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1 VIDEO: Plenary talk highlights 'deep lack of diversity' in neurology, offers solutions
2 Recurring symptoms in reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome impact readmissions
3 Stroke clinical trials under enroll women, due in part to upper age limits
4 Risk for permanent disability decreases in pediatric-onset MS as treatments improve
5 Diagnosis of MS before, after pregnancy increases risk for depression, anxiety
6 Neurological symptoms with COVID-19 serve as 'important predictor' of poor outcomes
7 Q&A: Functional neurological disorder is real, but not caused by 'toxic vaccine effects'
8 Efficacy of galantamine for Alzheimer's disease leads April coverage
9 Delayed care after ischemic stroke results in 'substantial losses in years of healthy life'
10 Intracerebral hemorrhage increases risk for ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction
11 VIDEO: Session on COVID-19 long-haulers raises 'questions more than answers'
12 Q&A: 'Time to get to work' on disparities in health care after decades of similar research
13 Half of kids with MIS-C experience neurological symptoms
14 Q&A: Sublingual apomorphine more effective than levodopa for Parkinson's off episodes
15 Q&A: Extended-release sodium oxybate improves sleep continuity, quality in narcolepsy
16 Mediterranean diet improves cognition, protects against proteins linked to AD
17 Speaker: 'More work' needed to identify cause of neurological symptoms in COVID-19
18 Q&A: Evobrutinib reduces blood neurofilament light levels in patients with MS
19 Antiepileptic drugs taken during pregnancy do not impact cognitive outcomes in children
20 Stroke occurs infrequently in large cohort study of patients hospitalized with COVID-19
21 Rituximab's modulating effects on retinal atrophy in RRMS more significant after 12 months
22 Dementia risk increases with poorer kidney function, faster decline of kidney function
23 Q&A: Identify CP earlier, within 6 months after birth, for greatest therapeutic benefit
24 VIDEO: Retained physical function in patients with ALS taking AMX0035 spurs 'excitement'
25 Short-term outcomes for stroke reperfusion similar in patients with, without cancer
26 VIDEO: Phase 3 trial of atogepant 'very good news' for patients with migraine
27 Minority groups experience disproportionate stroke burden
28 Cerebral small vessel disease implicated in greater ICH recurrence risk among minorities
29 SARS-CoV-2 reinfection milder than primary infection in US study
30 VIDEO: Plenary talk reviews immunology of COVID-19, available vaccines
31 Tolebrutinib treatment shows 'dose-dependent reduction' in certain RMS-related lesions
32 Risk score predicts critical care needs in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage
33 Black patients with MS, NMOSD experience faster return of B cells after anti-CD20 therapy
34 Patients in neighborhoods with lower socioeconomic status experience worse stroke outcomes
35 COMET trial supports avalglucosidase alfa as 'new standard' for late-onset Pompe disease
36 Preliminary data show survival benefit of morning temozolomide for glioblastoma
37 Physical activity slows cognitive decline in APOE e 4 carriers with Parkinson's disease
38 RELIEF study: Vyepti improves migraine pain, provides symptom relief faster than placebo
39 Treatment for ischemic stroke differs by race, ethnicity, health insurance status
40 Highly refractory status epilepticus associated with worse outcomes, high hospital costs
41 Patient-reported outcome measures assess quality of life in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
42 Q&A: PCPs 'play critical role' in preserving patients' brain health
43 Racial disparities present in MS treatment, disability severity
44 Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey appoints neuro-oncology program director
45 This Week's Headlines: April 26, 2021
46 Among stroke survivors who smoke, e-cigarette users more likely to quit
47 Lower dose of sodium oxybate safe, efficacious for narcolepsy with cataplexy
48 Xcopri significantly reduces seizure burden in post hoc analysis of phase 3 trial
