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1 H-1B Policy: How Trump and Biden Compare to Each Other
2 DOL Claimed Need To Keep H-1B Visa Rule Secret, But Held A Press Call
3 Stanford joins lawsuit challenging new H-1B visa rules | Stanford News
4 U.S. unveils long-anticipated restrictions on H-1B guest worker program
5 'No option but to come back to India': H-1B visa holders share their fears and hopes ahead of US election
6 US proposes not to issue business visa for H-1B speciality occupations
7 H-1B visa pay boost: Historic win for foreign workers or ‘mess’ doomed to fail?
8 Economic Research Exposes Significant Flaws In DOL H-1B Visa Rule
9 New H-1B Rules to Protect American Workers
10 Trump Administration Changes H-1B Visa Rules, Prompting Pushback
11 DOL/DHS Overhaul H-1B Visa Program: Tougher to Sponsor Workers
12 New H-1B rule appears designed to price H-1B workers out of the market (National Foundation for American Policy)
13 Labor Department's New H-1B Regs Far More Useful than Those of DHS
14 Cutting off H-1B visas will hurt the biopharma industry
15 State Department proposes to eliminate controversial “B-1 in lieu of H-1B” policy
16 Trump Administration Overhaul of H-1B Visa Program Challenged in Court
17 Trump’s H-1B ban hurt America’s Fortune 500 companies
18 Tech Workers Impacted By US H-1B Visa Clampdown Look North To Canada
19 Tech Employment Data Contradict Need For Quick H-1B Visa Rules
20 Donald Trump's new rules hike minimum pay for H-1B medical professionals by 40%, pricing them out of market
21 US Chamber, universities sue Trump administration over revised H-1B regs
22 Industry bodies, Democrats call H-1B changes move to score political points
23 US Visa: Two new rules just made it harder for firms to hire H-1B workers
24 H-1B Overhaul Pressures Outsourcing Firms and Their U.S. Clients
25 New Fast-Tracked U.S. Regulations Threaten To Restrict H1B Visas Again
26 US B1 visa in lieu of H1B visa could be scrapped
27 New Lawsuit And Glaring Problems Threaten DOL H-1B Visa Rule
28 H-1B News: OMB Clears Way for New Regs; Court Sets Back White House Order
29 DHS Issues Final Rule to Restrict H-1B Visa Classification Requirements
30 Dear Sophie: Now that a judge has paused Trump’s H-1B visa ban, how can I qualify my employees?
31 Dear Sophie: How can employers hire & comply with all this new H-1B craziness?
32 Can sweeping changes in H-1B and green card programme guarantee a win for Trump?
33 New H-1B visa rules will harm US economy, says lobby group Nasscom
34 USCIS H1-B Regulations
35 Latest Trump H1B visa changes will leave US worse off
36 H-1B One Workforce Grant Program Could Eliminate H-1B Workers
37 Labor Department's Cost Estimates of New H-1B Rules Are Overstated
38 Unemployment rate does not justify H-1B program changes: NFAP
39 IEEE-USA Welcomes New Rules for H-1B Visas; Further Changes Still Needed
40 Lawsuit challenging H-1B wage increase filed in the US
41 Trump administration tightens rules for employers and H-1B workers
42 How the Trump administration's H-1B visa changes could affect colleges
43 Requirements for H-1B Visa Shouldn’t Be Overly Narrow
44 H-1B kills US jobs? No, says lawyer in case against new rules
45 DHS: H-1B Petitions Will Be Denied More Often After Rule Change
46 Sheltering H-1B 'Temporary' Workers at the Expense of American Workers in the Time of Covid-19
47 USCIS Interim Final Rule on H-1B Nonimmigrant Visa Program
48 EXCLUSIVE: HCL Tech is expanding operations in Canada as H-1B visa issues persist
49 View: Donald Trump’s H-1B reforms will make America poorer
50 NAM, US Chamber Sue to Stop H-1B Visa Changes
