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1 Assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist a tactical success that risks strategic escalation
2 'Netanyahu endangers Israel': Thousands protest against PM across Israel
3 On Wikipedia, Israel is losing the battle against the word 'apartheid'
4 Tel Aviv is costlier than New York, Economist ranking finds
5 Shame on you, Sotheby’s
6 In his darkest hour, Netanyahu is on the road to his greatest victory
7 Netanyahu warns Israeli election imminent if Gantz doesn't change approach
8 ‘If one Israeli soldier dies, could you look his mother in the eye and say it was for Pollard?’
9 Antisemitism? Better call it Judeophobia
10 Read Saeb Erekat's most impactful columns in Haaretz
11 Can machines replace human workers? Ben-Gurion weighs in
12 MBS backtracked on normalization with Israel after Biden win, report says
13 Nineteen pro-Iranian militants killed in Syria in third Israeli strike in week, watchdog says
14 Palestinian Authority reaches understandings with Biden staff
15 Preventing terror
16 Coronavirus Israel live: Fifteen malls reopen in government pilot
17 Ex-con speaks out on life and death in Israeli prison
18 Police issue bid for system to monitor illegal gatherings
19 Tel Aviv, is that still you?
20 UN votes overwhelmingly in support of Palestinian self-determination
21 'In the next few hours my life is in concrete danger. I don’t want to die, but I'm not giving up'
22 Prehistoric rock artists were stoned, archaeologists finally prove
23 Next stage of Netanyahu's corruption trial delayed until February
24 Why Israel should normalize ties with Qatar next
25 Fearing a Biden settlement freeze, Jerusalem expedites construction beyond Green Line
26 Israeli tank fired on Hamas post without authorization after Gaza rocket hit building in south
27 Trump retweets congressman urging him to pardon himself
28 What does Netanyahu have to hide in the submarine affair?
29 The latest in Jewish morality: House demolitions, displacement, settlement construction
30 Police are throttling anti-Netanyahu protests
31 UAE's flydubai starts Dubai-Tel Aviv services after detente
32 After Saudi adviser confirms MBS-Netanyahu meeting, Saudi foreign minister denies
33 Another assault on the High Court
34 Israel delegation to Sudan talks agriculture, health care cooperation
35 Haaretz: 50% increase in exemptions from army for mental health
36 How Saudi Arabia is pressuring Pakistan to recognize Israel
37 Pompeo to visit West Bank settlement during Israel trip next week
38 Is former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard good for the Jews?
39 Coronavirus Israel live: Merchants in Tel Aviv's Carmel market reopen against regulations
40 Number of Gaza border residents in therapy doubles in two years, report says
41 How to excavate an underwater village during a pandemic
42 People in biblical Israel 3000 years ago suffered lead pollution
43 Counterfeiting began even before money was invented, archaeologists deduce
44 ‘Soros’ documentary released to largely negative reviews
45 Americans defy pandemic, political leaders to travel for Thanksgiving
46 The moral case for sex robots
47 Cabinet approves a partial privatization of Israel Aerospace Industries
48 Revealed: Syrian prime minister was a double agent who gave crucial intel to Zionist leaders
49 The solution to Israel's political crisis is blindingly obvious
50 Israel’s five betrayals of Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard
51 The Amazing UNESCO Site Going to Waste in Israel
52 Coronavirus live: Active cases continue to decline ahead of reopening of streets shops
53 Stop the hypocrisy: This self-proclaimed racist is a suitable pick to head Yad Vashem
54 How will Israel decide who gets which coronavirus vaccine?
55 Israel planned to kill Arafat by blowing up Lebanese stadium, report says
56 With Syria strike, Israel signals to Iran it had crossed a red line
57 No, you do not have to feel the Trump voter's pain
58 What’s behind Israel’s reported hit on Al-Qaida leader in Iran
59 To Trump-trained Israeli ears, Biden’s victory rhetoric sounds alien and potentially hostile
60 Netanyahu distrusts army chief, keeps him in the dark on sensitive issues, defense officials say
61 Israel in talks with Pfizer after it announces major progress on coronavirus vaccine
62 Shocker: American Jewish vote clinched Biden's victory and Trump's ouster
63 Dozens of East Jerusalem Palestinians face eviction following settlers' lawsuits
64 Israel mustn't allow this far-right former politician to head Yad Vashem
65 Israel's Education Ministry is promoting exclusion of women
66 Yair Netanyahu compares Israeli kibbutz movement to Nazi Germany
67 Will Netanyahu strike Iran? Unlikely, but Trump might
68 In midst of COVID-19 pandemic, an alarming exodus at Israel’s Health Ministry
69 Court finds man charged with threatening reporter, sabotaging Haaretz systems unfit to stand trial
70 Jerusalem hospital orders 1.5 million doses of Russian COVID vaccine despite concerns
71 'He's not Kushner': Israelis who've worked with Blinken welcome his pick as secretary of state
72 Byzantine church built over temple to Pan found in Israel. 'Like pilgrims left graffiti'
73 Elections 2020: Here's what happened in key races Haaretz is watching
74 Trump administration gives greenlight to begin Biden transition
75 New sanctions on Hezbollah put U.S. between rock and a hard place
76 Dutch right-wing politician resigns following party’s antisemitism scandal
77 Palestinians are concerned as West Bank and Gaza hit COVID-19 records
78 Pompeo's grotesque farewell party in Israel shows that the Trump team knows it's over
79 Biden’s Iran-sanctions card isn’t as strong as it looks
80 Senior Trump official says politicians get 'very rich' by supporting Israel
81 Haaretz cartoon
82 Dozens protest Israeli construction in unique West Bank ecosystem
83 Trump hands Biden a precedent: Terrorists can be negotiated with
84 Winter spike on horizon as Egyptians flout coronavirus restrictions
85 Mine explodes, damaging oil tanker off Saudi Arabia
86 Ethiopian forces capture town, move toward Tigrayan capital, senior officer says
87 Swiss police identify assailant in knife attack as jihadist
88 Haaretz Corrects False Depiction of Ethiopian Jews Violating Coronavirus Regulations
89 Zoom with Haaretz: How Israel’s COVID failure led to a second national lockdown
90 Indictments expected against anti-Netanyahu protest leaders
91 How COVID-19 upended ultra-Orthodox life, from Jerusalem to Brooklyn
92 A Police onslaught on the citizens
93 Jews looted Arab neighbors' property en masse in '48. The authorities let them
94 Coronavirus Israel: Pandemic czar announces free testing without referrals
95 Hallel Rabin, prisoner
96 The second intifada still rages on Wikipedia
97 The annexation’s ambassador to Israel
98 Home treatment of Israeli rabbi who flouted COVID rules was accompanied by Hadassah doctors
99 Right-wing, ultra-Orthodox parties accused of plotting 'hostile takeover' of key Zionist institutions
100 Court orders dozens of Palestinians out of Jerusalem homes to make way for settlers