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1 Risa Lavizzo-Mourey Elected as HHMI Trustee
2 Recording the Symphony of Cellular Signals That Drive Biology
3 COVID-19 Immunity May Last Six Months or More
4 News briefing: Merck's Roger Perlmutter buys his first solid tumor TriNKET from Dragonfly; ViGeneron to expand production of eye gene therapy
5 HHMI Announces Open Access Publishing Policy
6 HHMI Awards 45 Gilliam Fellowships to Support Diversity in Science
7 How Tangled Bank Studios Is Helping Science Use The Power Of Storytelling: An Interview With Sean B. Carroll
8 HHMI Opens New Program for Medically Trained Scientists
9 Jennifer Doudna Awarded 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
10 Mapping the Human Heart, Cell by Cell
11 Lehigh University professor Vassie Ware named AAAS fellow
12 Clayton S. Rose Elected Chair of HHMI's Trustees
13 New Technology Accelerates Crop Improvement with CRISPR
14 How to Precisely Edit Mitochondrial DNA
15 HHMI Investigator Program Opens National Competition
16 Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic Through Testing
17 Some Severe COVID-19 Cases Linked to Genetic Mutations or Antibodies that Attack the Body
18 A New Map Catalogs the Effects of Coronavirus Mutations
19 Wealthy funder pays reparations for use of HeLa cells
20 Engineered 'Nanobodies' Block SARS-CoV-2 from Infecting Human Cells
21 Neurons in the Brainstem Entice Mice to Keep Snacking
22 Mosquitoes' Taste for Blood Traced to Four Types of Neurons
23 Mapping the 3-D Geometry of SARS-CoV-2's Genome
24 Tomato's Hidden Mutations Revealed in Study of 100 Varieties
25 Tracking the COVID-19 Pandemic with an App
26 Precision Genome Editing Enters the Modern Era
27 Genetic Tool Kit Helps Some Animals Regrow Body Parts
28 Discovery of Malaria Parasite's Clock Could Pave Way to New Treatments
29 UC Museum of Paleontology team develops global change curriculum
30 Uncovering the Neural Basis for Hypothetical Thinking in Rats
31 Mayfield Science Teacher Selected for HHMI BioInteractive Ambassador Academy
32 Blood Test Could Reveal When Rheumatoid Arthritis Will Strike
33 Citizen Scientists Are Helping Researchers Design New Drugs to Combat COVID-19
34 Two Asian American women allege bias by HHMI
35 New Way to See RNA Could Help Fight Pathogens
36 Molecular Basis of Rare Neurological Disorder Reveals Potential Treatment
37 HHMI Bets Big On 19 New Investigators
38 HHMI Announces $30 Million Science Education Initiative
39 Why Men May Fare Worse than Women Against SARS-CoV-2
40 Long-term volumetric imaging meets subcellular resolution: Lattice light-sheet microscopy comes of age
41 HHMI renewals for Campbell and Welsh
42 HHMI to fund expansion of Meyerhoff program to boost minorities in science
43 A Gut-to-Brain Circuit Drives Sugar Preference and May Explain Sugar Cravings
44 HHMI Goes OA Starting in 2022
45 Preventing 'Cytokine Storm' May Ease Severe COVID-19 Symptoms
46 SARS-CoV-2 Targets Many Cell Types, Analysis of Single-Cell Data Suggests
47 Patients with Severe Forms of Coronavirus Disease Could Offer Clues to Treatment
48 HHMI Scientists: An Inside Look
49 44 Gilliam Fellowships Awarded to Support Diversity and Inclusion in Science
50 Unveiling the Biggest and Most Detailed Map of the Fly Brain Yet
51 New Microscopy Technique Shows Cells' 3-D Ultrastructure in New Detail
52 Resurrecting Ancient Protein Partners Reveals Origin of Protein Regulation
53 HHMI discriminated against two Asian American women investigators, lawsuits allege
54 Repurposing Existing Drugs Could Offer Faster Path to COVID-19 Treatment
55 Investigator Program
56 HHMI Awards $1.4 Million Each to 15 Hanna Gray Fellows to Support Diversity in Science
57 Postdoctoral Associate
58 Surveying All the Proteins on a Neuron's Surface
59 Erin O'Shea Named New HHMI President
60 33 Schools to Support Diversity and Inclusion on Campus Through 2018 HHMI Inclusive Excellence Initiative
61 Drug reverses age-related cognitive decline within days
62 The Associated Press and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Expand Collaboration to Bolster Health and Science Coverage
63 Virus-Scanning Tool Could Detect Previous COVID-19 Infections and Inform Vaccine Development
64 Open Competitions
65 “DNA Microscopy” Offers Entirely New Way to Image Cells
66 UVM Adviser-Graduate Student Duo Awarded Prestigious HHMI Gilliam Fellowship
67 HHMI Investigator/NAS member Dr. Beth Levine Director of UT Southwestern Center for Autophagy Research: 1960-2020
68 History
69 45 Gilliam Fellowships Support Students and Advisers Committed to Increasing Diversity in Science
70 The FDA spells out 4 reasons why it hates Minerva's NDA ideas — but the biotech is going for it anyway
71 Ron Vale Named Next Executive Director of Janelia Research Campus and HHMI Vice President
72 HHMI Awards 39 Gilliam Fellowships to Support Diversity in Science
73 HHMI Awards Hanna Gray Fellowships to 15 Early Career Scientists
74 HHMI Scientists Elected to Membership in the National Academy of Sciences
75 With eyes on an IPF franchise, Galapagos pushes second candidate into a dose-finding study
76 For female flies, mating requires the right musical backdrop
77 Terms of Use
78 HHMI BioInteractive Launches a New Science Education Partnership with the Biomedical Neuroscience Institute at Universidad de Chile
79 President Clayton Rose Elected Chair of Trustees for Howard Hughes Medical Institute
80 HHMI Selects Outstanding Students for Medical Research Fellowships
81 HHMI Selects 26 of the Nation's Top Biomedical Scientists
82 HHMI Selects 15 Hanna Gray Fellows to Support Diversity in Science
83 “Voltron” Imaging Tool Captures Brain Cell Action in Living Animals
84 How to “Read” the Brain Signals Underlying Human Speech
85 Program Archive
86 Philanthropies Announce Selection of Faculty Scholars
87 Phage Therapy Treats Patient with Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infection
88 Philanthropies Select 41 Scientists as International Research Scholars
89 24 Institutions Commit to Diversity and Inclusion Through 2017 HHMI Inclusive Excellence Initiative
90 HHMI Selects 27 of the Nation's Top Biomedical Scientists
91 MouseLight Project Maps 1000 Neurons (and Counting) in the Mouse Brain
92 HHMI Launches New Program for Early-Career Scientists
93 The Associated Press and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Collaborate to Enhance Science Journalism
94 Major US funder joins Plan S with 2022 open access deadline
95 How to Rapidly Image Entire Brains at Nanoscale Resolution
96 To Navigate, Flies Make Flexible Mental Maps of the World
97 HHMI Selects 45 International Student Research Fellows
98 Fourteen HHMI Professors Take On Important Challenges in Science Education
99 HHMI's own brand of diversity in the life sciences
100 For Our Host Institutions