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1 A VH1-69 antibody lineage from an infected Chinese donor potently neutralizes HIV-1 by targeting the V3 glycan supersite
2 Cattle Antibodies Lead To Breakthroughs In HIV Research
3 supported scientists elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV in calves
4 Potent peptidic fusion inhibitors of influenza virus
5 HIV-1 Vaccine-elicited Antibodies Reverted to Their Inferred Naive Germline Reveal Associations between Binding Affinity and in vivo Activation
6 Human neutralizing antibodies elicited by SARS-CoV-2 infection
7 Structural Basis for the Broad, Antibody-Mediated Neutralization of H5N1 Influenza Virus
8 Potently neutralizing and protective human antibodies against SARS-CoV-2
9 Proof of concept for rational design of hepatitis C virus E2 core nanoparticle vaccines
10 HIV envelope trimer-elicited autologous neutralizing antibodies bind a region overlapping the N332 glycan supersite
11 HIV-1 vaccine design through minimizing envelope metastability
12 Clonify: unseeded antibody lineage assignment from next-generation sequencing data
13 Structural Insight into a Human Neutralizing Antibody against Influenza Virus H7N9
14 Blood cancer cells initiate signalling cascade
15 Exceptionally Potent Neutralization of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus by Human Monoclonal Antibodies
16 Antihomotypic affinity maturation improves human B cell responses against a repetitive epitope
17 Genetic and structural insights into broad neutralization of hepatitis C virus by human VH1-69 antibodies
18 Tracking The Clinical And Preclinical Progress In Targeting Membrane Proteins
19 HIV DNA-Adenovirus Multiclade Envelope Vaccine Induces gp41 Antibody Immunodominance in Rhesus Macaques
20 Polyreactivity and Autoreactivity among HIV-1 Antibodies | Journal of Virology
21 Glycosyl-Phosphatidylinositol-Anchored Anti-HIV Env Single-Chain Variable Fragments Interfere with HIV-1 Env Processing and Viral Infectivity
22 Dengue Virus prM-Specific Human Monoclonal Antibodies with Virus Replication-Enhancing Properties Recognize a Single Immunodominant Antigenic Site
23 Combined HIV-1 Envelope Systemic and Mucosal Immunization of Lactating Rhesus Monkeys Induces a Robust Immunoglobulin A Isotype B Cell Response in Breast Milk
24 Approaching rational epitope vaccine design for hepatitis C virus with meta-server and multivalent scaffolding
25 In cows, a possible key to HIV vaccine
26 Heterosubtypic Antibodies to Influenza A Virus Have Limited Activity against Cell-Bound Virus but Are Not Impaired by Strain-Specific Serum Antibodies
27 Conserved Neutralizing Epitope at Globular Head of Hemagglutinin in H3N2 Influenza Viruses
28 Structure of the Extracellular Domain of Matrix Protein 2 of Influenza A Virus in Complex with a Protective Monoclonal Antibody
29 Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-Anchored Anti-HIV scFv Efficiently Protects CD4 T Cells from HIV-1 Infection and Deletion in hu-PBL Mice
30 Recombinant Adenoviruses Displaying Matrix 2 Ectodomain Epitopes on Their Fiber Proteins as Universal Influenza Vaccines
31 Two Classes of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies within a Single Lineage Directed to the High-Mannose Patch of HIV Envelope
32 Unmasking Stem-Specific Neutralizing Epitopes by Abolishing N-Linked Glycosylation Sites of Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin Proteins for Vaccine Design
33 A Broadly Neutralizing Human Monoclonal Antibody Directed against a Novel Conserved Epitope on the Influenza Virus H3 Hemagglutinin Globular Head