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1 Is Bill Brewer Shielding Wayne LaPierre at the NRA's Expense?
2 ‘Inside the NRA’ Offers an Unconvincing Confession of Swamp Regret
3 First Year At Camp Perry: 1907 National Matches
4 Legislators and businesses plan get-together amid Covid-19 surge — Florida approaches 1M cases — DeSantis quiet on who should lead Florida GOP
5 Bloomberg Dismisses Texas Hero, Insists It Wasn't His “Job” to Have a Gun or Decide to Shoot
6 Actor Ricky Schroder explains why he paid Kyle Rittenhouse's bail
7 New NASA Research Announcement 80JSC020N0001-FLAGSHIP Research and Technology Development to Support Crew Health and Performance in Space Exploration
8 New NASA Research Announcement 80JSC020N0001-OMNIBUS1 NASA Human Research Program Omnibus Opportunity
9 Joshua Powell Zeros In On Corruption, Greed In 'Inside The NRA'
10 The Attempt to Dissolve the NRA Threatens Democratic Norms
11 Amendment to NASA Research Announcement (NRA) 80JSC019N0001-HHCBPSR Topics in Human Health Countermeasures, Behavioral Performance, and Space Radiatio
12 Pre-Proposers Conference for NASA Research Announcement 80JSC019N0001 – Human Exploration Research Opportunities: Appendices E and F
13 Correction: Pre-Proposers Conference for NASA 2020 HERO Appendices A and B
14 Scott Sumner: Recovery must come before reform agenda
15 Turley: The tragic irony of the New York state lawsuit against the NRA | TheHill
16 Governor Abbott Presents White Settlement Hero Jack Wilson With Texas' Medal of Courage
17 NY attorney general seeks to dissolve NRA
18 'Inside the NRA' Calls Out Wayne LaPierre for Corruption
19 Is Ernst blocking gun ban for domestic abusers to keep the NRA funds coming?
20 Former Top NRA Executive Gives Tell-All Account Of Organization’s Excesses And Extremes
21 Sunburn — The morning read of what's hot in Florida politics — 11.30.20
22 Watkins promotes NRA endorsement in primary fight to prove conservative credentials
23 NASA 2019 Human Exploration Research Opportunities (HERO) Overview Released
24 Texas shooting details supercharge NRA's 'good guy with a gun' defense
25 When a bystander fired on the Texas church shooter, the NRA found its hero
26 The ACLU Defends the NRA –
27 NRA cutting staff, salaries as coronavirus pandemic upends industry
28 Judge dismisses NRA lawsuit over state's shuttering of gun shops during pandemic
29 NASA Pre-Proposers Conference for NRA 80JSC019N0001 – HERO: Appendices C and D
30 DNC spotlights lifelong Republican and World War II veteran voting for Joe Biden
31 Letters to the editor, Nov. 27, 2020
32 Sutherland Springs hero featured in NRA promos
33 Sheriff's Office purchases Additional Training Equipment thanks to NRA Grant
34 NY's Hero Attorney General, Who Is Also Dismantling the NRA, May Actually Get Trump's Ass
35 NRA, others sue Lujan Grisham over gun shop closures
36 Ex-NRA Official Calls for Gun Control, Spills on Organization's Shady Management
37 I was reminded after my father died that he was an NRA member
38 Trump promises to play the hero to all sides on gun issues
39 Plain Talk: If gun culture prevails, the violence will never end
40 Roaming Charges: The Gang That Couldn't Sue Straight
41 Attacking the NRA is really attacking everyday Americans
42 23rd Annual Friends Of NRA Fundraiser September 26th
43 Oliver North steps down as NRA president amid dispute over 'damaging' information
44 Kentucky: Join NRA for a Pro-Gun Rally on January 31
45 Podcast: The NRA Is In Major Legal And Financial Trouble
46 Lifelong Republican, WWII veteran discusses voting for Joe Biden
47 NRA board member Ted Nugent shared an image comparing AR-15 owners to Rosa Parks
48 ‘Gangster Capitalism’: NRA To Be Focus Of Season 2 Of Documentary Podcast Series From C13Originals
49 The NRA's Thrill Killers
50 Coach Lou Holtz endorses Victoria Spartz for Congress
51 Cuomo Beats NRA Suit Over Pandemic Closure of N.Y. Gun Shops
52 New Trump Spin: He’s an “Invincible Hero” Who Kicked COVID-19’s Ass
53 Great American Outdoor Show canceled due to COVID-19
54 Congress Still Stuck On Gun Control One Year After Dayton Shooting
55 New York Attorney General Probes NRA as Oliver North Exits as President
56 Sporting goods store chain Academy Sports fires manager NRA calls "hero"
57 Breaking down the NRA-backed theory that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun
58 NASA Research Announcement HHCHFBP HERO Appendix D: Topics in Human Health Countermeasures, Human Factors, and Behavioral Performance
