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1 Kamala Harris' US election victory a 'historic moment for women minorities': Halimah Yacob
2 President Halimah hails Kamala Harris' victory as 'the historic moment for women minorities' all over
3 9-year-old girl asks President Halimah for clemency for father on death row
4 Parliament: President Halimah approves extra $8 billion for Covid-19 support package
5 President kicks off online fund-raising for Boys' Brigade Share-a-Gift
6 President Halimah hosts first Facebook Live Q&A session at Istana Deepavali virtual open house
7 MFA announces two appointments and two new ambassadors present credentials to President Halimah at Istana
8 Good early intervention needed for at-risk youth: Halimah
9 Mendaki programmes can help with job matching, says Halimah
10 President Halimah, PM Lee congratulate US President-elect Biden, VP-elect Harris
11 Asian economies should tap women as powerful, underutilised engine of growth: President Halimah
12 President hosts first Facebook Live session with public
13 Asia-Pacific should tap women as engines of growth: President
14 Four social workers honoured for their efforts, Singapore News & Top Stories
15 President assents to third supplementary Bill for Covid-19 support
16 Kids at Rainbow Centre meet the President, Singapore News & Top Stories
17 Singapore social worker who helped earthquake victims among four given awards
18 President Halimah Yacob Securing our future in a different world
19 Six 'Covid-19 warriors' from polyclinics get award for hard work
20 S'pore appoints new envoys; Egyptian, Indonesian envoys present credentials
21 No state acknowledgement for former President Yusof Ishak on his 50th death anniversary
22 President Halimah Yacob urges Singaporeans to unite behind newly elected Government
23 SGX Bull Charge community raises S$3.63m for charity
24 Singapore wealth funds reassure president over COVID-19 hit
25 OKLETSGO podcast should apologise for misogynistic remarks about women: President Halimah Yacob
26 Businesses exploring new opportunities and growth areas, while striking balance in employment: President Halimah Yacob
27 Singapore Prez Halimah Yacob dissolves parliament, paves way for polls
28 President Xi Jinping Exchanges Messages with President Halimah Yacob of Singapore to Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-Singapore Diplomatic Relations Premier Li Keqiang Exchanges Congratulatory Messages with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong
29 President Halimah Yacob unveils theme of President's Challenge 2021 | Video
30 Special committee to review candidates for NMP
31 President Halimah Yacob ranked 37th on list of world's most influential Muslims
32 Discrimination of any form has no place in Singapore, says Halimah Yacob over Tangs incident
33 President Halimah Yacob gives 'in-principle support' to draw on reserves for second COVID-19 assistance package
34 Did Singapore’s president help save the day for home businesses?
35 Making a Mark: India’s Rise as a Global Superpower
36 The most inspiring quotes from Singapore's President Halimah Yacob
37 Halimah Yacob wants Indonesian, Singaporean youths to strengthen ties
38 President Halimah Yacob gives in-principle support to draw on reserves for 4th coronavirus support package
39 Make employment for people with disabilities a national issue: Halimah Yacob
40 Heartland businesses key part of Singapore's social network: President Halimah Yacob
41 President Halimah ranks 37th on list of world's 500 most influential Muslims
42 President visits addiction recovery centre, Singapore News & Top Stories
43 President Halimah gives assent to additional $33b in support packages
44 Move to meet mental health needs timely, says Halimah
45 Strong family bonds will help Singaporeans through Covid-19: President Halimah
46 President Halimah ranks 37th on list of 500 most influential Muslims
47 President Halimah assents to draw on $21 billion from past reserves for historic Resilience and Solidarity Budgets
48 GIC, Temasek have taken steps to cushion Covid-19 impact but will also seek future opportunities: President Halimah Yacob
49 Coronavirus: President Halimah joins four other heads of state in calling for global alliance to combat pandemic
50 Singapore leaders congratulate People's Republic of China on 71st anniversary of founding
51 GE2020: Singaporeans must work together and stay united to tackle Covid-19 challenges, says President Halimah
52 Covid-19 extra difficult for those with mental health issues, peer support crucial: President Halimah
53 President Halimah: Let's mount united front to overcome challenges
54 President Halimah congratulates new Kuwaiti emir on his accession
55 Shelter for female ex-offenders gets visit from President Halimah Yacob
56 NDP 2020: Special brooch and scarf worn by President Halimah feature artwork by persons with disabilities
57 Coronavirus: Singaporeans have stepped up to the challenge, says Halimah Yacob
58 Youth and mentors adapt to stay connected during Covid-19 outbreak
59 Support may help avert spike in layoffs: President Halimah
60 Prepare for a changed work life after coronavirus: President Halimah Yacob in May Day message
61 GIC, Temasek continue to seek opportunities, says President
62 President Halimah urges all Singaporeans to do their part to fight coronavirus
63 What it should have been, Singapore News & Top Stories
64 President Halimah says in National Day message she is heartened by Singaporeans helping one another
65 No place for discrimination in Singapore: Halimah, Singapore News & Top Stories
66 President Halimah calls for wider adoption of flexi-work arrangements to support women with family obligations
67 Halimah: Peer support key for mental health recovery
68 Home-based businesses an important source of income for many families: President Halimah
69 Debate on the President's Address: 4 things you need to know ahead of Monday's Parliament sitting
70 President Halimah Yacob green lights funding S$33 billion worth of coronavirus support packages
71 Singapore President Considers Using Past Reserves as Businesses Bleed
72 President Halimah warns against 'disturbing' discrimination | HRD Asia
73 Vital to upkeep Singapore-Indonesia ties: President Halimah Yacob
74 Leaders exchange congratulatory messages on 30th anniversary of Singapore-China diplomatic ties
75 Supporting employment of people with disabilities should be part of national policy: President Halimah
76 Businesses exploring new areas of growth during pandemic: Halimah
77 President Halimah meets counterpart Widodo in first state visit to Indonesia
78 President Halimah takes virtual tour of Melrose Home
79 Singapore Has a New President, No Election Needed
80 Keep track of big picture despite pandemic challenges: President Halimah to Youth Corps
81 Li Keqiang Meets with President Halimah Yacob of Singapore
82 Addendum to the President's Address: Transforming our economy
83 President's Challenge 2021 to support digital inclusion of vulnerable groups
84 Coronavirus: President Halimah calls on Muslims to support one another
85 Task force to meet mental health needs of Singaporeans timely and necessary: President Halimah
86 Singapore needs to unite to overcome COVID-19 challenges: president
87 Addendum to the President's Address: Public Health and Society
88 President advises families to seek help early, Singapore News & Top Stories
89 Today in Pictures, Oct 1, 2020, Photos News & Top Stories
90 Jobs for disabled people should be national issue: Halimah
91 President Halimah to make first state visit to Indonesia
92 The gloves come on: Virus-hit Singapore heads to the polls
93 President Halimah gives assent to extra $33b in support packages
94 President Halimah visits charity for people with disabilities as part of outreach in battle against coronavirus
95 SINGAPORE — The President's office has reported to the police the presence of a phishing email inviting the email recipient to a dinner with President Halimah Yacob, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Cabinet ministers.
96 Coronavirus: President Halimah Yacob hosts first virtual tour of the Istana for Hari Raya Puasa
97 Job competition from work pass holders could become a 'divisive issue', will be addressed, says President Halimah | Video
98 President Halimah Yacob pays virtual visit to Singapore Christian Home
99 President Halimah meets aviation union leaders, Singapore News & Top Stories
100 Why did Singapore PM gamble popularity on President Halimah?