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1 Guy Verhofstadt turns on the EU as he rages at bloc's inaction
2 'Sanctions? No! Actions? No!' Guy Verhofstadt loses it in European Parliament outburst
3 EU masterplan: Guy Verhofstadt claimed Brexit chaos will save Brussels from destruction
4 End of the EU: Verhofstadt admits EU not working and makes plea for meeting about future
5 Oh dear, Guy! EU's tax plans will just drive companies to Britain, anti-Brexit MEP told
6 Boris Johnson's 'oven-ready Brexit deal' mocked by Guy Verhofstadt
7 Guy Verhofstadt threatens UK with ‘painful implications’ sparking FURY
8 Verhofstadt branded a 'bitter ex' as he makes desperate claim UK wants to reverse Brexit
9 UK Parliament Overwhelmingly Rejects Prime Minister May's Brexit Deal
10 Verhofstadt's startling verdict on Scotland's EU entry: 'Happy to discuss with Sturgeon'
11 Verhofstadt savaged over latest attack on UK
12 EU divided: Brussels heavyweight admits block is SPLINTERING in ferocious Twitter attack
13 E.U. proposes immigration deal that would require countries to take a share of asylum seekers or assist in deportations
14 EU tells Downing Street bill still breaks international law regardless of compromise
15 EU unity crumbling: Hungary lashes out at Von der Leyen – calls for an EU chief to resign
16 Guy Verhofstadt turns against the European Union angry at the bloc's inaction
17 E.U. Failure to Impose Sanctions on Belarus Lays Bare Its Weakness
18 Guy Verhofstadt ready to chair citizen consultations on Europe's future
19 Guy Verhofstadt: Citizens' rights issues must be resolved before Brexit
20 Guy Verhofstadt tipped to chair of Conference on the Future of Europe
21 'Sovereignty Doesn't Exist in a Globalized World': An Interview with Guy Verhofstadt
22 Guy Verhofstadt mercilessly mocked by Brexiteers after EU tweet ‘We are leaving!’
23 Toward a European Reconstruction Fund by Guy Verhofstadt & Luis Garicano
24 Home Office rejects Guy Verhofstadt claim that EU citizens will not be deported from Britain after Brexit
25 Guy Verhofstadt emerges as frontrunner to chair Conference on the Future of Europe
26 'Are you joking?' Verhofstadt brutally mocked after claiming EU is 'full-blown democracy'
27 Guy Verhofstadt makes final swipe at UK saying BREXIT threatens sovereignty
28 Guy Verhofstadt brutally mocked over latest Brexit rant ‘Delusional on so many levels!’
29 Guy Verhofstadt uses coronavirus deaths for pathetic point scoring over Boris and Trump
30 'We are not China or Russia!' Verhofstadt warns von der Leyen over Brussels power-grab
31 Guy Verhofstadt: 'Big problems' still exist with UK Withdrawal Agreement
32 'We know you want an empire!' Guy Verhofstadt sparks huge backlash after EU army demand
33 EU elections 2019: Who is Guy Verhofstadt? And what does he stand for?
34 Guy Verhofstadt snubbed: Arch-federalist to lose out on top EU job in post-Brexit rebuild
35 Brexiteers brilliantly hit back at Guy Verhofstadt's spiteful attack 'worth EVERY penny'
36 Avanti, von der Leyen! –
37 Verhofstadt: Brexit is 'not an adieu, only an au revoir' – video
38 Guy Verhofstadt SHAMED: EU chief's 'Irish border ignorance' condemned by expert
39 EU gravy train laid bare: Charles Michel ‘got big break’ from Guy Verhofstadt
40 Verhofstadt on future EU-UK relations: “We should be ambitious” | News
41 Time of coronavirus shows importance of being European
42 EU powergrab: Shameless Verhofstadt says coronavirus proves Brussels needs MORE POWER
43 Verhofstadt told to 'keep his nose out' after attack on UK plan to end freedom of movement
44 Guy Verhofstadt celebrates 'new balance of power' in EU Parliament
45 Guy Verhofstadt, MEP: The European Union must reform or die
46 Verhofstadt rejected: Arch-Remainer set to lose out on top EU job after uproar in capitals
47 Verhofstadt backlash after ANOTHER United States of Europe demand
48 Guy Verhofstadt lashes out at Russia report
49 China nuclear bombers attack US base on Guam in disturbing simulated video
50 Guy Verhofstadt wants Brussels to seize powers to manage UK's coronavirus response
51 Guy Verhofstadt: ‘If you want to see what nationalists have done, come to Britain'
52 'Hypocrite!' Verhofstadt confronted by Brexiteer for lecturing UK on foreign interference
