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1 ‘Harley Quinn’ Creators Tease Move To HBO Max & Season 3 Storylines: A Healthier Love Life For Harley, Poison Ivy’s POV & A Takedown Of Failed Policing
2 HBO Max Renewing Harley Quinn Is a No-Brainer
3 Sweet Fan Theory About The Flower Harley Quinn Gave Poison Ivy in Arkham Was Confirmed by 'Harley Quinn' Showrunner
4 James Gunn Defends Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad 2 From Haters
5 Suicide Squad 2's Harley Quinn in Batman: TAS Style Looks Amazing
6 Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey 3
7 ‘Harley Quinn’ Season 3 Is Indeed Happening, Moving To HBO Max Like The Rest Of DC
8 Harley Quinn's future plans to 'focus on Harley and Ivy's relationship,' DC FanDome panel reveals
9 Joker War Confirms Harley Quinn Is Now a Member of [SPOILER]
10 'Harley Quinn' Season 3 release date, cast, renewal rumors for HBO Max show
11 James Gunn Completely Shut Down a Fan Who Tried to Trash Harley Quinn's Inclusion in The Suicide Squad
12 James Gunn Defends Margot Robbies casting as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad
13 Harley Quinn and the Joker: Does Gotham's Deadliest Duo Ever Have Kids?
14 Harley Quinn & King Shark Team Up In Cool Suicide Squad 2 Fan Art
15 HBO Max's 'Harley Quinn' cartoon is a sillier, gorier 'Birds of Prey'
16 The 'insane' Harley Quinn sequence in The Suicide Squad
17 Injustice: Year Zero Is About to Tell Harley Quinn and Joker's Story
18 These Harley Quinn & Deadpool Couple Cosplays Are Certifiably Adorable
19 Harley Quinn Show Writer Campaigns For Season 3 HBO Max Renewal
20 Harley Quinn's Dark Nights: Death Metal Look Gets an Upgrade From a Dead Hero
21 'Harley Quinn' Gave Us the One Romantic Relationship We've Always Wanted
22 Harley Quinn's New Tattoo In The Suicide Squad Pays Off Birds Of Prey
23 The 10 Best Characters From DC Universe’s Harley Quinn Series
24 Harley Quinn is Actually Going To Kill Joker in DC Comics
25 Actors Who Almost Played DCEU’s Harley Quinn | Screen Rant
26 The 'Harley Quinn' animated series is renewed: Everything to know
27 Upcoming Margot Robbie Movies: What The Harley Quinn Actress Has Coming Up
28 Kaley Cuoco reacts after Harley Quinn is renewed for season 3
29 PREVIEW: Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey #3 | CBR
30 5 Ways Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Are The Best DC Power Couple (& 5 Better Alternatives)
31 Batman: Harley Quinn Changed an Iconic Moment in the DC Animated Universe
32 WWE’s New Harley Quinn Is Just as Dangerous as DC’s
33 Why The Joker Wants Harley Quinn & Punchline | Screen Rant
34 The Suicide Squad Director James Gunn Defends Margot Robbie’s Role In The DC Movie
35 Major Issues: Harley Quinn Makes Big Plans and Venom's Web Gets Cosmic
36 Harley Quinn and Her Comic Evolution
37 WIRE Buzz: Harley Quinn renewed; Hasbro PulseCon schedule; and Smashing Pumpkins animated series
38 HARLEY QUINN Season 3 Will Explore Poison Ivy's Origin and Jim Gordon's Low Approval in Gotham
39 The Suicide Squad's James Gunn Wants a Third Season of Harley Quinn
40 Harley Quinn Showrunner Congratulates Doom Patrol on Renewal While Harley’s Fate Remains Unknown
41 10 Things That Make No Sense About Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey
42 Poison Ivy Declares Herself Queen of Gotham City | Screen Rant
43 Batman: A Major Gotham Villain Vows to End the Joker War By Any Means
44 Who is Red Tool, The DC Version of Deadpool? | Screen Rant
45 New York Comic Con 2020 is online: How and where to watch the video panels
46 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's Reunion, DC's 'Harley Quinn' Renewed at HBO Max & More | THR News
47 WIRE Buzz: 'His House' trailer tells an immigrant horror tale; major Batwoman and Locke & Key casting
