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1 Astronomy educators awarded $2.8M to inspire minority youth to pursue STEM careers
2 Kevin Young to speak at Harvard Alumni Association's annual meeting
3 Book excerpt: "Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth"
4 Why you (probably) shouldn't panic about the falling Chinese rocket
5 Astronomers release new all-sky map of the Milky Way's outer reaches
6 space debris re-entries uncontrolled
7 Space Force: Weather OK for two upcoming Florida rocket launches
8 Neanderthals Ate Carb-Heavy Diets, Potentially Fueling Brain Growth
9 Debris from China's Long March 5B rocket crashes back to Earth in Indian Ocean
10 Huge Chinese Rocket Falls to Earth over Arabian Peninsula
11 Alien radioactive element prompts creation rethink
12 This video shows debris from the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in March 2021
13 Inflatable Origami Structures Could Someday Offer Emergency Shelter
14 What Should Museums Do With the Bones of the Enslaved?
15 Jeremy Lin to Speak at Harvard College Class Day
16 U.S. Space Command tracks Chinese rocket for uncontrolled re-entry from orbit
17 What's Happening in Space Policy May 9-15, 2021 –
18 The Wilderness Center presents Astronomy Day event
19 With Space Station, China Space Program Takes a Huge Step Forward
20 High schoolers discover four exoplanets through Harvard and Smithsonian mentorship program
21 Harvard, Smithsonian astronomers help capture first image of black hole's magnetic fields
22 Humans Started Loving Carbs a Very Long Time Ago
23 Taking Stock of Cosmic Rays in the Solar System
24 We Started Loving Carbs a Very Long Time Ago
25 Scientists Claim to Spot Fungus Growing on Mars in NASA Rover Photos
26 Brood X Is Back — But Cicadas Have Been In Chinese Art For Millennia
27 When satellites collide…
28 High school students discover exoplanets during mentoring program
29 Stars, alien invasion, secret government test? Mystery of lights in night Borderland sky is solved
30 Astronomers at Harvard, Smithsonian Center release images of black hole’s magnetic field
31 James Anderson Wins 2021 Dreyfus Prize in Environmental Chemistry
32 What Do You Call a Bunch of Black Holes: A Crush? A Scream?
33 Astronomers find supermassive black hole on the move
34 Balancing Homework and A.P. Classes, These High Schoolers Discovered Four Exoplanets
35 Astronomers discover first cloudless, Jupiter-like planet
36 Harvard scientist turns space images into music
37 Scientists uncover warehouse-full of complex molecules never before seen in space
38 Kevin Young '92 discusses new role as museum director
39 Astrophysics student Ellen Price awarded 51 Pegasi B Fellowship
40 First X-rays from Uranus discovered
41 Young Stars in Their Baby Blanket of Dust
42 Harvard a partner in national effort to diversify STEM and academia
43 Graphic Novel Creators Talk Power of Science Comics at Center for Astrophysics Observatory Night | News
44 Growing interest in Moon resources could cause tension, scientists find
45 New research from Harvard astronomers provides clear evidence for moving black hole
46 Local teens learn how to be scientists in Harvard-MIT program
47 Reclusive neutron star may have been found in famous supernova
48 Comet or asteroid: What killed the dinosaurs and where did it come from?
49 Hidden in plain sight: Scouring the notebooks of the Harvard's 'human
50 Earth-Skimming Meteor May Have Brought Life to Venus, Harvard Researchers Say | News
51 Astrophysicist Sheperd Doeleman awarded National Academy of Sciences Henry Draper Medal
52 WEB EXTRA: Rocket debris lit up PNW skies, Harvard and Smithsonian astronomer says
53 Gigantic jet spied from black hole in early universe
54 Harvard Researchers Confirm First Earth-Sized Exoplanet in Habitable Zone | News
55 Harvard Visualization Scientist Helps Translate Space Images Into Music | News
56 Harvard Scientists Reconsider the Possibility of Life on Venus | News
57 Center for Astrophysics Collaborates to Study Star's Spaghettification: Death By Black Hole | News
58 Rare blast's remains discovered in Milky Way's center
59 Chandra studies extraordinary magnetar
60 Harvard Researchers Discover Wobbling Shadow of Supermassive Black Hole | News
61 Harvard a partner in $20 million AI institute
62 Harvard from afar: Geographically to socially distanced
63 Oswego students to boost programming project at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
64 Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics News
65 Telescopes unite in unprecedented observations of famous black hole
66 Astrochemist brings search for extraterrestrial life to Harvard
67 Artificial intelligence classifies supernova explosions with unprecedented accuracy
68 Professor Avi Loeb: 'It would be arrogant to think we're alone in the universe'
69 Peabody Museum Discovers Possible Slave Remains in Its Collections
70 Crematoriums overwhelmed as India virus death toll passes 250,000
71 Step Into the Pages of 'Goodnight Moon' With This Enchanting Exhibition
72 Professor Avi Loeb, Harvard Astrophysicist
73 Astronomers Detect A Black Hole On The Move
74 The arts may heal under Biden-Harris administration, say experts
75 Diving with a Purpose salvages Black history
76 US museums hold the remains of thousands of Black people
77 Unusual Exoplanet Might Be Regrowing Its Atmosphere | Smart News
78 Harvard Researchers Find Evidence for Supermassive Black Hole Movement | News
79 High Schoolers Find Four Exoplanets through Mentorship Program
80 Aiming for the Stars | Smithsonian Voices | Smithsonian Education
81 In new book, Harvard astronomer pushes theory about object that passed through solar system; alien world may have sent it
82 Native American Nonprofit Accuses Harvard of Violating Federal Graves Protection and Repatriation Act | News
83 Harvard College Announces Class of 2025 Admissions Decisions
84 Astronomers may have found the first planet in another galaxy
85 Spagettification: When An Object Comes Too Close To A Black Hole
86 Physical Inactivity Linked to More Severe COVID-19 Infection and Higher Risk of Death
87 Edwin Binney, 3rd
88 Policy & Ethics Experimental Tests of Theology
89 Will Starlink Satellites Become Space Junk One Day? SpaceX Has an (Imperfect) Plan.
90 When Did Life First Emerge in the Universe?
91 Astronomers Preview Giant Magellan Telescope, Discuss Extraterrestrial Life at DRCLAS Event | News
92 News | 15 of Spitzer's Greatest Discoveries From 15 Years in Space
93 Harvard scientists shed light on importance of black hole image
94 Harvard Return to Campus August 2
95 SpaceX Rocket Debris Seen Over Seattle and Portland, Astronomers Say
96 Venus might not have signs of life after all, say astronomers
97 Toddler Favorite 'Goodnight Moon' Gets a Refresh | At the Smithsonian
98 Jupiter, Saturn will look like a double planet in rare celestial event on Dec. 21
99 Harvard Commencement Virtual Again Ruth Simmons Speaker
100 From Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics: “An Eccentric Hot Neptune”