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1 Top 3 Harmony OS for smartphone features as it arrives on December 16
2 Harmony OS alleged eligible devices list appears
3 Huawei to launch first Harmony OS beta for mobile phones on December 18
4 Huawei to Launch First Harmony OS for Smartphones
5 Midea Launches Its First Batch of Products Running On Harmony OS
6 Bye, bye Android — Huawei's HarmonyOS gets ready to play
7 Huawei fans find out which phone is dropping Android for HarmonyOS first
8 Huawei Dumps Android on Smartphones? Will New HarmonyOS Catch On?
9 Huawei commences EMUI 11 rollout for 10 devices as HarmonyOS beta for smartphones set to debut in December
10 [Updated: Official Clarification] Huawei Mate 40 series to be the first receive to HarmonyOS beta update
11 Huawei HarmonyOS powers the latest Midea smart home products
12 Significant success from Huawei's EMUI 11 user interface
13 MIUI based on HarmonyOS: A smart strategy or the end for Xiaomi?
14 The Windows Subsystem for Linux might soon include Android support, too
15 Find out if your Huawei/Honor device might run HarmonyOS
16 What you need to know about Huawei’s Android alternative, Harmony OS
17 Huawei's Harmony OS will expand to phones with next upgrade
18 What Is Harmony OS? Huawei’s New Operating System Explained
19 Industry Voices — Baker: What chance does Huawei's new Harmony OS have?
20 Huawei’s Harmony OS: a third major mobile operating system?
21 China's Huawei to launch HarmonyOS, its rival to Google Android, on smartphones next year
22 Survey: Most Huawei users would consider upgrading to Harmony OS
23 Honor 20, 20 Pro and Honor V20 users has received Magic UI 4 Beta
24 Huawei Harmony OS 2.0 coming to smartphones | Loop News
25 Huawei says it will replace Android with its own OS on smartphones in 2021
26 Harmony OS: more than merely an Android replacement
27 With Harmony OS a year away, Google has a window for Android Go
28 Huawei ban timeline: UK pledges $333M to diversify 5G supply chain
29 Meet HarmonyOS, Huawei's upcoming Android alternative
30 Mobile : What differences do we know for now?
31 Huawei Smartphones With Harmony OS Onboard Coming Soon
32 Huawei HDC wrap: HarmonyOS 2.0, EMUI 11, HMS and more
33 EMUI 11 could be Huawei’s last version of EMUI before Harmony/HongMeng OS
34 Harmony OS Won’t Come to Smartphones Soon
35 Harmony OS 2.0 Coming On September 11: It Will Include More Products
36 Huawei Exec: Harmony OS has reached 70-80% the level of Android
37 Huawei unveils its rival to Android. It's called Harmony
38 Tech : Huawei will launch the first beta of HarmonyOS, its alternative to Android, in December
39 Huawei Smartphones Will Be Upgraded To Harmony OS Next Year
40 Huawei says its operating system can rival Google, Apple — but experts say it might be a struggle
41 Leak reveals Huawei schedule for the next few months: P50 series to launch in March
42 Huawei says Harmony OS may be ready for phones in 6 to 9 months
43 Harmony OS 2.0 Hardware Requirements Announced
44 Huawei Says Harmony OS 2.0 Is Ready to Roll
45 Can Huawei Harmony OS 2.0 stand tall against Android?
46 Huawei will not release a HarmonyOS smartphone this year
47 Huawei’s Harmony OS coming to more devices next year, but not on smartphones or tablets
48 Huawei will release its first HarmonyOS smartphone by the end of the year
49 HarmonyOS 2.0 update tracker: HongMeng OS 2.0 release dates, beta etc
50 Harmony OS: what you need to know about Huawei's new operating system
51 Harmony OS 2.0 Will Officially Come At HDC Together Conference (Sep. 10 – 12)
52 Huawei to replace Windows 10 with HarmonyOS 2.0 in its PCs
53 Huawei’s Ambitious Alternative To Google May Be Coming For These Huawei & Honor Phones
54 What is Harmony OS? Huawei's "Android rival" explained!
55 Huawei Smart Screen TVs will be the first to get HarmonyOS 2.0
56 Huawei has applied for some trademarks related to HarmonyOS
57 Huawei will reportedly start using Harmony OS in future phones and tablets
58 EMUI 11 may be based on HarmonyOS and could reach upwards of 50 devices
59 Huawei has no plans to launch a Harmony OS-powered phone this year
60 Huawei set to launch HarmonyOS 2.0 later this year
61 Huawei phones, tablets and TV will use Harmony OS in the future
62 Move Over Android: Huawei's Harmony OS Is Plan B, But Could Be Implemented "In Days" If Needed
63 Tipster says these existing Huawei and Honor devices will get HarmonyOS
64 Huawei Will Launch Its Alternative To Google In Weeks, Report Claims
65 Huawei needs its Android rival to succeed where Samsung and Microsoft failed
66 3 reason why Huawei's Harmony OS will be tough on Android
67 EMUI 11 could be the last for smartphones before moving to HarmonyOS
68 HarmonyOS for smartphones could also be available for older models
69 Four reasons Huawei's new Harmony OS won't solve its problems
70 Huawei Phones Will Be Upgraded to Harmony OS in 2021
71 What Is Huawei’s Smartphone Operating System & Should I Buy Into It?
72 Harmony OS may chomp off a big slice of the pie from Google’s Android
73 No HarmonyOS smartphone until 2021: Huawei CEO
74 Harmony OS Coming To Several Huawei Devices Next Year
75 Huawei begins to get rid of Android on its smartphones
76 Huawei CEO Unveils New HarmonyOS Logos, And They're… Quite Odd
77 Huawei to Share Progress of Google Android OS Rival Harmony Amid US Tensions
78 Huawei Mate Watch To Operate With Harmony OS Reportedly
79 Huawei Plans to Open HMS & HarmonyOS to Rival Manufacturers
80 Huawei's Harmony OS Will Compete Globally Within 2 Years, Founder Says
81 Hashtag Trending – Harmony OS 2.0; Federal Court dismisses internet appeal; techy face masks
82 HarmonyOS: Huawei's alternative to Android?
83 Huawei could launch its new HarmonyOS in just a few weeks
84 Huawei will unveil a smart screen for cars running Hongmeng OS soon
85 Huawei’s VP: Harmony OS Will Be the Fifth Largest Operating System by 2020
86 Huawei founder doesn't see HarmonyOS as rival to Android, iOS
87 A Xiaomi mod has started a poll asking whether MIUI should be based on Huawei's Harmony OS instead of Google's Android
88 Huawei's Harmony OS can emerge as one of the biggest rival to Android not just in Asia but also in Europe
89 Assessing HarmonyOS prospects without Google-Intel guidance
90 Huawei eyes IoT role for HarmonyOS
91 These Are The Huawei Smartphones That Will Be Getting Harmony OS
92 Huawei is already buildig its own OS called Harmony OS as an alternative to Google's Android
93 Huawei's CEO unveils new HarmonyOS logos for the Chinese & global versions
94 BYD, Huawei release world's first auto based on HarmonyOS
95 HarmonyOS 2.0 for Huawei PCs and tablets may arrive later this year
96 Huawei plans on running HarmonyOS on all of its devices soon
97 What is HarmonyOS? A guide to Huawei's operating system
98 All you need to know about Huawei's Harmony OS
99 Huawei applies for multiple trademarks related to HarmonyOS
100 Huawei is ready to replace Android with Harmony OS in its smartphones