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1 Preview: "Axios on HBO" interviews the CEO of Bloomberg data firm Hawkfish
2 Exclusive: Dem group warns of apparent Trump Election Day landslide
3 Election 2020 results could favor Trump early, then Biden
4 Data firm predicts election 'chaos' as Trump seems to win in a landslide before losing as more votes are counted
5 Mike Bloomberg to spend at least $100 million in Florida to benefit Joe Biden
6 How Bloomberg’s $100 million Florida bet may shape campaign
7 Trump poised to win but Biden may turn victor after mail-in votes are counted, predicts Mike Bloomberg data fi
8 Leftist Group Funded By Bloomberg Warns Trump Won't Accept Election Results
9 Trump 'Red Mirage' Election Night Victory Is Unlikely, Political Scientists Say
10 What to Expect on an Odd Election Night
11 Democrats playing the long con | News, Sports, Jobs
12 Stealing an election in slow-motion | Commentary
13 Survey finds 7 in 10 Dems plan to vote by mail
14 Democrats Scramble to Prevent Premature Trump Victory Declaration
15 Trump Backers Make Case for Stealing Election, Before Biden Gets the Chance
16 As Trump Twists Warning of Delayed Election Results to Suit His Narrative, Advocacy Groups Vow to Make Sure Every Vote Counts
17 Bloomberg firm Hawkfish falsely told potential hires it would be the 'primary' tech platform for the DNC
18 'Red Mirage' election scenario: Trump wins by a landslide, then loses election
19 How Bloomberg’s Digital Army Is Still Fighting for Democrats
20 Dem Analyst: Trump Victory a 'Red Mirage'
21 Mike Bloomberg digital agency Hawkfish floundering as Biden ices them out
22 Biden will speak about school reopenings in Delaware – Ballotpedia News
23 Mike Bloomberg is plowing millions of dollars into a secretive tech firm he founded months ago as he seeks the White House
24 Meet the former Facebook CMO who's leading Mike Bloomberg's Hawkfish
25 Mike Bloomberg's tech firm Hawkfish struggles to sign clients as coronavirus changes 2020 landscape
26 Pro-Biden super PAC American Bridge hires Mike Bloomberg's digital firm Hawkfish
27 DNC hires Bloomberg-tied tech firm Hawkfish for 2020 election
28 Donald Trump claims prediction of 'red mirage' election night win would be 'rigged election'
29 Scoop: Biden won’t tap Bloomberg agency Hawkfish for campaign
30 The “red mirage” could make November the worst month in 2020
31 Prepare for election month, not election night
32 Tech firm helping Bloomberg campaign lands former Goldman Sachs executive, ex-Facebook employees in hiring blitz
33 Bloomberg campaign builds out digital arm Hawkfish ahead of 2020 election
34 Top media, marketing, and tech execs running Mike Bloomberg's Hawkfish
35 Mike Bloomberg’s Firm That Ran His Presidential Campaign Is Bidding to Take Over Joe Biden’s
36 Mike Bloomberg invested over $20 million in Hawkfish weeks after he dropped out of the 2020 primary
37 Mike Bloomberg's Hawkfish is one of at least 3 tech firms Biden campaign is considering hiring
38 Bloomberg tech company hires top ad executive as campaign continues its digital onslaught
39 Dem data firm predicts 'chaos' with postal votes revealing days after election a Biden victory
40 'Can you imagine if we're waiting on Pennsylvania?': State Dems scramble to avoid voting fiasco
41 President Trump might appear to have won at first on election night, Democrat poll warns
42 Election 2020: Deciphering the 'red mirage,' the 'blue shift,' and the uncertainty surrounding results this November
43 It's Too Late to Expand Mail-In Voting as Trump Steps Up Attacks
44 DNC Hires Hawkfish Digital Services Firm: Campaign Update
45 Facebook and Foursquare executives flock to Bloomberg campaign
46 Diet diversity: Hawkfish species coexist on coral reefs thanks to differing food preferences
47 Bloomberg campaign to use little-known company he founded for digital strategy | TheHill
