40 QUIZ: Only a true Gryffindor can score 100% on this Harry Potter quiz
41 You Can Stay in This Gryffindor-Themed 'Harry Potter' Cottage
42 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Sagittarius Are Typical Gryffindors (&5 They Are Not)
43 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Leo Are Typical Gryffindors (& 5 They Are Not)
44 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Virgos Are Typical Gryffindors (& 5 They Are Not)
45 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Aquarius Are Typical Gryffindors (5 They Are Not)
46 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Capricorns Are Typical Gryffindors (& 5 They Are Not)
47 Local chocolatiers make melt-in-your-mug hot cocoa bombs
48 Harry Potter: 10 Godric Gryffindor Tattoos Fans Will Love
49 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Snape Should Have Been In Gryffindor (& 5 Slytherin Was The Right Choice)
50 Harry Potter: The Worst Thing About Each Gryffindor | ScreenRant
51 Matthew Lewis (Neville) says it’s “painful” to watch himself in Harry Potter films
52 Harry Potter's Best Slytherin/Gryffindor Dynamic Was CUT from the Films
53 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Dumbledore Should Have Been In Slytherin (& 5 Gryffindor Was The Right Choice)
54 Hogwarts house traits | Gryffindor Slytherin Hufflepuff Ravenclaw trait
55 Dynacraft's Harry Potter Gryffindor Bicycle
56 AC Valhalla Harry Potter Easter Egg References Voldemort's Horcuxes
57 Avatar: The Last Airbender: 5 Quotes That Prove Katara Is A Gryffindor (& 5 That Disprove This)
58 Harry Potter Fans, Here's Why Bridgerton's Prince Friederich Looks So Darn Familiar
59 PHOTOS: New Gryffindor House Face Masks Now Available at Universal Studios Japan
60 There Are 212 Named Students In Gryffindor, Can You Even Name 10?
61 Ten points to Gryffindor for being the best cat
62 Which Harry Potter Gryffindor Are You, Based On Your Zodiac
63 Does Umbridge Like You?
64 Harry Potter: How Each Gryffindor Is Supposed To Look
65 Harry Potter: 5 Fantasy Movies Gryffindors Will Love (& 5 They Will Hate)
66 'Harry Potter' star Tom Felton says he's a Hufflepuff, not Gryffindor
67 Harry Potter: 5 Comedy Movies Gryffindors Will Love (& 5 They Will Hate)
68 Harry Potter: 10 Thrillers Gryffindors Would Love | ScreenRant
69 Harry Potter: 5 Ways Ron Should Have Been In Hufflepuff (& 5 Gryffindor Was The Right Choice)
70 The Gryffindor Common Room Gets a Modern Redesign! – MuggleNet
71 Avatar: The Last Airbender: 5 Quotes That Prove Aang Is A Gryffindor (& 5 That Disprove This)
72 Harry Potter: Which Gryffindor Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Type?
73 These 20 Questions Will Determine Which Gryffindor You Are
74 PHOTOS: New "Harry Potter" Gryffindor House Face Masks Apparate Into Universal Orlando Resort
75 Harry Potter: 10 Gryffindor Tattoos Only Devoted Fans Will Understand
76 Avatar: The Last Airbender: 5 Quotes That Prove Zuko Is A Gryffindor (& 5 That Disprove This)
77 15 Things Most Harry Potter Fans Don't Know About Gryffindor's History
78 Harry Potter: The 5 Most Admirable Gryffindor Traits (& The 5 Worst)
79 The Best Holiday Gifts to Buy for People Based on Their Hogwarts House – MuggleNet
80 Lakewood-JBLM Pets Up For Adoption: Meet Ponderosa Rosie, Ghost, Baxter & More
81 Harry Potter and K-Swiss Head "Back to Hogwarts" With New Footwear Collection
82 Netflix’s ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ Stretches Fanfic Tropes Past Their Limits: TV Review
83 Harry Potter: You'll Never Get 100% On This Gryffindor Quiz
84 41 Harry Potter Gifts for Every Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin
85 Berkshire dad builds life-size Harry Potter set for his daughter's birthday
86 Harry Potter: 10 Most Evil Gryffindors Of The Whole Series
87 Every Brave Gryffindor Officially Ranked From Least To Most Important
88 Who Plays Prince Friedrich In 'Bridgerton'? Freddie Stroma Was In 'GOT' & 'Harry Potter'
89 Why Gryffindor Is the Best Hogwarts House – MuggleNet
90 Harry Potter: The Gryffindor Traits Of Each Gryffindor Character
91 Harry Potter: 10 Shows All Gryffindors Should Watch | ScreenRant
92 Harry Potter: 10 Most Incredible Gryffindor Nail Art Designs
93 Harry Potter: The 25 Most Powerful Gryffindor Students, Officially Ranked
94 PHOTOS: BC Airbnb transformed into the Gryffindor common room
95 10 Secrets About The Gryffindor Common Room | ScreenRant
96 Build-A-Bear Is Releasing A New 'Harry Potter' Collection
97 Curl up with a cozy fire at this Gryffindor-themed dormitory in the UK
98 Only "Harry Potter" Experts Can Identify 20/24 Of These Gryffindors
99 Harry Potter: 5 Most Cowardly (& 5 Bravest) Gryffindors
100 RuPaul's Drag Race: 10 Cast Members Who Would Be Sorted Into Gryffindor