51 H-1B: US judge stops USCIS from implementing visa fee hike
52 Trump Administration Introduces Major Changes to H-1B Visas and Employment-Based Green Cards
53 DHS Issues Rule on H-1B Visa Program
54 Trump's H-1B Visa Program Changes: 'It's Going to Be a Shock to Employers'
55 Long Awaited H-1B Regulations Take Effect On October 7, 2020
56 H-1B visa changes will be 'shock' to employers (Inc.)
57 Rep. Mo Brooks Introduces H-1B Reform and OPT Suspension Bill
58 US lawmaker introduces a legislation to overhaul H-1B visa system
59 Lawsuit Alleges USCIS Has Acted In Bad Faith Against H-1B Spouses
60 Manufacturers File Suit Against H-1B Rules
61 Premium processing fee hike for H-1B visas in force from October 19
62 US Chambers of Commerce and NAM files lawsuit against recent H1B regulations
63 H-1B wages will rise by over 30%: Cato
64 US court blocks Trump ban on H-1B, L-1 visas
65 Judge Rules Against Trump’s H-1B Visa Ban: President Is Not A Monarch
66 Trump administration faces lawsuits challenging new H-1B visa rules
67 Sweeping Changes to the H-1B Program To Go into Effect
68 Trump's executive order on visas for foreign workers cost $100 billion: Report
69 DHS Issues Interim Final Rule Defining Key Practices for Adjudicating H-1B Third-Party Placement Petitions
70 Democrat lawmaker hopes Biden will reverse Trump’s H-1B...
71 Pending H-1B Rules Appear Withdrawn From White House Review (2)
72 Statutes of Liberty: H-1B Hail Mary -- Trump Administration Rushing Through Changes Before January
73 Democrats slam new H-1B rules; Republican hails...
74 H-1B and PERM Programs
75 US court halts proposed fee hike for H-1B, other visa applications
76 What the new rule on H-1B visas mean for Indian tech cos
77 USCIS Faces Cert. Bid Over Claim H-1B Visas Wrongly Denied
78 H-1B and Employment Immigration Processes Under Attack
79 DOL Said Its H-1B Wage Rule Should Cost Many Employers $0 But It Imposed Billions in Costs Anyway
80 Changes to Prevailing Wages & H1-B Visas
81 New Regulation Significantly Increases Prevailing Wage Requirements for H-1B and Green Card Petition...For Now
82 Will the New H-1B Rules Create More Jobs for Chinese as well as Americans?
83 Suits Challenge New Rules On H-1B And PERM Labor Certification Programs
84 US H1B visa rules further tightened
85 US to allow faster processing for some visas and green card; premium processing of H-1B visa to cost more
86 Second lawsuit challenging new H-1B rules to be filed in US court today
87 Do H-1B Visa Holders File US Income Tax & Report Foreign Accounts?
88 Lawsuits Aim to Block H-1B Rule Changes and Sharp Wage Increases
89 US lawmaker introduces legislation to overhaul H-1B visa system
90 Blow to Indian doctors in America! Trump's new rule hikes minimum pay for H-1B medical professionals by 40%
91 H1B Visa Ban: Rs 7,30,000 Crore Loss For Fortune 500 Firms As 200,000 Employees Stopped From Working
92 Trump Administration Issues New Regulations on H-1B Workers and Prevailing Wage Requirements
93 13 US organisations, universities sue Trump administration for new H-1B rules
94 "Harmful, Haphazard": US Business Lobby Files Lawsuit Against H-1B Rule
95 State Department proposes elimination of B-1 in lieu of H-1B...
96 New Rules Will Make It Harder To Get H-1B Petitions Approved, Significantly Raise Required Wages For H-1Bs And Green Cards
97 USCIS Issues Interim Final Rule Restricting Definition of H-1B Specialty Occupation
98 US judge blocks fee hike for H-1B, L-1 visas, Green Cards
99 Local hiring shield against H-1B rules: TCS
100 H1B salary restrictions may impact juniors in investment banks