59 George H.W. Bush's public rejection of the NRA exemplified his commitment to 'duty, honor and country'
60 Virginia Gov. Northam Wants Millions in Tax Money to Ban Guns and Jail Gun Owners!
61 A Legacy of the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Be That Even More Americans Own Guns
62 Trump rescues America — again, and other commentary
63 Cher, Biden among celebs responding to HPD Chief Acevedo's anti-NRA comments in wake of cop's death
64 Editorial: Gun shops have no place on list of ‘essentials’ during coronavirus
65 The Conservative Defense of Kyle Rittenhouse Is Dangerous Nonsense
66 Domestic Violence Survivors Want Legal Protections, Not Platitudes
67 NRA endorses extremist QAnon congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene
68 Joe Biden: Hero Who Ended Texas Rampage Shouldn't Have Had His Gun
69 Shooting Straight With Greg Stube
70 In Texas, a Lone House Democrat Has an ‘A’ Rating From the N.R.A. Can He Survive?
71 The ‘good guy with a gun’ is a deadly American fantasy
72 Judge clears way for challenge to gun law
73 NRA 149th annual meeting canceled amid coronavirus outbreak
74 The NRA doesn't care about black heroes: Jemel Roberson was "the good guy with a gun"
75 Theodore Roosevelt's Top Guns
76 In a Face-off With the N.R.A., San Francisco Blinks
77 NRA suing New York for deeming gun stores non-essential businesses during coronavirus pandemic
78 NRA host taunts Parkland teens: ‘No one would know your names’ if classmates were still alive
79 The NRA Supported Gun Control When the Black Panthers Had the Weapons
80 Sutherland Springs mass shooting “hero” plans to run for office
81 Emma Gonzalez survived the Florida shooting. Now she’s taking on Trump and the NRA.
82 Tribes Defeat Trump Administration and NRA in 9th Circuit on Sacred Grizzly Bear Appeal
83 The N.R.A. Reimagines Classic Fairy Tales, With Guns
84 NRA sues San Francisco for declaring group a 'domestic terrorist organization'
85 How the NRA flexes its political muscle
86 Kevin Harvick captures the checkered flag at the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race
87 'Good Guys With Guns' Can Rarely Stop Mass Shootings, and Texas and Ohio Show Why
88 No, the NRA is not actually the United States' “oldest civil rights organization”
89 How The Plot Against America reuses the New Deal anthem "The Road is Open Again."
90 Why Supervisor Stefani wanted to declare NRA a domestic terrorist organization
91 Maria Butina, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy, lands in Moscow after release from US prison
92 The NRA is embroiled in controversy. Can it recover in time to flex muscle in 2020?
93 Everything Candace Owens Has Said About George Floyd So Far
94 Guest view: Election will determine future of private gun ownership
95 Ranking the songs on The Beatles’ ‘White Album’ in order of greatness
96 Heroes Who Intervened in Texas Church Shootings Slam Biden's 'Insane' Gun Control Views
97 Scandals and power battles cost NRA $100m, Wayne LaPierre admits
98 The Funny Thing About Hollywood and Guns
99 Wayne LaPierre re-elected NRA chief, survives power struggle
100 They Hate Our Right To Self-Defense