53 EU infighting: Guy Verhofstadt turns on Angela Merkel with scathing Germany attack
54 Still bitter about Brexit? Verhofstadt mocked after Patel dig
55 A Belgian Legislator Berates and Scoffs at Mark Zuckerberg
56 Verhofstadt blasted by BBC viewers as he slates UK failure to investigate Russian meddling
57 Furious Brexiteers slap down 'bitter' Verhofstadt after Twitter dig
58 Europe must never repeat Brexit, says Guy Verhofstadt
59 ‘Predictable’ Guy Verhofstadt blasted after European Army remark
60 Verhofstadt sparks fury over Biden-Harris endorsement tweet 'None of your business, Guy!'
61 Dream on, Guy Verhofstadt: Brexit won't be reversed
62 EU crisis erupts
63 Guy Verhofstadt’s strategic plan to fast-track Britain’s re-entry into EU exposed
64 EU civil war erupts as Verhofstadt rages at Von der Leyen over Brussels' shameful response
65 EU army? More like Dad's Army: Verhofstadt brutally mocked by MP after defence boast
66 ‘EU has NO future!’ Verhofstadt triggers backlash after praising Brussels recovery fund
67 Brexiteers 'are the real traitors', EU's Guy Verhofstadt says
68 Brussels power grab: Guy Verhofstadt demands EU take control of TAXES in budget
69 'That's what caused Brexit!' Anger at deluded Verhofstadt's EU exit rant
70 Guy Verhofstadt calls Italian PM 'puppet' in angry exchange
71 Guy Verhofstadt claimed Margaret Thatcher would be 'expelled from Conservative Party'
72 Verhofstadt lambasts UK's Brexit plan as he savages Boris for living 'on another planet'
73 Verhofstadt: “We will only approve Brexit deal after UK has approved it” | News
74 Brexit backlash: Guy Verhofstadt savaged after yet another attack on Boris Johnson
75 Watch again: 'I don't want a superstate' says Verhofstadt
76 ‘You’ll be back’: Verhofstadt’s parting shot hours after Brexit
77 'Can't stay away!' Twitter users mock Verhofstadt after ANOTHER Brexit post
78 Europe will 'die from inside' if far-right populists triumph, top EU figure says
79 Watch: Guy Verhofstadt on the world's 'empires'
80 Q&A: Europe's Guy Verhofstadt on Theresa May, Brexit and E.U's Future
81 'Inflated' Guy Verhofstadt blasted by young Brexiteer in staunch response to Brexit threat
82 EU faces nationalist ‘nightmare’ in next five years, says Verhofstadt
83 Guy Verhofstadt threatens the UK as he demands the EU hold ‘very brief’ Brexit trade talks
84 EU contempt laid bare: Verhofstadt's 'scathing' reaction to general election revealed
85 EU army: Verhofstadt sparks backlash after military force demand
86 EU laid bare: How Verhofstadt branded Britain without EU a ‘dwarf on world level'
87 EU recovery fund and budget negotiations aren't over yet
88 EU shambles: The ONLY reason why Guy Verhostadt became Brexit 'negotiator' revealed
89 Guy Verhofstadt sparks huge backlash after ‘silver lining’ swipe at Farage -'Keep crying!'
90 'Obsessed' Verhofstadt sparks fury after Cummings dig
91 Confronting Europe's Illiberals by Guy Verhofstadt
92 Analysis: The European Court of Justice's bitter spat with Germany's constitutional court
93 Boris Johnson's Big Lie by Guy Verhofstadt
94 Guy Verhofstadt: Boris Johnson's Brexit rhetoric is 'language of Europe's dark past'
95 'We'll look after your star': EU chief responds to veterans' love letter to EU projected on to White Cliffs of Dover
96 Guy Verhofstadt: MEPs need 100% certainty on citizens' rights
97 Guy Verhofstadt admits EU needs huge change: 'We cannot continue like this!'
98 I won't miss you, Guy Verhofstadt tells Nigel Farage in Brexit burn
99 Verhofstadt says 'problems need to be solved' before Brexit deal can be ratified
100 Brexit LIVE: Desperate Verhofstadt issues panicked plea as EU finally wakes up to UK loss