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1 Harold Bornstein, Trump's 'Quirky' Longtime Physician, Dies at 73
2 Harold Bornstein: Donald Trump's former personal physician
3 Exclusive: Harold Bornstein, Eccentric Doctor Who Said Trump Was in Excellent Shape, Dead at Age 73
4 Dr Harold Bornstein obituary | Register
5 Harold Bornstein, Donald Trump’s zany and long-serving personal physician – obituary
6 Harold Bornstein, physician who declared Trump 'healthiest ever' president, dies
7 President Joe Biden plans to accompany First Lady to an appointment for a 'common medical procedure'
8 Trump doctor Harold Bornstein says bodyguard, lawyer 'raided' his office, took medical files
9 Harold Bornstein: Exiled from Trumpland, doctor now ‘frightened and sad’
10 Doctor: Trump Dictated Letter Attesting To His 'Extraordinary' Health
11 Exclusive: Bornstein claims Trump dictated the glowing health letter
12 Medical Ethics Expert: Trump’s Former Doctor Should Lose License
13 Donald Trump's doctor: An 'irreverent' poet who 'knows his stuff'
14 Trump's longtime doctor faces ethical and legal questions
15 Obituary: Dr. Harold David Bornstein Jr.; Beloved Pediatrician
16 Harold Bornstein: Former Trump doctor now 'frightened and sad'
17 Trump doctor Harold Bornstein says White House aide 'raided' office to take president's medical files: NBC News
18 Harold Bornstein: Trump associates “raided” office for medical records
19 Of course Donald Trump's team didn't tell the truth about his Covid-19 illness
20 REMINDER: We *still* know very, very little about Donald Trump's medical history
21 Trump’s doctor Harold Bornstein misrepresented the president’s health. That’s not unusual.
22 Harold Bornstein Thrilled to Now Be Second-Most-Notorious Trump Doctor
23 Trump’s Former Doctor Says Office Was Raided and Files Seized
24 Harold Bornstein, Trump's personal doctor, claims his office was "raided" for Trump's records
25 Former Trump doctor Harold Bornstein 'frightened and sad'
26 Trump Doctor Wrote Health Letter in Just 5 Minutes as Limo Waited
27 Trump dictated note saying he was 'astonishingly' healthy, doctor says
28 The real reason Trump didn’t want to attend Biden’s inauguration
29 Trump's doctor to CNN: No regrets about controversial letter
30 Barr goes out with a 'love letter' to Trump | TheHill
31 How healthy is Trump? Years of misinformation make it difficult to know
32 Three Weeks, 92k More Deaths; New OWS Leader; Don't Try This at Home
33 Kimmel Grills Wacky Trump Doctor Harold Bornstein—Who Looks a Lot Like Mike Myers
34 Trump's personal doctor says Trump dictated health letter
35 Journalists, beware: This White House can’t be trusted to be truthful about Trump’s health
36 How Donald Trump Became the Author of His Own ”Astonishingly Excellent” Health
37 Trump has taken pains to hide medical record, equating sickness with weakness: Critics
38 Why Joe Biden's broken foot reveals how different his White House will be from Donald Trump's
39 The surreal tales of Trump's 2 former doctors
40 Read disputed letter saying Trump in 'astonishingly excellent' health
41 Bornstein Letters of Health for Trump
42 Was Trump’s Doctor Raided Because He Blew the Lid Off the President’s Male-Pattern Baldness?
43 President's former doctor claims Trump dictated flattering health letter
44 Donald Trump's Former Doctor Says Trump Dictated Letter That Claimed He'd Be 'Healthiest Individual Ever Elected'
45 Presidential Physicians Don’t Always Tell the Public the Full Story
46 Trump's former doctor: President's bodyguard, lawyer 'raided' office, took medical files
47 Donald Trump’s doctor breaks his silence
48 How Did the Doctor’s Office Raid Harold Bornstein Described Not Violate HIPAA?
49 Trump doctor paid $86,000 to settle malpractice lawsuit after patient's death
50 Trump doctor reveals secret to US president's hair
