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1 Congressional leakers like Adam Schiff need to be investigated and prosecuted
2 House Intelligence Committee Releases Interviews from Russia Investigation
3 Pelosi, Schiff and Visclosky Demand Ratcliffe Resume Election-Related Intelligence Briefings to Congress
4 CACI Announces 'Cyber, Electronic Warfare, and Spectrum Operations: Critical Capabilities for Protecting America' Symposium
5 Livestream: HPSCI Hearing on Counterintelligence Implications of Mueller Report
6 Schiff's First Order of Business for the House Intelligence Committee
7 READ: Newly released Russia probe transcripts from the House Intelligence Committee
8 The cautionary tale of the House Intelligence Committee’s recent failures
9 House Intel Committee Seeks Information from DHS about Protest Response
10 HPSCI Hearing Titled Russian Active Measures Investigation | Federal Bureau of Investigation
11 House Intelligence Committee Presses Forward on Investigation of Politicization of Intelligence At DHS and I&A
12 House Intelligence Committee Releases Impeachment Report
13 How the House Intel Committee Broke Bad
14 Republicans boycott hearing on foreign election meddling, citing security concerns
15 HPSCI Releases Full Snowden Report
16 Livestream: HPSCI Hearing on the National Security Challenges of Artificial Intelligence, Manipulated Media and Deepfakes
17 Schiff won't oppose Trump intel chief's bid to declassify more of House GOP Russia report
18 FBI Statement on HPSCI Memo — FBI
19 Pompeo confirmed as CIA head, Hurd to HPSCI
20 House Releases New Material Related to Impeachment
21 Read the full impeachment inquiry report from House Democrats
22 Read the full text: Trump-Ukraine impeachment inquiry report
23 Darkness at Nunes: HPSCI Chairman Steps Down from Russia Investigation
24 For House, Senate National Security Committees, Stopgaps for Term Limits
25 The Office of the Director of National Intelligence Responds to the House Intelligence Committee
26 Edward Snowden Deserves a Trial, Not a Pardon
27 The Damaging Decline of HPSCI – LobeLog
28 Here Are the Key Members to Watch on the House Intelligence Committee
29 Adam Schiff Just Launched Yet Another Bogus Foreign Collusion Operation
30 Senate Intel Committee Still Covering For Russia Collusion Nonsense
31 Counsel for Whistleblower Release Two Statements Concerning Their Client and His Complaint
32 Schiff sends House Judiciary Committee records from Lev Parnas
33 The importance of maintaining trust in the Intelligence Community | TheHill
34 Rep. Crawford Announces temporary resignation from the House Intelligence Committee
35 Rep. Crawford Gives Intelligence Seat To Another Congressman For Impeachment
36 Giuliani associate to turn over iPhone data, documents to House committee | TheHill
37 House Intelligence GOP Releases Full Report Clearing Trump In Russia Imbroglio
38 Public Document Clearinghouse: Congressional Russia Investigations
39 The Week That Will Be
40 Parnas And Giuliani: Documents Suggest US Ambassador Was Under Surveillance
41 Why Are Representatives Clamoring to Join the House Intelligence Committee?
42 Document: House Intelligence Committee Majority and Minority Reports on Russian Election Interference
43 Report: Intel officials say Russia boosting Trump candidacy
44 READ: The House Intelligence Committee GOP's Russia investigation report
45 Val Demings Wants Intelligence Director to Ensure Other Countries Not Trying to Spread False Information During Protests
