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1 Let it Go! Why the mayor of Hallstatt is telling Frozen fans to stay away
2 Is Austrian town of Hallstatt suffering from overtourism due to link with Disney's Frozen?
3 An Austrian Village Has A Tourist Problem
4 This Austrian Village Wants ‘Frozen’ Fans to Let It Go
5 How the village that inspired 'Frozen' is dealing with overtourism
6 This Picturesque Austrian Town Is Being Overrun by 'Frozen' Fans
7 Austrian town forced to restrict tourist visits because of “Frozen” fans
8 Hallstatt copes with traffic problems
9 How a small Austrian village deals with over-tourism
10 Austrians wish 'Frozen' fans would stop overrunning Alpine village that looks like Arendelle
11 Austrian Picture-Postcard Village, Once Swamped, Awaits Tourists' Return
12 Real-life Arendelle that begged tourists to stay away wants them back
13 Coronavirus: The overrun 'Frozen' village now begging for tourists
14 Mayor of Austrian village thought to have inspired Disney’s Frozen wants fans to stay away
15 Fairytale village once swamped with tourists begs for their return
16 Alpine village begs Frozen tourists to stay away
17 Hallstatt, Austria's Alpine jewel, debates post-corona tourism
18 Interview: Chinese tourists help boost economy in Austrian town Hallstatt: mayor
19 Instagram is 'killing' Hallstatt, Let it go!
20 Austria's Hallstatt hit by major fire
21 Austrian picture-postcard village long for tourists to return
22 Hallstatt, the Frozen movie village is facing a grave problem of overcrowding
23 Duplitecture: why does China keep building fake European cities?
24 Nothing to see here: Popular European destinations want fewer tourists
25 Selfie-taking Frozen fans overrun Austrian village
26 Paradise lost: Beautiful villages ruined by tourism
27 Cleaner, quieter, greener: How the world's busiest places are reinventing themselves
28 The European village tourists have turned into a 'catastrophe'
29 Frozen II's Real-Life Arendelle Has Been Inundated With Tourists
30 Saint Corona name vexes Austrian tourist village
31 COVID-19 numbers surge globally as many nations ease lockdowns
32 A Real Copy of Austria in China
33 Coronavirus Empties European Cities of Chinese Tourists
34 What the latest US visa ban means | Op-eds – Gulf News
35 Hallstatt: The small Austrian town of 800 people under siege from one million tourists a year
36 COVID-19: Anti-vaxxers seize virus moment to spread fake news
37 Austrian town of 800 receives 1 million tourists annually
38 This Town Of 800 People Gets 1 Million Tourists A Year
39 Coronavirus traces found in March 2019 sewage sample, Spanish study shows
40 CHINA'S MOST AUDACIOUS RIP-OFF: An Entire Austrian Town Is Being Reproduced
41 More bad news will deter demand for Indian banks' debt
42 Paris Orly airport to reopen after three-month shutdown
43 Austrian town of 800 receives 1 mn tourists annually
44 City of Tomorrow initiative aims to make Austria more resource efficient
45 Replica of Austrian village built in Guangdong
46 Austria official endorses Chinese Hallstatt replica
47 22 destinations that were ruined by tourists over the past decade
48 Chinese tourists to drive Malaysian tourism sector growth: analysis
49 Chinese tourists to Philippines increase nearly 25 pct in first three months of 2019
50 China's Copycat Cities – Foreign Policy
51 26 destinations in Europe that were ruined by tourists over the past decade
52 Mallorca village voted one of Europe’s ‘most surprising’ locations
53 TPG U.K. readers’ top tips for Austria
54 10 famous movie and TV locations that locals say have been ruined by tourists
55 Chinese tourists to Cambodia continue to rise in Q1
56 Marist Choral Program participates in World Choral Fest in Austria
57 Italy: Car rams into crowd, killing several German tourists
58 Journey to honor LI nun who went missing
59 How Europe is tackling mass tourism | All media content
60 Austria village churches hire bouncers to block tourists
61 Hotels in Austria given the go-ahead to reopen on May 29
62 [PHOTOS] Austrian World Heritage Village of Hallstatt
63 Fresh Hallstatt Air Instead of Toxic Chinese Smoke
64 20 places around the world that are being ruined by tourism
65 The Cinque Terre tops the list of the world's most Instagrammed villages
66 Austrian village made in China
67 Seeing double: what China's copycat culture means for architecture
68 Amsterdam, Venice, more destinations that restrict or charge tourists
69 Biggest cruise trends of 2020: Theme cruises, expeditions, private islands, greener ships
70 Blockbuster films, books, and TV drive a surge of ‘set-jetting’
71 Fr Flader: The life of Blessed Franz Jägerstätter
72 The Bean and the Bubble
73 Overseas Chinese in Vienna Celebrate Spring Festival and Start of Year of the Earth Pig
74 Cannabis Use in Ancient Times – From Nomadic Warrior Women to Egyptian Pharaohs, and beyond
75 How the Chinese are building exact replicas of an Austrian village... and why none of the houses have been sol
76 First brave sightseers venture out on Welterbeblick Skywalk in Austria offering views 360ft up
77 Covid-19 wrap: Over 18 million infections worldwide, 690 363 deaths
78 13 Small European Towns You Never Thought to Visit (but Should)
79 20 Worst Places to Travel in 2020
80 China's Counterfeit Culture: Even Buildings Fall Victim To Copycats
81 China builds 'lookalike Tower Bridge' for Chengdu City tourists
82 NASA Launches Giant Magnifying Glass into Space to Collect Solar Energy
83 A Farewell to the Alps
84 Every second black person in Austria 'harassed'
85 Tackling Germany′s single-use cups | Eco India
86 PHOTOS: Today in History, March 31
87 Destinations Where Tourists Outnumber Locals
88 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year reveal
89 Photos of the Week: Vegas Grasshoppers, Poultry Inspection, Eagle Eyes
90 Sex and the City fans are STILL flooding the Manhattan street were Carrie lived
91 Wanted: Part-time hermit
92 UK's Boris Johnson suggests giant bridge to France after Brexit
93 Celje Plans the World's Longest Tibetan-Style Bridge Across the Savinja River
94 New Zealand named as one of world's most welcoming countries
95 Best places to go for a holiday in September
96 ‘The Greeks are depression-proof’
97 China's Chicago Bean Knockoff Not Their Only Replica
98 £330million town styled after the German city is unveiled in China
99 Shakespeare’s birthplace could be rebuilt 6,000 miles away in China
100 Get to Know Slovenia's Cultural Heritage Through 17 Historic Towns