49 Dual sensory impairment increases risk for dementia, cognitive decline in elderly patients
50 Living in highly disadvantaged areas increases brain degeneration, cognitive decline
51 BLOG: Harness the diagnostic power of the pupil
52 Nine stories for Lyme Disease Awareness Month
53 Chart review finds 'significant differences' in migraine management by race, sex
54 Insertable cardiac monitor improves detection of AF in recent ischemic stroke
55 FDA grants marketing authorization for stroke rehabilitation device
56 Treating obstructive sleep apnea may lower risk for dementia
57 Top in hem/onc: CAR-T for diffuse midline gliomas, new endometrial cancer therapy
58 Early intervention key to curb COVID-related inflammatory disease among children
59 Occult brain metastases found in about 4% of patients with advanced kidney cancer
60 Women experience persistent symptoms, longer recovery after TBI compared with men
61 Mental Health Awareness Month: COVID-19 psychiatric morbidity, CBD product and more
62 Migraine tied to increased risk for hypertension in menopausal women
63 Novel CAR-T shows 'promising early signs of clinical efficacy' for diffuse midline gliomas
64 Top neurology stories of 2020
65 Healio Neurology prepares for ANA2020, first-ever virtual ANA Annual Meeting
66 Oncolytic therapy using modified herpesvirus shows promise for pediatric high-grade glioma
67 Q&A: Rare Disease Day highlights progress, unmet needs in neurology
68 Q&A: Sleep disorders occur frequently in neurological disorders, but often go unrecognized
69 Most common neurologic symptoms in COVID-19 'long-haulers' include 'brain fog,' headache
70 Q&A: Early diagnosis critical in treating encephalitis due to COVID-19, other causes
71 Top stories from ACTRIMS: Awareness of COVID-19, inflammation's impact on treatment
72 NIH launches database to track neurological symptoms associated with COVID-19
73 Q&A: MS Awareness Month highlights progress, ability to adapt during COVID-19 pandemic
74 Stroke survivors at increased risk for depression vs. those with myocardial infarction
75 Biomarker research, cannabis use tops March neurology coverage
76 Q&A: Neurological symptoms of COVID-19 remain an 'evolving story'
77 Caution 'warranted' in treatment decisions for co-morbid TBI, disorder of consciousness
78 Encephalopathy, other neurologic manifestations occur frequently in COVID-19
79 Toxic metabolic encephalopathy occurs in 12% of patients with COVID-19 in large study
80 Children, adolescents with COVID-19 experience wide range of neurologic involvement
81 Q&A: Controlling inflammation 'might be key' in neurological complications of COVID-19
82 1 in 5 patients travel long distances to see a neurologist
83 Spike proteins provide 'plausible explanation' for neurological complications of COVID-19
84 Neurological manifestations in patients with COVID-19 confer increased risk for mortality
85 Q&A: First-ever World Coma Day aims to raise awareness, engage caregivers in research
86 Lower baseline retinal thickness in patients with MS correlates with long-term disability
87 Q&A: Balance tool improves neurorehabilitation evaluation in COVID-19, other illnesses
88 Intensive arm rehabilitation after stroke improves functional outcomes
89 Parkinson's disease news tops February coverage
90 'Forward-thinking symposium' highlights use of digital technologies in neurology
91 Q&A: Epilepsy in children negatively affects sleep duration, quality
92 Neurobehavioral phenotypes may identify individuals with TBI at risk for poor outcomes
93 MRI serves as 'useful addition' in clinical evaluation of suspected stroke
94 Brain age serves as sensitive marker for information processing speed in MS
95 Migraine phenotype in post-traumatic headache correlates with worse outcomes
96 Head injury increases risk for dementia, with differences according to sex, race
97 Sleep disorders occur frequently, in multiple brain networks, with autoimmune encephalitis
98 Q&A: Researchers identify concussion biomarkers in saliva
99 White matter hyperintensities increase long-term risk for ischemic stroke, death
100 Multi-year study shows galantamine slows progression of Alzheimer's dementia