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1 British woman covered in Eminem tattoos breaks record
2 Record-breaking team of moms achieve LEGO® walking world record
3 This British speed eater holds a staggering 18 record titles
4 J Balvin breaks a new record with his Latin GRAMMY® Awards nomination sweep
5 Record-breaking highs and lows: meet the NASA astronaut that traveled to the deepest point on Earth
6 Chinese 14-year-old confirmed as tallest teenager in the world
7 71-year-old Jim Wigginton becomes the oldest person to reach Challenger Deep
8 Porsche Taycan sets Guinness World Record for longest drift with an electric vehicle
9 Ozuna meets the world’s shortest man to celebrate being in the Guinness World Records 2021 edition
10 23-year-old Emirati smashes two wakeboarding records
11 105-year-old man becomes the oldest person to paraglide tandem
12 Meet the Emirati adventurer who travelled the world in record-breaking time
13 US 2021 cover star winner revealed: Meet the father and son on this year's book
14 Sarah Hauser sets world record for the largest women's windsurfing wave
15 Teen’s hair reaches two metres making it the longest ever
16 Rupert Grint shatters Instagram followers record
17 Diego Maradona: Football legend dies aged 60
18 EVE Online’s record-breaking Fury at FWST-8
19 Harlem Globetrotters net new records for GWR Day 2020
20 How to break a Guinness World Record for your brand
21 Egypt's Queen Isis boat becomes part of Guinness World Records
22 Ohio resident confirmed for having the largest collection of Ghostbusters memorabilia
23 Locally held Guinness World Records | COLAtoday
24 Harlem Globetrotters Celebrate GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Day With Three New Record Titles
25 Baby Shark breaks record for most viewed video on YouTube
26 WATCH: Harlem Globetrotters break 3 Guinness World Records in 1 day
27 Harlem Globetrotters Celebrate GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS(TM) Day With Three New Record Titles
28 102-year-old Canadian becomes the world’s oldest curling player
29 Tones and I’s Dance Monkey becomes most Shazamed song of all time
30 Volkswagen Celebrates 9 Unique Guinness World Records
31 Harlem Globetrotters break 3 records for Guinness World Records Day
32 The top Guinness World Records of 2020
33 Sticky Brand Creative Group breaks the Guinness World Record s™ title for the largest ball of stickers
34 Iowa's Guinness World Record-Holding Twins Turn Two on Tuesday
35 Sacha Dench in Round Britain Guinness World Record Climate Challenge by electric paramotor
36 Nellore man bags world record for removing 68 bottle caps with his head in a minute
37 Mighty dhow launched from Dubai recognised as the world's largest
38 American explorer plunges to new lows on quest to visit the oceans’ hidden depths
39 Italian sketch artist sets world record for world’s largest drawing
40 Dolly Parton Got Into the Guinness Book of World Records ... Twice
41 Anoka resident seeks Guinness World Records with 2350-pound pumpkin
42 UAE woman creates world record by travelling the world in just 3 days!
43 From the Tallest Statue to the Largest Drawing, Here Are 24 Astonishing Tidbits of Art Trivia From Guinness of World Records
44 Arab youth are making history on Guinness World Records
45 9 Times Volkswagen Has Set A Guinness World Record
46 Looking at Past "Harry Potter" Wins After Rupert Grint Claims Guinness World Record for Instagram Account
47 Porsche Taycan breaks Guinness World Record for longest EV drift
48 This 102-year-old B.C. woman set a Guinness World Record for oldest curler
49 It's Official! WSOP Main Event at GGPoker Shatters Guinness World Records Title
50 GGPoker breaks online poker Guinness World Records title
51 Emiratis claim four Guinness world records with feats of skill, daring — and love
52 How two Canadians shattered Guinness World Record for fastest drive around the world 40 years ago
53 GGPoker Breaks Online Poker GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title
54 Omeir Saeed breaks two Guinness World Records
55 This UAE woman travelled across all seven continents in just three days
56 Sydney strongman attempts Guinness World Record pull of 16 cars
57 Egypt's Queen ISIS Boat Will be Officially Listed in the Guinness World Records for its Remarkable Viewing Experience
58 Three Abu Dhabi citizens set new Guinness World Records
59 Malaysia's tower runner completes attempt at Guinness World Records
60 Malaysian Soh Wai Ching confirms Guinness World Record title for tower run
61 Guinness World Record for 'world's largest online séance' set at historic Warwick site
62 Denver runner sets unique stroller world record
63 Charity RNIB urges Norfolk families to set world record
64 Kiwi speed-eating champ sets chicken nugget world record
65 Rupert Grint breaks Guinness Record with the fastest time to reach one million followers on Instagram
66 New Zealand speed-eating champion sets chicken nugget Guinness World Record
67 Coro Coro Comics Cover Designer Sets Guinness World Record
68 Thomas climbs a Guinness World Record
69 Do you know there is a record for spraying water from mouth? Watch
70 This Malaysian has broken the Guinness World Record for tower running
71 Man creates world record for farthest distance walked barefoot on LEGO bricks. Watch
72 A head for heights! SA athlete’s nerve-jangling climbing feat breaks Guinness World Record
73 Guinness refreshes Paeng’s record as world’s winningest tenpin bowler
74 ReadAlong with RNIB! Charity calls for children in the South East to help set Guinness World Records™
75 Andhra Man Sets World Record by Opening 68 Glass Bottles with Head in One Minute
76 The stars of Guinness World Records 2021 revealed!
77 105-Year-Old Breaks Guinness Record for Oldest Person to Paraglide Tandem
78 27-year-old Nigerian, Tinuke breaks Two new world records in Skating, becomes 1st to carry out most spins and cartwheels in 1 minute
79 Guinness World Records 2021 Book
80 A statement from Guinness World Records: Billy Mitchell
81 Chinese boy becomes world record holder for tallest male teenager. Can you guess how tall he is?
82 Guinness World Records at home
83 Michiganders invited to set world record during “Coding for Michigan” virtual event
84 Milton Keynes gamer becomes world record holder for the second time for his Minecraft skills
85 Heaviest gourd: world record set by Steve Connolly
86 World’s tallest mohawk takes the Guinness World Records 2021 edition to new heights
87 Expedition to Earth's lowest point earns Guinness records for three
88 Magician Performs 20 Tricks Underwater
89 Ex-broker sets world record with cycling trip across Japan : The Asahi Shimbun
90 16 of the wildest Guinness World Records broken in 2020 so far
91 BLACKPINK’s return sets new YouTube records with How You Like That
92 The Surprising Business Model Behind Guinness World Records
93 Record-breaking brands earn spot in GWR 2021 edition
94 Strictly Come Dancing Pro Challenge 2020 revealed
95 Become a record holder at home with #GWRChallenge
96 7 ‘Guinness’ world records we hold in Michigan
97 5 Guinness World Records Controversies
98 10-year-old can answer 196 maths questions correctly in one minute
99 Largest collector of Funko Pops! owns over 5,000 figurines