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1 MPs move to require vote on future Covid restrictions
2 Harriet Harman's investigation into Leicester factory conditions highlighted 'endemic abuses' three years ago |
3 The week ahead in Parliament
4 Government added 'free pass for torture' to Overseas Operational Bill at last minute, MPs told
5 The Brady bunch are causing a headache
6 View from Westminster: Push next year's GCSE and A Level exams back to June to help students left behind in lockdown |
7 Two-thirds of black Britons believe NHS gives white people better care, finds survey
8 In praise of Harriet Harman
9 Harriet Harman on political survival: 'If you've been an outsider, you never forget'
10 Why the support for the Brady Amendment could spell trouble for the Government
11 UK lockdown: Government must explain justification for any new coronavirus measures, MPs say
12 BARNEY CALMAN investigates the appalling tragedy of the elderly kept apart from their loved ones
13 Coronavirus: Thousands fined for breaking 'unclear and ambiguous' lockdown rules, MPs warn
14 Harriet Harman on death threats, becoming prime minister and her run for speaker
15 Labour's Harriet Harman to run for Commons Speaker
16 Harriet Harman: we must keep “a very careful eye” on UK commitment to human rights
17 Harriet Harman interview: 'People don't want to share power with women'
18 Coronavirus: Harriet Harman pushes chancellor to ensure theatre workers are not left behind during crisis
19 UK COVID-19 Update: '6 Month Problem', 50,000 Cases a Day 'by Mid October'
20 'An agent for change': Harriet Harman on her bid to be Speaker
21 'Rough sex defence' will be outlawed after MPs back Harriet Harman's campaign |
22 View From Westminster: Harriet Harman calls for end to 'confusion and uncertainty' over childcare |
23 Harriet Harman: 'rough sex' defence needs to be made illegal
24 Harriet Harman holds onto Camberwell and Peckham with over 40,000 votes |
25 Campaigners hail move to ban 'rough sex' defence
26 TOM UTLEY: It's a mystery why any self-respecting woman wants to join a club of old bores like me
27 Harriet Harman: 'I will not back down' over Speaker bid
28 New COVID-19 tracing app needs data protection legislation, says Harriet Harman |
29 View from Westminster: Hear the anger and make the change, says Harriet Harman |
30 The Londoner: Harriet Harman: Protect privacy in Covid-19 tracing app
31 General Election 2019: Harriet Harman says 'terrible result' leaves her constituents with a 'dreadful prospect' |
32 Harriet Harman: ‘I don’t want to be not-liked. It’s just that nobody did for nearly 20 years’
33 Harriet Harman suggests that Boris Johnson should be talking to MPs as well as Trump
34 Harriet Harman renews calls for law change after Natalie Connolly death
35 Harriet Harman highlights staggering maternal death rates among black women in racism inquiry |
36 MPs to try to ban 'rough sex' murder defence in domestic abuse bill
37 Harriet Harman: BBC beware, I love you but you need to shape up fast
38 Harriet Harman: MPs are scared to travel by bus and train after threats
39 Harriet Harman refuses to bow down to Labour activists after threat to oust her as Speaker
40 Harriet Harman says female MPs will be 'rendered invisible' if next Commons Speaker is male
41 Who is Harriet Harman? Labour MP prepared to be caretaker Prime Minister
42 Next Labour leader must be a woman, says Harriet Harman
43 Former Labour minister says party is ‘out of touch’ with the British public
44 Harriet Harman: "Brits without gardens should get priority use of parks"
45 Harriet Harman: 'If Boris Johnson is well enough to talk to Trump, he can take PMQs'
46 WATCH: Veteran Labour MP says Boris Johnson is well enough to answer questions from MPs
47 From Sir Lindsay Hoyle to Harriet Harman: who is in the contest to succeed John Bercow as Commons Speaker?
48 Harriet Harman: the irresistible force
49 Speaker election: Harriet Harman pledges to champion women and diversity – and “an end to shouting down and finger jabbing” |
50 To trust the contact tracing app, we need safeguards
51 Harriet Harman Harman among MPs questioning Ayia Napa rape case |
52 The new Domestic Abuse Bill doesn't go far enough
53 MP Harriet Harman warns against '50 Shades' murder defence
54 Harriet Harman: ‘I believe in not breaking your word to children. Even if it costs you your job’
55 Campaigners hail 'rough sex' law change prompted by death of Kinver woman
56 Harriet Harman: I should have run for Labour leadership in 2010
57 'Rough sex defence is no excuse for murder' says Harriet Harman |
58 A Woman’s Work by Harriet Harman review – a life confronting sexism
59 Police and health officials to get powers to detain under UK coronavirus bill
60 The 'rough sex defence' has been banned
61 Harriet Harman breaks record for long service as MP
62 Boris Johnson news: Senior Tory MP says government ‘ruling by decree’ over new Covid powers
63 Harriet Harman: It Is “Mortifyingly Embarrassing” That Labour Has Never Had A Woman Leader
64 Harriet Harman on her bid to be Speaker
65 At last, female MPs won't have to keep their breasts hidden in the Commons
66 Only thirteen out of 57 Camberwell and Peckham residents stranded abroad have returned home |
67 Harriet Harman: Give MPs six months' paid maternity leave
68 Jo Swinson: Clarke and Harman prepared to lead emergency government
69 Speaker election: Harriet Harman survives first round – can she beat Hoyle? |
70 Harriet Harman: why there has never been a female Labour leader – and why the time is now
71 Harman seeks to bring private member’s bill over contact tracing
72 NHS app: Harriet Harman questions why Government won't legalise data protection bill
73 Harriet Harman: ‘I’ve carried a lot on my shoulders. I think I’ve done my bit’
74 Committee chairs protest Government plans to "undermine" scrutiny
75 Coronavirus: Pregnant women and new parents vulnerable to gaps in COVID-19 financial support, says Harriet Harman |
76 Bafflement over Tory MP's admission she hacked Harriet Harman's website
77 "We need better data protection laws passed before the NHS app roll-out"
78 Camberwell and Peckham constituency results 2019: Harriet Harman holds Labour stronghold
79 Harriet Harman’s victory was putting women’s lives at the heart of politics
80 Hancock to Harman: No contact-tracing privacy law
81 Harriet Harman calls for Speaker's office reforms | Politics News
82 Book review | A Woman's Work, by Harriet Harman
83 Harriet Harman: “I am in my prime”
84 A Woman’s Work by Harriet Harman — without malice
85 Jewish group calls on Harriet Harman to apologise for repeating Holocaust joke
86 Harriet Harman calls for prison and justice system reform, says jailing mothers harms thousands of children a year |
87 Harriet Harman on exposing the pay gap: ‘This is kind of … revolutionary’
88 Harriet Harman stirs Labour row over welfare cuts
89 Jean McNicol · The Angry Men: Harriet Harman · LRB 14 December 2017
90 Banning visits to mothers in prison risks breaching human rights – report
91 Harriet Harman backs Patricia Hewitt over NCCL apology decision
92 Harriet Harman 'regrets' former employer's link to paedophile lobbyists
93 Chancellor Rishi Sunak accidentally votes for chlorinated chicken ban after Brexit
94 Harriet Harman: we must rekindle the spirit of sisterhood across the UK
95 This exodus of women is a wake‑up call for parliament
96 PIE controversy: Harriet Harman has got this one wrong
97 Harriet Harman: I would have beaten Ed Miliband to Labour leadership
98 I have the experience and the resilience to steer the House through this turbulent time
99 Harriet Harman: Theresa May 'is no sister' on women's rights
100 Death of Kinver woman at forefront of push to ban sex game defence