48 Birds of Prey 2 Theory: Batgirl's Intro Could Come From The Comics
49 The Batman: What Penn Badgley Would Look Like As The DCEU's Joker
50 New York Comic Con online: How and where to watch the virtual event
51 The biggest weaknesses of every Suicide Squad antihero
52 Pull List Roundtable 9/30/2020 – Department Of Truth, X-Ray Robot, Joker War Zone, Giant-Size X-Men Tribute & More
53 How Much Was Margot Robbie Paid For Her Role In 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'
54 Harley Quinn Animated Series Evolves Suicide Squad Star | Time
55 The Suicide Squad: BTS Photo Sees Nathan Fillion Laugh Alongside Jai Courtney
56 Comics 411: Batman's Worst Villains | 411MANIA
57 Every DCEU Villain Who Hasn't Been Killed Off | Screen Rant
58 Mia Sara In Birds Of Prey (& 9 Other Unknown Actors Who Played Iconic Heroes)
59 Tiger King, Baby Yoda and healthcare workers are hottest Halloween costume trends for 2020
60 Recasting Suicide Squad In The 1990s | Screen Rant
61 LOOK: Previews for Every DC Comic Arriving Tuesday, Sept. 29
62 Harley Quinn season 2 review: superheroes are better when you don’t take them so seriously
63 Jason Todd May Be The Joker's True Disciple | Screen Rant
64 Harley Quinn On HBO Max Is Undeniably The Best Version Of This Character
65 ‘Harley Quinn’ Ditches the Joker and Gives an Underserved Character Her Due (Column)
66 The Suicide Squad Will Reveal New Sides of Harley Quinn
67 'Harley Quinn' needs so many more seasons
68 Harley Quinn #75 review | Batman News
69 ‘Birds of Prey’ is Harley Quinn’s party, so just revel in it (Joker not invited)
70 Harley Quinn 2×10 Review – When do you call someone a hero?
71 Every actress who has ever played Harley Quinn
72 Exclusive DC Universe Harley Quinn season finale trailer |
73 Harley Quinn's New Suicide Squad Costume Revealed By DC
74 Kaley Cuoco discusses her unique, animated take on Harley Quinn
75 HBO Max Has Not Greenlit ‘Harley Quinn’ Season 3, But They Better
76 DC Universe’s Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Romance Is Heartbreaking So Far
77 DCEU: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Harley Quinn
78 International Podcast Day: Spotify’s Podcast Push In India & Globally Has Anchor For New Podcasters
79 Harley Quinn on HBO Max: Showrunners pick the best episodes to start with
80 5 Reasons Harley Quinn Should Be In The Justice League (& 5 Reasons She Should Stick To Being A Villain)
81 Harley Quinn 2x11 Review
82 Harley Quinn Just Gave Us the Most Fascinating Joker Ever
83 Batman: The Future Is Female in Otto Schmidt’s Earth-11 Bat-Family Drawing
84 Harley Quinn Just Sent A MAJOR DC Villain Into a Lazarus Pit
85 DC’s Harley Quinn series kills a lot of characters for a superhero show
86 HARLEY QUINN Is the Best Break-Up Show Ever
87 DC Comics Announces DC Universe Infinite As Replacement For DC Universe Streaming Service As Some Content Migrates To HBO Max!
88 The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films of 2020 (So Far)
89 New Art Gives Harley Quinn A Retro '60s Makeover | Screen Rant
90 'Harley Quinn' Changed Harley and Joker's Relationship Like Never Before and Fans Love It
91 ‘Cheers’ Cast Then & Now: See How Ted Danson, Kirstie Alley & More Have Changed After 38 Years
92 Suicide Squad Director Admits To Harley Quinn Mistakes
93 Harley Quinn gave us one of the best queer romances of the year
94 'Harley Quinn' Is The Latest Show To Be Shared Between DC Universe And HBO Max
95 Harley Quinn Is A Certified HERO, DC Comics Confirms
96 Upcoming Comics: September 29, 2020 | Batman News
97 'Harley Quinn' gets an animated workout between 'Joker' and 'Birds of Prey'
98 6 Reasons To Stream The Harley Quinn TV Show On HBO Max
99 Here's Why DC's 'Harley Quinn' Show Needs a Third Season
100 Harley Quinn: 5 reasons to watch the DC Universe animated series