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Result Content Idea Research
1 Disguised Toast Net Worth, Bio, Rise to fame & more
2 NBCLX Adds Esports to Programming Lineup
3 The intricacies of a full-time career in streaming
4 Homing's In: arts, nightlife, community events Nov 27-Dec 6
5 Activision Blizzard announce multi-year YouTube streaming partnership with Google
6 Hearthstone’s Scholomance expansion has a release date
7 Hearthstone expansion 2020: New Class, card announcements and Demon Hunter
8 How to watch Hearthstone Masters Tour Online: Madrid
9 How to watch the conclusion of Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020 season 2
10 Lord Barov revealed for Hearthstone's Scholomance Academy expansion
11 Report: Activation Blizzard-YouTube deal worth $160M
12 Activision Blizzard Names YouTube Exclusive Esports Streaming Partner
13 Card back from Blizzard artist livestream joins Hearthstone this month
14 Brian Kibler Conquers 'Magic' and 'Hearthstone'
15 For (at least) the second time, Dog's APM broke Hearthstone
16 Madness at the Darkmoon Faire confirmed as the next Hearthstone expansion, includes system update, Duels game mode
17 New Legendary, Soulciologist Malicia, and 5 more Warlock cards revealed for Hearthstone's Scholomance Academy
18 Blizzard's 2020 Hearthstone World Championship will begin in December
19 How to watch Hearthstone Gold Club World Cup
20 Hearthstone patch notes confirm these big Battlegrounds updates
21 Headmaster Kel'thuzad revealed for Hearthstone's Scholomance Academy
22 Hearthstone World Championship 2020 will begin December 12
23 Hearthstone will livestream miniseries showcasing the creation of in-game card backs
24 YouTube Gaming's Most-Watched Videos Are Dominated by Scams and Cheats
25 Hearthstone team announces upcoming event featuring new game mode, expansion, systems
26 Four new heroes, 16 minions added to Hearthstone Battlegrounds for Masquerade Ball event
27 How To Watch The Hearthstone Masters Tour Los Angeles
28 Blizzard to host $200000 Battlegrounds Brawl Invitational for Hearthstone
29 Hearthstone: DisguisedToast: the Youtube thumbnail 'sensationalist'
30 Hearthstone's next expansion is set in classic World of Warcraft dungeon Scholomance
31 Top 5 Among Us Streamers to watch in 2020
32 Demon Hunter and Warlock card Felosophy revealed for Hearthstone's Scholomance Academy
33 Activision Blizzard, Google Ink Deal Making YouTube Exclusive Home for Live Esports
34 Suspended Hearthstone Player Blitzchung Doesn't Regret Speaking Out About Hong Kong
35 Hearthstone Grandmasters' second season kicks off coming Friday
36 Blizzard's Drew Higbee discusses the growth of Hearthstone Esports
37 Scout's YouTube channel has been hacked
38 Hearthstone Battlegrounds announces 3 new heroes, parties of 8 coming Tuesday
39 Twitch emote meanings: a dictionary of small internet pictures
40 How three pro-Hong Kong gamers protested their way into an international storm
41 Over 300000 viewers watched Dr Disrespect's YouTube test stream
42 The FTC’s 2020 COPPA rules have YouTube creators scared
43 What Activision Blizzard's YouTube-Exclusivity Means for Esports
44 Twitch reckons with sexual assault as it begins permanently suspending streamers
45 DisguisedToast, a top Twitch streamer, is moving to Facebook Gaming
46 Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020 season 2 concludes with 3 competitors heading to the World Championship
47 YouTube TV Scores NFL Carriage, Launches New ‘Sports Plus’ Add-On
48 Main storylines heading into first season of Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020
49 Hearthstone Masters Tour Los Angeles will now take place online
50 Pokimane signs multiyear deal to stay on Twitch
51 Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020 Season 2 Starts This Friday
52 Another villian revealed for new Hearthstone expansion
53 Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list for new players
54 Blizzard releases new Dragon Masters Bundle to crowdfund for Hearthstone's 2020 Masters Tour prize pool
55 LGR’s Clint Basinger plumbs the depths of retro computing—and his YouTube comments
56 Hearthstone Masters Tour Indonesia moves to Los Angeles due to coronavirus
57 YouTube to live stream Activision Blizzard esports tournaments
58 Hearthstone releasing series of trailers for new content
59 Hearthstone Scholomance release date, launch time and Battlegrounds news
60 Overwatch League opening weekend on YouTube fails to match Twitch viewership from 2019
61 Hearthstone Battlegrounds update: Patch notes and Scholomance Academy news
62 The mass Twitch exodus: Why streamers are leaving
63 FC Barçelona esports signs Hearthstone player Zhym
64 YouTube reverses copyright strike against Markiplier, Cr1TiKaL
65 YouTube-Activision Blizzard deal valued at US$160 million by report
66 Hearthstone Patch 17.2 adds three new Heroes and one new minion to Battlegrounds
67 Hearthstone developers share how they created the Demon Hunter class
68 Hearthstone: how a game developer turned 30m people into card geeks
69 HEARTHSTONE Gears Up for Fun Updates This Month — GeekTyrant
70 Hearthstone's 17.6 patch sees nerfs to eight more cards
71 Activision Blizzard Q2 2020 revenue grows 38%, reaches $1.9 billion
72 12 Hearthstone cards receive balance changes in new patch
73 DJs Alok and KSHMR to host online concert on Free Fire's YouTube channel
74 The Best Channels to Watch Overwatch League Highlights
75 New Hearthstone "The Villainous Nine" music video has been fiercely downvoted
76 How one company orchestrated a talent war between Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube
77 How to Watch Overwatch League’s Opening Weekend
78 5 decks to try on day one of Hearthstone's new expansion, Descent of Dragons
79 Blast off with Scott Manley as he discusses his top 1,000 YouTube comments
80 League of Legends: Faker's Youtube channel hits 1 million subscribers
81 Facebook Gaming Steals Disguised Toast From Major Rival Platform, Ups Its Live Streaming Efforts
82 Hearthstone Battlegrounds UPDATE: Patch Notes and Demon Hunter Class reveal
83 Gaming : Famous streamer gets banned from Twitch for the third time in 2020
84 Hearthstone Demon Hunter release date, Prologue time and Battlegrounds latest
85 PewDiePie signs exclusive streaming contract with YouTube
86 Blizzard is banning people in its Hearthstone Twitch chat for spamming pro-Hong Kong statements
87 Faker hits one million subscribers on YouTube
88 Rdu: casters imply "the better player always wins in Hearthstone, which is far from the truth"
89 Frenetic Wins The Hearthstone Masters Tour Online: Montreal
90 Does Hearthstone have an identity crisis?
91 Hearthstone Battlegrounds update: Patch notes confirm Holy Mackerel, Felfire Festival news
92 Jaina and Dr. Boom battle in a new Hearthstone animated short
93 Hearthstone directors Ben Lee and Nathan Lyons-Smith talk Year of the Phoenix
94 Overwatch 2020 ACE Championship to Showcase Asia's Brightest Esports Talents
95 Hearthstone update: Battlegrounds patch notes and Free Deck news
96 Linus from Linus Tech Tips looks back on YouTube comments and Internet fame
97 Legally Speaking : A Conversation with Richard Hoeg, the Internet's Favorite Attorney
98 DoA on returning to Hearthstone casting: 'I was in cram school'
99 Hearthstone Patch Notes: Galakrond's Awakening update expands Battlegrounds Mode
100 Hearthstone Battlegrounds update: Patch Notes confirm Dragons invasion