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1 Why is Khalifa Haftar mobilising troops in eastern Libya?
2 Libyan teachers, parents join forces to rebuild school destroyed in Haftar attacks | Daily Sabah
3 Alleged Torture Victims Target U.S. Property Assets of Libyan Commander
4 US blacklists pro-Haftar Libyan militia after Russia blocks UN sanctions | Daily Sabah
5 Families of Libyan victims seek to punish warlord Haftar in US courts
6 Libyan Activists demand Biden put an end to Haftar
7 Haftar mobilises troops in eastern Libya – Middle East Monitor
8 Alleged victims of torture target US assets of Libya's Khalifa Haftar in lawsuit
9 'We can only pray': Four Turkish citizens held by Haftar in eastern Libya
10 4 Turkish citizens arbitrarily held by Haftar's forces in Libya | Daily Sabah
11 Libyan authorities find new mass graves in city recaptured from Haftar | Daily Sabah
12 Haftar's forces must withdraw before talks: Libyan army
13 US blacklists Haftar-affiliated armed groups for enforced disappearances, murder
14 Haftar militias order fishermen to leave Sirte Port despite deal | Daily Sabah
15 Libya: GNA, Haftar delegations agree to hold elections in 18 months
16 Haftar’s forces, mercenaries must withdraw before peace talks, Libyan Army says | Daily Sabah
17 Libya army urges withdrawal of Haftar's militia, mercenaries to hold talks in Sirte
18 17 more bodies unearthed from Haftar’s mass graves | Daily Sabah
19 Libya's Army under GNA depicts military mobilization for Haftar's forces in the east
20 Turkey launches probe into Germany's unlawful search of Libya-bound ship | Daily Sabah
21 Sicilian fishermen’s capture escalates ‘red prawn war’ between Italy and Libya
22 Is there a way to move from frozen conflict to durable peace in Libya?
23 Hafter forces move as second round of political dialogue begin
24 Kaniyat Militia blacklisted by the United States
25 Libyan parties meet in Morocco to unify stances and resume talks
26 2nd round of Libyan Political Dialogue Forum begins
27 Russia prevents UN from blacklisting Libyan militia leader over rights abuses | Daily Sabah
28 Down but not out, Haftar still looms over Libya peace process
29 Families sue Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar in U.S. court for death of relatives
30 Turkey blocks EU inspection of cargo vessel travelling to Libya
31 Khalifa Haftar's Fall Could Lead to Libya's Partition
32 Is Libya’s Khalifa Haftar on the way out?
33 Libya's Haftar pulls back east as Tripoli offensive crumbles
34 Questions loom over Haftar's legal defense in US court
35 Libya's eastern leader Haftar says army to take formal control
36 New arms shipments come for Haftar forces: Libyan army
37 Warlord Haftar again violates Libyan cease-fire
38 Libya: Lights and shadows of the peace process
39 Khalifa Haftar is losing ground and lashing out in Libya
40 Khalifa Haftar: The Libyan henchman of several foreign powers
41 Libya timeline: Haftar’s offensive to a ceasefire
42 Libya: Khalifa Haftar's repressive proto-state and the 'myth' of stability
43 Renegade Libyan general Khalifa Haftar to lift oil blockade
44 Libya’s proxy sponsors face a dilemma
45 Libyan families file U.S. lawsuit accusing LNA leader Haftar of war crimes
46 Spotlight: Disagreement over selecting Libyan gov't threatens future dialogue
47 Libya rivals yet to start withdrawing forces: UN envoy
48 Egypt offers new Libya plan as Haftar offensive collapses
49 Haftar's militia fires 4 rockets at Libyan army
50 Tripoli trapdoor trounces Khalifa Haftar
51 US: Libya's Haftar Committed to Ending Oil Blockade
52 Haftar, Tribal Power, and the Battle for Libya
53 Haftar continues to violate Libyan ceasefire
54 Libya: Turkish strategy leaves Haftar on the defensive
55 Libya's Bloodshed Will Continue Unless Foreign Powers Stop Backing Khalifa Haftar
56 Rival Libya MPs to hold unity talks in Morocco
57 Haftar in Libya not flexible for cease-fire talks: US
58 Russia interested in resuming full bilateral cooperation with Libya — Lavrov
59 Russian mercenaries, a CIA-linked general and lots of oil: Explaining Libya's war
60 Haftar rejects GNA’s call for Libya ceasefire
61 Haftar backers seek gains at table after field losses
62 With Haftar in retreat, France hedges its bets in Libya
63 France concedes Haftar in Libya is a 'liability'
64 Watchdog condemns activist's arrest by Haftar forces
65 Ceasefire fire holding in Libya but progress seen as fragile | | AW
66 Haftar Parliament Calls for Egyptian Military Intervention in Libya
67 US judge mostly rejects Haftar's move to dismiss suits
68 Haftar and Israel: From animosity to alliance
69 Haftar forces suffer string of defeats in battle for Tripoli
70 Libya's renegade general 'agreed to comply' with ceasefire, says Germany
71 Libya: Pro-Haftar official meets militia commanders
72 Russia Reinforces Foothold in Libya as Militia Leader Retreats
73 A decade on, Kadhafi's cousin sees Arab Spring as Western plot
74 Libyan tribes sue Haftar at ICC over civilian massacre
75 Russia to move mercenaries in Syria to back warlord Haftar in Libya
76 Libya’s bloodshed will continue unless foreign powers stop backing Khalifa Haftar
77 Is the battle to replace General Khalifa Haftar already on?
78 Libya: Haftar stipulates conditions to allow oil flow
79 Cluster Munitions: Condemn New Use, Production
80 Haftar illegally seized state land, properties – Libya govt report
81 Haftar's forces deploy military vehicles near Sirte
82 No Quick End to Libya Strife After Haftar Derides Cease-Fire
83 UN Condemns Haftar Forces for Blocking Flights at Tripoli Airport
84 Another shot in the dark
85 Syrian regime sends more arms, fighters to Haftar, Libyan Army says | Daily Sabah
86 Libyan military, Haftar representatives meet in UN-hosted talks | Daily Sabah
87 Libyan Army: Haftar's militia violates ceasefire
88 What would Khalifa Haftar's Libya look like?
89 Libya's Haftar says army has decided to resume output of oil
90 Libya: Haftar's forces capture strategic Sirte
91 Timeline: Haftar’s months-long offensive to seize Tripoli
92 Libyan gov't airstrikes neutralize 15 of Haftar militia
93 Libya's Haftar committed to signing ceasefire: French presidency
94 Haftar closes in on Tripoli: Where is the international community?
95 Libya: GNA forces capture 102 of pro-Haftar fighters
96 Haftar still obstacle to reach deal in Libya: Expert
97 The Interview
98 Libya's Haftar may lose his properties in US lawsuit
99 Libya, U.S. Probe Alleged Gold Trade Between Venezuela and Warlord
100 In Addition to Russia, France and the UAE Are Prolonging the Libyan Civil War