46 Cyber Attack On Satellite Could Be Act Of War: HPSCI Ranking
47 GOP Members Of Intel Committee Lambast Adam Schiff For Hiding Documents
48 Intelligence “Oversight” or Forbidden Intrusion: How Far Can Congress Go?
49 The peculiar priorities of Adam Schiff | TheHill
50 House Committees Subpoena Department of Defense and Office of Management and Budget for Ukraine Documents
51 Where's the Beef? The House Intelligence Committee Memo Provides Few Answers and Leaves Many Questions
52 Parnas Lawyer Delivers Documents To House Intelligence Committee
53 Documents: House Request for Trump-Putin Meeting Information and White House Response
54 Intelligence Oversight Priorities for the 116th Congress
55 Battle For NRO Takes Shape As Space, Air Forces Grapple With Acquisition
56 DOJ's Rosenstein shows House Intel Committee the document that sparked FBI's Russia probe
57 Election Mirage: Why Claims of Russian Meddling Should Be Questioned
58 The National Security Law Podcast: This Podcast Has Temporary Absolute Immunity
59 Document: House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017
60 Lawyer says whistleblower willing to answer written questions from Republicans
61 Congress in 2019: The many challenges facing Adam Schiff and the House Intel Committee
62 Giuliani Associate Lev Parnas Can Share New Batch of Files With House
63 As impeachment inquiry enters public phase, Republicans consider moving Jim Jordan to House Intelligence Committee
64 Rudy Giuliani Subpoenaed By House Intel Committee In Impeachment Inquiry
65 Dozens of Republicans demand Schiff stop blocking release of Russia investigation witness transcripts
66 READ: Letter from House Democrats announcing subpoena for Rudy Giuliani
67 Director of National Intelligence proposes holding limited worldwide threat hearing in August
68 A Primer on Congressional Staff Clearances
69 Schiff accuses top intel official of illegally withholding 'urgent' whistleblower complaint
70 Nadler, Schiff ask for review of Barr's comments on intel watchdog firing
71 Declassified List Contradicts Samantha Power Unmasking Claims
72 Unpacking the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Complaint
73 Read the House Intelligence Committee's impeachment report in full
74 Oversight and "Undermining": Reflections on the Supreme Court Oral Arguments About Subpoenas for Trump's Financial Information
75 House Republicans’ SCIF storming harmed US national security: expert
76 Insider Trading Scandal Is Just Latest Reason Burr Should Be Removed
77 The Lawfare Podcast: Congressman Adam Schiff on the Future of the House Intelligence Committee
78 Video and Testimony: House Intelligence Committee Russia Investigative Task Force Hearing with Social Media Companies
79 Now You’re Free, Paul Ryan. Fire Devin Nunes.
80 North Korea may give up some "essential" nuclear weapons: intelligence nominee
81 READ: Whistleblower attorney's letters to intel chief and Congressional committees
82 Unmasking: A Primer on the Issues, Rules, and Possible Reforms
83 Senate braces for fight over impeachment whistleblower testimony | TheHill
84 AT&T says it was ‘required by law’ to turn over the call records featured in the House Intelligence impeachment report
85 Schiff's Committee Published Name Of Alleged Whistleblower Last Week
86 Nunes' partisan bomb obscures this deeper failure
87 Ratcliffe: Schiff Should Be ‘Disqualified’ From Running Impeachment Investigation
88 Trump's Enablers Launch an Attack on Reporter Natasha Bertrand
89 It's Time for a Select Committee on Russia (Also, We Told You So)
90 Why California's new privacy law won't really protect you
91 As House GOP pushes for own impeachment probe, lawyer says efforts could unmask whistleblower identity
92 Seven Outright Falsehoods in GOP Staff's Impeachment Report
93 House Intel Panel Adds Staff for Russia Probe
94 The Nunes memo’s biggest casualty: Credible congressional oversight | TheHill
95 Committee assesses DIA roles, missions – Homeland Preparedness News
96 Visclosky speaks in favor of impeaching President Trump
97 Public Document Clearinghouse: Ukraine Impeachment Trial
98 McCabe draws blank on Democrats’ funding of Trump dossier, new subpoenas planned
99 House Intelligence Committee releases Democrat response to Nunes Memo
100 Nadler & Schiff Release Key Takeaways from Victorious Court Ruling on Mueller Grand Jury Material