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1 H-1B foreign-worker visa: Fate of Trump’s changes unclear but work ban for ‘H-4 spouses’ unlikely
2 The Biden Administration And What Happens To Trump’s H-1B Visa Rules
3 New H-1B rule not valid, other changes on hold for 60 days
4 Outgoing Trump administration partly discards rule limiting H-1B visas
5 U.S. Immigration Updates: H-1B Cap, Prevailing Wage Rule and International Travel Updates
6 The math behind new H-1B wage rule, and what it means for techies
7 Biden administration begins reversing Trump's damage on H-1B and immigration
8 H-1B cap lottery may favor the highest paid foreign nationals
9 Relief to techies: Biden puts Trump H-1B rule on hold
10 H-1B visa: President Joe Biden’s proposed immigration bill could bring relief for Indian techies, IT...
11 H-1B: Trump administration issues new wage mandate after court loss
12 USCIS Replaces H-1B Lottery with Salary-Based Selection
13 It's That Time of the Year Again
14 DHS And DOL Team Up On H-1B Visas Against IT Services Companies
15 New rule calls for higher wages for H-1B visa holders
16 Dear Sophie: What's the new minimum salary required for H-1B visa applicants?
17 India may urge Joe Biden administration to revoke new rules on H1B visas
18 These two US rules on H-1B visa can hit Indian IT companies hard
19 Foreign students will be the biggest losers in new H-1B selection process
20 Biden reforms on Day 1 set to cheer Indian diaspora
21 Trump Administration Midnight H-1B Changes Purport to Impose New Burdens on Staffing Firms, Service Providers, and Their Corporate Customers
22 Rethinking immigration policies for STEM doctorates
23 Trump admin fires again: Customers of IT service companies to meet H-1B filing & other obligations under
24 Biden govt may usher in a more stable H-1B regime
25 Final Rule for H-1B Lottery Aims to Raise Wages for Visa Workers
26 White House freezes recent draconian immigration rules
27 Only the highest paid will be selected: An expert decodes Trump’s parting shot at H-1B
28 USCIS Publishes Final Rule Revising the H-1B Cap Lottery
29 This year's H-1B lottery: The Trump legacy of chaos must end
30 Planning to register for the H-1B cap season this spring but will you have a chance of being selected based on this new DHS Rule?
31 H-1B workers hope Biden is more pro-immigration than Trump
32 H-1B: Homeland Security’s ICE develops new unit to probe OPT foreign student work permit
33 Trump Administration Poised to Publish a More Limited H-1B Rule Before Inauguration Day
34 US modifies H-1B lottery to wage-based selection
35 Updated: Trump Administration Midnight H-1B Changes Purport to Impose New Burdens on Staffing Firms, Service Providers, and Their Corporate Customers
36 Labor Department Raises Mandatory Wages for H-1B Workers
37 H-1B visa holders hope Biden administration will reform “unpredictable” process
38 What can Indian H-1B visa holders and aspirants expect as Joe Biden sworn in as 46th US President today?
39 US Citizenship and Immigration Services Announces Wage-Based H-1B Cap Selection Process
40 DHS Changes to H-1B Cap Selection Process
41 Trump Administration Increases Salary Requirements for H-1B Visa Holders
42 Biden govt may usher in a more stable H1-B regime
43 2021 H-1B “Cap” Registration and Lottery | Davis Brown Law Firm
44 Proposed Rule Would Bring Drastic Changes To H-1B Cap Process By Basing Selections On Highest Salary
45 Trump administration announces final rule to raise minimum wages for H-1B
46 Agency says new H-1B interpretation of rules could affect staffing firms (US Department of Labor)
47 Indias tech industry hails Joe Bidens stand on immigration, H-1B rules
48 US: H-1B selection system to prioritise higher earners
49 H-1B visas in 2021: What to expect from the Biden administration
50 Joe Biden likely to reverse Trump administration's proposal to revoke work authorisation for H-1B spouses
51 New USCIS Regulation to Prioritize Highest Paid H-1B Workers is Unlikely to Affect This Year's Cap Filings
52 Sweeping Change to the H-1B Visa Program
53 Conviction for Possessing Gun While in U.S. on H-1B Visa Upheld
54 Trump Ignores Jobs Data To Extend H-1B Visa And Immigration Bans
55 H-1B Cap Season, Mandatory COVID-19 Testing for All International Air Travelers to the US, and I-90 Receipt Rule
56 DOL Issues H-1B Guidance for 'Secondary Employers' of Workers
57 India engaged with US on H-1B ban issue: MEA
58 Employers May Have Better Shot at H-1B Visas by Offering Higher Wages
59 H-1B, L-1 Restrictions Extended through March 31, 2021
60 Trump Weighs Extension Of Halt Of H-1B, L-1 And J-1 Visas
61 DHS Issues Final Rule to Modify H-1B Lottery and Prioritize Higher Salaries
62 DOL Issues Wage Mandate Rule for H-1B Visas
63 Can Biden Reconcile Competing Interests of Domestic Labor and Immigration Reform?
64 USCIS 'Final Rule' for H-1B visas prioritizes wages, effectively ends lottery system
65 COVID-19 and India's obsession with the H-1B visa
66 Tech Executives Look to New Administration to Undo Rules Blocking Talent
67 Possible Changes to the H-1B Cap Registration and Selection Process for 2021 (Fiscal Year 2022)
68 Dear Sophie: What are Biden's immigration changes?
69 New Rule Could Bring Substantial Changes to H-1B Program
70 Labor Department Issues Another Minimum Wage Rule for High-Skilled Workers
71 New H-1B Visa Rules Mild Negative For Indian IT Services: Rating Agency ICRA
72 Extension of H-1B visa restrictions: MEA says India is in touch with US
73 Labor, Employment and Immigration Law Changes to Expect from the Biden Administration
74 US Travel Ban Update: Negative COVID-Test Required
75 Trump administration changes rule to make H-1B hiring more difficult for consulting...
76 US President Joe Biden Expected To Sign These Orders; Will H1B & Immigration Get Impacted?
77 Why Undoing Trump’s Immigration Legacy Is Going To Be Hard
78 Foreign Students To Face The Heat With New H-1B Rule
79 USCIS to Select H-1Bs Based on Offered Wage
80 Workforce Alliance gets nearly $10 million to boost local skills training
81 How Biden's presidency will impact HR and talent mobility
82 College Town: Clark Trustees get $10m award as part of national worker training initiative
83 Court vacates new rules that sought to restrict H-1B visas | Stanford News
84 New H-1B Rules Struck Down
85 Trump Administration Changes H-1B Visa Rules, Prompting Pushback
86 U.S. unveils long-anticipated restrictions on H-1B guest worker program
87 DOL/DHS Overhaul H-1B Visa Program: Tougher to Sponsor Workers
88 H-1B Cap Season: Five Things To Know In 2021
89 Colleges sue over new rules on eligibility, wages for H-1B visa holders
90 Will Biden save the H-1B?
91 US court overthrows H-1B visa program changes, says administration's causes unjustified
92 Cutting off H-1B visas will hurt the biopharma industry
93 In Texas, H-1B visa limit would be felt by many companies
94 H-1B: Trump administration pushes ahead on long-promised changes to controversial visa
95 Assessing the Department of Labor's Rule Raising Wage Requirements for H-1B Workers
96 The H-1B visa program is about to get another reboot
97 USCIS Proposes Changes to the H-1B Lottery
98 USCIS Proposes Replacing H-1B Lottery with Salary-Based Selection
99 Immigration Review Could Lead To New H-1B Visa Restrictions
100 New Rule Likely Intended to Formalize Onerous H-1B Requirements