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1 Just Approved: “Drive By” Appraisals for HECM reverse mortgage extended through 2020
2 Mortgage Professor: 3 Reverse Mortgage Retirement Strategies Explained
3 ReverseVision Supports HECM Lenders' Transition from LIBOR to CMT Index, Updates Documents to Facilitate Index Migration
4 FHA Issues Temporary Reverse Mortgage Program Waivers Due to Pandemic
5 As Divisive Election Looms, Politicians Can Agree on Reverse Mortgage Benefits
6 FHA: Reverse Mortgage Servicing Contract 'In-Process,' Agency Eyes Smooth LIBOR Transition
7 FHA: Reverse Mortgage Performance Improves as Data Shows Borrower Preferences Change
8 Industry Leaders: MMI Report Shows Reverse Mortgage Business' Improving Strength
9 [Updated] 2020 MMI Report: Improved FHA Reverse Mortgage Portfolio, Though Still Negative
10 ReverseVision Supports HECM Lender Transition from LIBOR to CMT Index, Updates Docs to Facilitate Index Migration
11 Reverse Mortgage Volume, Securities Issuance Dips as Originators Prepare for CMT Shift
12 Wholesale Reverse Mortgage Segment Outperforms Retail in September
13 FHA Issues Pair of Partial Waivers
14 November Election Results Could Impact Key Reverse Mortgage Issues in 2021
15 Integrating The Components Of A Retirement Plan
16 ReverseVision Updates Documents and Software to Support CMT Transition
17 Reverse Mortgages 101: A Primer
18 HUD Extends Date for Approving Initial COVID-19 Forbearance or COVID-19 HECM Extension
19 Industry Leaders: HECMs to Drive Reverse Mortgage Industry in Near-Term
20 Working to Prevent HECM Foreclosures
21 Just Approved: FHA allows “drive-by” appraisals for HECM reverse mortgage because of COVID-19
22 RMF Revives 'MAX5' Adjustable Rate Reverse Mortgage for CMT Transition
23 [Updated] FHA Commissioner: Reverse Mortgage Program Should Be Removed from MMIF
24 HUD Secretary Carson Back to Work After COVID-19 Illness
25 Mortgage Professor: Reverse Mortgage Misuse Protections Have Resulted in 'Disaster'
26 Trump Budget Sheds Light on Reverse Mortgage 'Wish List'
27 Counselors See Rising HECM Interest Through COVID-19 Crisis
28 Reverse Mortgage Market 'Stronger Than Ever,' July Data Shows
29 Kiplinger: Reverse Mortgages an 'Outside the Box' Solution for Financial Stress
30 How HUD Could Rejuvenate The HECM Program
31 FHA Extends Relief for Reverse Mortgage Borrowers in Pandemic to End of 2020
32 Using A HECM Reverse Mortgage To Prevent Future Impoverishment
33 HECM Endrosements Falling, But Still High
34 HUD: Case Binders 'Flood' Offices, Reverse Mortgage Volume Outpaces 2019
35 FHA Allows Relief for Reverse Mortgage Assignments During Coronavirus
36 Single Women Increasingly Getting Reverse Mortgages, Counseling Certificates Double Endorsements
37 HUD Extends Date to Approve COVID-19 Forbearance and HECM Extension
38 June Reverse Mortgage Volume Remains High, HMBS Could Indicate Stronger 2020
39 Reverse Mortgage Legislation Takes Back Seat to Washington Tumult
40 Ginnie Mae: LIBOR-based HMBS Restricted Beginning in January 2021
41 Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Definition
42 FHA Temporarily Waives HECM Eligible NBS Requirement Due to COVID-19
43 Mortgage Professor: HUD Remains 'Hostile' Toward Reverse Mortgage/Annuity Combo
44 Reverse Mortgages: FHA Needs to Improve Monitoring and Oversight of Loan Outcomes and Servicing
45 FHA reverse mortgage limit set to rise in 2020
46 Private Reverse Mortgage Volume Inches Closer to HECM
47 January 2021 LIBOR Restriction Spurs Planning from Reverse Mortgage Industry
48 'High Marks' for FHA Financial Assessment Due to Reduced Tax & Insurance Defaults
