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1 The Second Circuit Rules in United States v. Hasbajrami
2 In a first, appeals court raises privacy questions over government searches for Americans’ emails
3 Appeals Court Considers Fourth Amendment Violations in FISA Section 702 Surveillance Case
4 United States v. Hasbajrami
5 What Happened at the Court: The Hasbajrami Oral Argument on Section 702 of FISA and the Fourth Amendment
6 The Surveillance State Quietly Lost a Major Court Case
7 Americans' Privacy at Stake as Second Circuit Hears Hasbajrami FISA Case
8 Appeals Court Asks the Right Questions in NSA Surveillance Case
9 Court case puts PRISM back in the spotlight
10 John Gleeson Got John Gotti. Now He's Taking on Michael Flynn.
11 Justice Dept. Informs Inmate of Pre-Arrest Surveillance
12 Would-Be Terrorist Pleads Guilty in Brooklyn
13 Case Proves “Foreign” Warrantless Surveillance Harms Americans
14 Albanian National Sentenced to 16 Years' Imprisonment for Attempting to Support Terrorism
15 The Cybersecurity 202: Privacy advocates are back in court fighting NSA surveillance. It's an uphill battle.
16 Court Challenges to NSA Surveillance: 2017 in Review
17 Suspected Terrorist Agron Hasbajrami Arrested At JFK Airport, Indicted Friday
18 The High Stakes of Misunderstanding Section 702 Reforms
19 A Profile of John J. Gleeson, the Trial Court's Proposed “Friend Of The Court” in the Michael Flynn Case
20 A Judge Just Admitted The Existence Of The NSA's PRISM Program
21 The Surprisingly Weak Reasoning of Mohamud
22 9th Circuit upholds warrantless email surveillance of person in the U.S. communicating with foreigners abroad when the foreigners are the ‘targets’
23 The Lawfare Podcast: What the Heck is Up with 702?
24 Is ICE's Use of a Maryland Facial Recognition Database Lawful?
25 Disease Surveillance and the Fourth Amendment
26 Defendant Can Withdraw U.S. Terror Plea Due To Warrantless Surveillance: Judge
27 Decoding 702: What is Section 702?
28 NSA IG Report Reveals New Information on Section 702 Collection
29 The Long Fight to Stop Mass Surveillance: 2018 in Review
30 Sharon Bradford Franklin, Author at Just Security
31 'Parallel Construction' Theory
32 A Way Forward on Section 702 Queries
33 Extreme Vetting of Immigrants: Estimating Terrorism Vetting Failures
34 Can NSA Drop "About" Collection Without Gutting "To/From" Collection?
35 Courts weighing surveillance limits
36 Backdoor Search
37 The Dubious Legal Claim Behind #ReleaseTheMemo
38 Predicting Support for Section 702 in the Senate
39 Supreme Court Grants Cert in Carpenter v. United States: An Overview
40 What Should Senator Wyden Ask About Section 702 Now?
41 Did the Special Counsel's Access to the Transition's Emails Violate the Fourth Amendment?
42 When Does a Carpenter Search Start—and When Does It Stop?
43 The Best Way to Rule for Carpenter (Or, How to Expand Fourth Amendment Protections Without Making A Mess)
44 In response to EFF lawsuit, DOJ releases 18 new opinions of the FISC concerning Section 702
45 House Judiciary Committee Forced Into Difficult Compromise On Surveillance Reform
46 Very Few Immigration Vetting Failures of Terrorists Since 9/11
47 Neil Gorsuch on National Security Law
48 Why Aren't Criminal Defendants Getting Notice of Section 702 Surveillance — Again?
49 Q&A with Professor Xiaoxing Xi, Victim of Unjust Surveillance
50 The USA Liberty Act — aka Don't Let the Constitutional be the Enemy of the Unconstitutional
51 The NSA Documents, Part II: The October 2011 FISC Opinion
52 Content Is Content, No Matter How Small
53 Don't Miss the Footnotes: Judge Leon's Opinion in Klayman (Section 215 Collection)
54 EU-Funded Study: Electronic Mass Surveillance Fails – Drastically