51 White House Says It Will Provide Daily Updates as Trump Faces Coronavirus
52 Scott Pruitt, Harold Bornstein, Kanye West: Your Wednesday Briefing
53 The White House medical team isn't giving straight answers on Trump's health
54 Trump Pardons a Handful of Physicians on His Way Out
55 Mike Myers Debuts Impression of Trump's Personal Doctor
56 For Trump, the Only Medical News Is Good Medical News
57 Trump's History of Deception Magnifies the Chaos of His Covid-19 Diagnosis
58 Trump's Physician Says His Health Is 'Astonishingly Excellent'
59 The Petty Reason Trump's Ex-Doctor Is Snitching All of a Sudden
60 Anti-Trump group launches blitz on questions over president's health
61 Trump Doctor Says He Feels ‘Raped’ After His Office Was ‘Raided’
62 Trump's unsteady walk prompts health questions
63 Opinion: Welcome back, Doc Bornstein! Tell us everything!
64 Slog AM: Morse Code Morsels for QAnon, Kyle Rittenhouse Is Chilling with Proud Boys, Pray for Officer Arlo
65 POLITICO Playbook PM: A new leader for the DNC
66 Trump, not his doctor, wrote glowing 2015 letter on his health, physician now says
67 Trump wrote his own 'astonishingly excellent' health letter, claims former doctor
68 Virus result puts focus on Donald Trump's medical history
69 Donald Trump Dictated That Glowing 2015 Doctor's Letter, According to Dr. Harold Bornstein
70 Trump's doctor Harold Bornstein says Trump dictated letter declaring him in 'astonishingly excellent' health
71 President Ghostwriter Apparently Dictated His Own Extraordinary Health Report to His Doctor
72 Trump suggests McDonald's french fries are responsible for keeping his hair from falling out
73 The Problem With Trump Dictating His Own Medical Assessment
74 How Surprising, Donald Trump Reportedly Dictated His Positive Health Report
75 Trump’s doctor and Stormy Daniels say a stranger confronted them
76 Doctor: Trump associates raided my office after Propecia reveal
77 Trump Doc Says Trump Bodyguard, Lawyer ‘Raided' His Office in 2017, Took Medical Files
78 Trump 'dictated' his own glowing health report — doctor
79 Peter Mark Richman Dies: Versatile Playwright, Author And Actor For Broadway, Film, TV Was 93
80 Rudy Giuliani Says “Trial By Combat” Remark Before Capitol Violence Was ‘Game Of Thrones’ Reference
81 Melania Trump didn't know whether she'd be attending Biden's inauguration until the president tweeted that he'
82 Donald Trump’s doctor Harold Bornstein claims he ‘felt like a slave’ when President ordered him to write gl...
83 Shocking No One, Trump’s Absurd Doctor Bornstein Now Says Trump Dictated Campaign Letter Declaring Health “Astonishingly Excellent”
84 Trump's medical deceptions should be a scandal
85 President’s Medical Report Was Actually Written by Dr. Donald Trump
86 Opinion | Trump's Hydroxychloroquine Obsessions Endangers Us All
87 Donald Trump's doctor just wrote the Trumpiest letter about Trump's health
88 Trump's ramp incident is a reminder that we know less about his health than ever
89 Trump again introduces health into campaign debate
90 Donald Trump dictated his own glowing 2015 campaign health report, doctor says
91 Harold Bornstein, Trump's ex-doctor, says candidate dictated letter claiming 'healthiest individual ever'
92 Former Trump doctor alleges that president's medical records were seized in raid
93 In leaked video, Netanyahu predicts he'll win 40-42 seats due to virus response
94 Positive Tests for Senators Raise Questions About Timing of Barrett Hearings
95 Donald Trump wrote his own medical report. Reckless language makes that obvious.
96 Trump's doctors can only share information he authorizes due to HIPAA
97 A Whole Bunch of Laws Were Violated by Trump’s Team if Dr. Bornstein’s Story is True
98 Trump’s doctors have credibility gap as confusion swirls around his condition
99 Trump Team 'Raided' Office: Ex-Doctor Who Prescribed Him Hair Growth Drug
100 Trump's fixers revolt