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Result Content Idea Research
1 Beijing Fills the Mideast Vacuum
2 UK government figures hide £800 billion hoarded by super-rich
3 The effect of geography on Z security concerns
4 Sir Halford Mackinder's Democratic Ideals and Reality: A Centennial Appreciation
5 Can Joe Biden Really Overcome America’s Divisions?
6 Halford Mackinder's Last View of the Round World
7 01/21/2021 News & Commentary – National Security
8 Why Taiwan Has Become The ‘Geographical Pivot Of History’ In The Pacific Age
9 Mackinder's Nightmare: Part One
10 Trump's Geopolitical Madness
11 China and the World-Island – The Diplomat
12 China, the US, and the Geography of the 21st Century
13 Lessons Learned from World War I That Shaped Global Thinking
14 The Unlikely Origins of Russia's Manifest Destiny
15 Should you visit your family this Christmas? Three experts weigh in
16 The SCO and the Mackinder Revival
17 The Geopolitics of Post-Brexit Britain
18 Danny Dorling: author and professor of geography at Oxford University
19 Danny Dorling: 'slowdown' brings end to 'rampant capitalism'
20 Discovering Contemporary Relevance in Mackinder's 'Money-Power and Man-Power'
21 Mackinder's Nightmare: Part Two
22 'Heartland' and 'Rimland' in Geopolitics
23 The Geopolitics of the Coronavirus
24 Vital role of geography in US-China rivalry – The Manila Times
25 Book Review: An Insightful Re-Examination of Volatile India-China Relations
26 India Needs a “China Strategy” in Central Asia
27 When data viz goes psychotic
28 THE PAPER | "Heartland Theory" of Mackinder & its Relevancy in Central Asia Geopolitics
29 Trump Once Again Throws Europe Under the Bus
30 Why the West Should Save Belarus
31 The Thawing Russian Coastline and the Geography of the 21st Century
32 Mackinder Revisited: Will China Establish Eurasian Empire 3.0?
33 Why Pete Buttigieg’s Paeans to the ‘Heartland’ Are Nonsensical
34 When it comes to Ukraine, Trump’s alleged misdeeds go beyond quid pro quos
35 The U.S.'s Eurasia Obsession, Part 1: Setting the Stage
36 Geography is a 'soft option for upper-middle class students' to help them get into university, admits Oxford professor
37 Mapping a Pandemic: Coronavirus, the Future of Surveillance and the Liberal State
38 Is imperial geopolitics coming back? | Daily Sabah
39 Why are coronavirus death rates falling, even though the case numbers are rising?
40 Has Trump found a solution to America’s Afghan problem?
41 Silk Roads and Cultural Routes
42 India Needs A 'China Strategy' In Central Asia
43 China Has an Imperial Overstretch Problem
44 Geography and World Power at 100 – The Diplomat
45 China’s challenge to US primacy is Mackinder’s “worst nightmare”, says Ashley Tellis
46 Is China Bidding for the Heartland? – The Diplomat
47 Want to understand the Covid map? Look at where we live and how we work
48 Prevention of third world war: Will the Indo-US strategic partnership stabilise global security & military bal
49 The United Kingdom and Europe: The Geopolitics of a Post Brexit Relationship
50 These 5 Academics Have Brought Us to the Brink of Geopolitical Disaster
51 An armchair alternative to A-Level geography – Danny Dorling
52 Arunachal Pradesh: geography as security
53 If Rappers Were Countries: Hip-Hop & Geopolitics
54 Shinzo Abe's Unfinished Deal with Russia
55 The New Silk Roads
56 The Quest for European Unity: No End of History
57 Geography Strikes Back
58 Banyan
59 A Review of "Super Continent" by Kent E. Calder
60 Coronavirus: why aren’t death rates rising with case numbers?
61 Applications: How to write a brilliant personal statement for a geography undergraduate degree
62 Regional Integration Of Eurasian Heartland: Revisiting Halford Mackinder
63 Europe Struggles to Find Its Footing in US-China Clash
64 China's Amphibian Dilemma: Straddling Land and Sea Ambitions
65 Is Poland exploiting big power competition in Central and Eastern Europe?
66 The Covert Art of China’s Military Activity in the East China Sea
67 Coronavirus: Is the cure worse than the disease?
68 Crouching Lion, Weary Titan: Lessons from World War I and British Grand Strategy
69 Dreams of the Eurasian Heartland: The Reemergence of Geopolitics
70 'The Revenge of Geography,' by Robert D. Kaplan
71 UAE-Israel Deal: A New Era in Middle East Geopolitics
72 Geoffrey Sloan
73 Robert Strausz-Hupe and the Balance of Tomorrow
74 Shankara Narayanan
75 Best books of 2019: Politics
76 The return of geopolitical struggle to Europe's heartland
77 Geography degrees are preparing disadvantaged students for relevant careers
78 Belarus Crisis: The Geopolitical Stakes for the Major Powers
79 Danny Dorling – The Conversation
80 Why coronavirus death rates won't fall as quickly as they rose
81 Conquering Russia and the ‘heartland’
82 Geopolitics in 21st century
83 The Key to the Brexit Backstory
84 Beijing is determined to reshape the globe
85 Why is COVID-19 more severe in the north of England? The story in four graphs
86 Asia's Mediterranean: Strategy, Geopolitics, and Risk in the Seas of the Indo-Pacific
87 Want world domination? Size matters
88 Thawing Ice Will Give Russia Access to New Resources and Trade Routes
89 Why Hong Kong is part of the great power conflict, and Chile isn’t
90 The great Eurasian space and radical political geography
91 It's Captain Tom's birthday. The past 100 years should teach us a powerful lesson
92 The Geography of Chinese Power
93 Three graphs that show a global slowdown in COVID-19 deaths
94 Tracing the More Than Century-Old Dream of Building a Myanmar-China Railway
95 Why are coronavirus rates rising in some areas of England and not others?
96 India and China in Central Asia: Understanding the new rivalry in the heart of Eurasia
97 A look at the books which have inspired literary classics
98 Trump has accelerated forces that will end American Empire: writer
99 Planting seagrass: 'If you stop killing sea life and protect it, then it does come back' – Richard Scrase
100 Did Bannon know best? Prepare for cooperation or civilisational clash