48 Trump Won't Commit to Honor Election Results and Enable Peaceful Transfer of Power
49 Mike Bloomberg will spend $100m to help Biden beat Trump in Florida
50 Trump, Biden Prepare for Contested Election Over Mail-in Voting
51 Biden's once maligned digital operation raises big money by embodying candidate
52 Bloomberg firm seeks role in Democrats' bid to unseat Trump
53 Bloomberg's Secretive Digital Ad Firm May Fuel Concerns About Tech's Influence on Elections
54 Trump and his allies are using the prospect of a 'red mirage' election result to prepare a betrayal narrative for November
55 Another Round in the Digital 'Build vs. Buy' Debate
56 If He is Ahead on Election Night, President Trump Should Declare Victory
57 Bloomberg’s out of the race, but his memes may still help Democrats
58 Biden not using Bloomberg-tied ad agency in campaign: report | TheHill
59 Bloomberg's campaign spent over $180 million during his first month in the 2020 race
60 Bloomberg to fund sizable campaign effort through November even if he loses Democratic nomination
61 Biden won't tap Bloomberg agency Hawkfish for campaign
62 Paul Conolly, Author at
63 Bloomberg Gets Lukewarm Response From Democrats for Role in Campaign
64 Bloomberg Campaign Online Staff Hires Media Executives
65 Recipe for chaos: 2020 election threatens to snap a US already pushed to the limit
66 2020 race: Fasten your seatbelts folks, we’re in for a bumpy US election night
67 Meet the Hawaiian long-nose hawk-≠≠fish
68 Fox Wants To Buy Tubi; A Look At Mike Bloomberg's Digital Agency
69 Bloomberg’s Organization Is Like No Other in Politics
70 Michael Bloomberg Spent More Than $900 Million on His Failed Presidential Run
71 Mike Bloomberg’s team asked hundreds of tech leaders for help to staff his campaign
72 As Bloomberg Faces Criticism From Women, His Campaign Relies On Male-Led Consulting Companies
73 Mike Bloomberg pledges $60 million to help House Democrats
74 Bloomberg’s ‘100-Day Wild Ride’ Was a Campaign Like No Other
75 Michael Bloomberg expands influence network within Democratic party
76 Michael Bloomberg's messages go direct to voters | World
77 The Legal Fight Awaiting Us After the Election
78 Mike Bloomberg plans new group to support Democratic nominee
79 Bloomberg campaign says it is 'gaining ground' on Trump's formidable digital operation
80 Michael Bloomberg's Masterplan To Stop Donald Trump
81 Ingraham: Billionaires and Bolsheviks for Biden
82 Mike Bloomberg plots spending blitz to support Joe Biden's run for president
83 The Billionaire’s Guide to Campaign Staffing
84 Mike Bloomberg's pitches a gun-control message ... in Texas
85 Biden Will Fund-Raise With D.N.C. and His Appointee Will Lead the Committee
86 LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman built a big-money machine to oust Trump. So why do some Democrats hate him?
87 ‘He Stiffed Our Party’: Bloomberg Doubts Resurface as He Speaks at D.N.C.
88 Biden's campaign rushes to blunt Trump's digital advantage
89 House Democrats dominate the cash on hand battle
90 Donald Trump booed while paying respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg
91 Inside Mike Bloomberg’s Plan to Drive Trump Insane
92 Democrats Lag Behind GOP in Data Race, Despite Making Progress
93 Democrats fume over having to clean up Bloomberg's mess
94 COVID-19 coronavirus make technology vital to presidential campaigns
95 Report: Mike Bloomberg's Campaign Quietly Pouring Millions Into a Tech Firm He Founded This Year
96 Bloomberg’s Massive Super Tuesday Spending Doesn’t Pay Dividends
97 Bloomberg aides cut loose despite yearlong employment promise
98 Here's what you need to know in advertising and media this week
99 Mike Bloomberg to speak at DNC as Democrats wonder whether he will spend big for Biden
100 Bloomberg Campaign To El Bloombito Parody Account: Make Me Look Cool...Por Favor