49 HUD: Reverse Mortgage Program Ups and Downs in 2019
50 Will HUD Rejuvenate The HECM Program?
51 US Department of Justice Files Complaint Against Reverse Mortgage Company
52 HMDA Report Includes Private Reverse Mortgage Origination Data, Lenders Offer Perspective
53 FHA Issues Due and Payable Waivers for Reverse Mortgage Non-Borrowing Spouses
54 3 benefits of a reverse mortgage
55 HECM Endorsements Were Down 6% In August 2020
56 HUD Sec. Carson: HECM Changes Positive With More Reforms Needed
57 FHA Addresses Outstanding Questions for Coronavirus Reverse Mortgage Relief
58 September Reverse Mortgage Volume Remains High, Securities Issuance Logs Another 'Banner Month'
59 'Unfrozen' 10-Year LIBOR SWAP Could Spell Gains for Reverse Mortgage Borrowers
60 Finance of America Reverse to pay $2.47 million to settle claims of HECM violations
61 ReverseVision Partners with Mortgage Bankers Association to Articulate the Business Case for HECM Lending in September 10 Webinar
62 HUD Secretary Carson Talks Strengthening HECM in MBA Speech
63 [Updated] FHA Allows 6-Month Relief for Reverse Mortgage Borrowers in Pandemic
64 Not Your Father’s Reverse Mortgage
65 Congressmen, Housing Experts Weigh HECM Program Pros and Cons
66 Reverse Mortgage Industry Encouraged by 2020 Lending Limit Increase
67 HECM Endorsements Fall 5.9% In August
68 New York outlines requirements for offering reverse mortgages under HECM program
69 Reverse Mortgage Industry Cautious About Trump HECM Proposals
70 New York Enacts HECM Law | Alston & Bird
71 What Rising Reverse Mortgage Refinances Could Mean for the Industry
72 Sales, Ops, QC Jobs; Retention, VOI, Broker Products; Ops and Processing Changes
73 May's 'Dramatic' Reverse Mortgage Volume Recovery Led by Retail
74 HUD Office of Inspector General Issues Reverse Mortgage Fraud Bulletin
75 Understanding the HECM Home Loan for Seniors
76 Why April Reverse Mortgage Numbers Don't Tell the Full Story
77 May Reverse Mortgage Endorsements Surge 215%, Best Total in Over 2 Years
78 Reverse Mortgage Refinances Increase, With Interest During Pandemic
79 HECM Endorsements Surge in May
80 How to Expand the Realtor Audience for Reverse Mortgage Purchases
81 How AAG is Capitalizing on Reverse Mortgage Growth [Sponsored]
82 Liz Weston: Should seniors consider a reverse mortgage now?
83 Longbridge Leads Major Lenders in Key Reverse Mortgage Metric
84 New Florida Broker Bets Big on Reverse Mortgage for Purchase
85 New York Updates Reverse Mortgage Regulations with Trade Association Input
86 Financial Planner: Don't Overlook Reverse Mortgage in Time of Crisis
87 Reverse Mortgage Pricing Fluctuates During Coronavirus Pandemic
88 Propriety Reverse Mortgage Products Could Eclipse FHA's HECM Program in 2019
89 FHA Extends HECM Second Appraisal Rule, Expands Non-Borrowing Spouse Protections
90 Two New Reverse Mortgage Reform Bills Push for Program Change
91 Op-ed: For Reverse Mortgages, Financial Disaster Equals New Opportunity
92 Possible Impacts of New York's Sweeping New Reverse Mortgage Law
93 HECM For Purchase Program
94 Changemakers: Scott Norman, VP Field Retail and Director Government Relations at Finance of America Reverse
95 New York State Issues New Reverse Mortgage Regulations
96 Why HECM Data Does Not Tell Full Reverse Mortgage Story
97 Brookings: How to Enhance Reverse Mortgages With Life Annuities
98 Slowing HELOC Market Leads to More Reverse Mortgage Inquiries
99 House Reverse Mortgage Legislators Out After Primary Election Results
100 Reverse Mortgage Endorsements Dip in March, COVID-19 Impact Not Yet Reflected