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1 Redis Founder Steps Back
2 Farewell, benevolent dictator: Python creator Guido van Rossum retires
3 Python may get pattern matching syntax
4 Top 5 Programming Languages to learn in 2020
5 Interview Guido van Rossum: “I'd rather write code than papers.”
6 Python Creator Guido van Rossum Retires, Dropbox Yet To Announce Replacement
7 After 19 Years, Python Might Lastly Get a Sample Matching Syntax
8 How to Learn Python: A U.S. News Guide
9 Python programming language creator retires, saying: 'It's been an amazing ride'
10 David Chaum and Guido van Rossum awarded Dijkstra Fellowship
11 Guido van Rossum resigns: What’s next for Python
12 First Ever Dijkstra Fellowship Shared by David Chaum and Guido van Rossum
13 CWI's first Dijkstra Fellows: David Chaum and Guido van Rossum
14 Python is eating the world: How one developer's side project became the hottest programming language on the planet
15 Why Guido van Rossum quit as the Python chief (BDFL)
16 Python Language Summit 2020
17 Python's creator thinks it has a diversity problem
18 Goodbye Python 2 programming language: This is the final Python 2.7 release
19 Guido van Rossum On Python and Diversity in Open Source
20 Dropbox Hires Away Google’s Guido Van Rossum, The Father Of Python
21 A beginner's guide to Python: Books, tutorials, videos, use cases, and developers' favorite tools
22 Python language founder steps down
23 Q&A: Guido van Rossum on Python's next steps
24 Python creator steps down
25 Python programming language: Best resources for developers and managers
26 The creator of Python on how the programming language is learning from TypeScript
27 How Python Works | HowStuffWorks
28 EuroPython Society announces the ‘Guido van Rossum Core Developer Grant’ program to honor Python core developers
29 Programming languages: Python apps might soon be running on Android
30 The Python 2 clock has expired. Now is the time to upgrade or punt.
31 End Of Life For Python Version 2.0
32 Why Python May Lose Its Charm Over Time?
33 Python programming language: Now you can take NSA's free course for beginners
34 Why You Should Learn Python Today
35 By Welcoming Women, Python’s Founder Overcomes Closed Minds In Open Source
36 What is Python? Get started with your first app!
37 Guido van Rossum Core Developer Grant Launched
38 Top science institute suspends programmer for copying language
39 Python has brought computer programming to a vast new audience
40 Guido van Rossum Wants to Bring Type Annotations to Python
41 Where programming languages are headed in 2020 – O'Reilly
42 Van Rossum: Python is not too slow
43 The benefits of Python are plenty, but it's not for everyone
44 Weekly Review: Angular 9, Hidden classes in Java, and a Python tutorial
45 New Governance Model For Python
46 R.I.P. Python 2: October 16, 2000 – January 1, 2020
47 Chinese coding language ‘Mulan’ found to be Python fork
48 Programming languages: Python overtakes Java on GitHub as Google Dart use soars
49 Python data visualization with Bokeh
50 Python Foundation sounds official death knell for Python 2
51 Top Reasons Why Python Programming is So Popular
52 What's In A Name? Tales Of Python, Perl, And The GIMP
53 Python programming language: A cheat sheet
54 Moving from Python 2 to Python 3
55 R-Ladies made data science inclusive
56 Python Creator Is Computer History Museum 2018 Fellow
57 Python 3.8 new features: the walrus operator, positional-only parameters, and much more
58 Programming languages: Python's PEP 572 feature that drove founder to quit edges nearer
59 CWI Lectures on Programming & Cryptology 2019
60 Python
61 9 Austin Python Training Courses & Bootcamps to Know
62 Please don't be this guy. Here's how to actually handle a python when you see one.
63 Think App Updates Suck? Try Upgrading a Programming Language
64 PyCon 2019 highlights: Python Steering Council discusses the changes in the current Python governance structure
65 How Python Mainstreamed Computer Programming To A Bigger Audience
66 After Years of Abusive E-mails, the Creator of Linux Steps Aside
67 Core Python team confirms sunsetting Python 2 on January 1, 2020
68 Mulan inventor suspended
69 Four Of Most Important Language Designers In Conversation
70 Top Appointments In AI & Analytics Sector That Made Headlines In 2019
71 Python to be guided by a steering council
72 Python is becoming the world's most popular coding language
73 Java vs Python Who is Winning the Coding Battle
74 No new PEPS will be approved for Python in 2018, with BDFL election pending.
75 Python 3.5 to include 'type hinting'
76 Python Debugging: How to Improve Your Skills
77 Ready Or Not, It's Goodbye Python 2
78 Python Now Has a Steering Committee: What That Means for You
79 Edsger Dijkstra Born This Day In 1930
80 Python Passion For Assignment Expressions
81 Should we be worried about programming languages?
82 Interview with Dijkstra Fellow David Chaum — CWI Amsterdam
83 Python Language Creator: “Male Attitude” Is Hurting The Programming Space
84 Creators of Python, Java, C#, and Perl discuss the evolution and future of programming language design at PuPPy
85 Mypy 0.730 releases with more precise error locations, display error codes and more!
86 Python serious about diversity, dumps offensive ‘master’, ‘slave’ terms in its documentation
87 Python 3.8 is now available with walrus operator, positional-only parameters support for Vectorcall, and more
88 Final Releases of Python 2.7 Scheduled Beyond Its End of Life
89 Cloud, DevOps Résumé Terms You Need to Include
90 EXCLUSIVE: Oxford Union releases Michaelmas term card
91 4 Fast Python Compilers for Better Performance
92 Python 2 End Of Life Threatens Security
93 About Python: An Introduction
94 Theresa May at the Oxford Union – The Oxford Student
95 10 essential resources for intermediate Python programmers
96 COMMENT: Is Python really the best language for data science in finance?
97 Programming language of the year? Python is standout in latest rankings
98 What are the benefits of learning Python?
99 Top 10 Real-Time Uses Of Python Development Language In Online Business
100 Is Python Strangling R to Death?