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Result Content Idea Research
1 Pulsed Optically Pumped Atomic Clock Design Achieves State-of-the-Art Frequency Stability
2 Natural diversity in the predatory behavior facilitates the establishment of a robust model strain for nematode-trapping fungi
3 Sensor research underscores Clemson University's leadership in technology for extreme environments
4 A deep learning algorithm for detection of oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma from photographic images: A retrospective study
5 A new class of two-dimensional materials: New kinds of 'superlattices' could lead to improvements in electronics, from transistors to LEDs
6 Fairfax County home sales
7 miR-140-5p regulates adipocyte differentiation by targeting transforming growth factor-β signaling
8 In situ formation of molecular Ni-Fe active sites on heteroatom-doped graphene as a heterogeneous electrocatalyst toward oxygen evolution
9 Observation of symmetry-protected topological band with ultracold fermions
10 people's station is an architectural retrospective of PAO's latest work
11 Prefabricated and mobile components combine to form The People's Station cultural centre
12 Unraveling the formation mechanism of graphitic nitrogen-doping in thermally treated graphene with ammonia
13 Histological and transcriptome analyses of testes from Duroc and Meishan boars
14 Post-illumination activity of SnO2 nanoparticle-decorated Cu2O nanocubes by H2O2 production in dark from photocatalytic “memory”