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1 German divers hand over Enigma encryption machine in Baltic
2 To the editor: Why keep a great plan secret, Mr. Biden?
3 WWII’s Last Legion: Standing up to Hate
4 Prosecutors: Men in gun conspiracy had white supremacy ties
5 Welcome to the COVID culture wars. Why are we fighting about masks? | Mike Kelly
6 Complaint filed after nurse shouts "Heil Hitler" at Mobile City Council meeting
7 Complaint filed after nurse yells 'Heil Hitler' at Alabama city council meeting on masks
8 A's coach Ryan Christenson says apparent Nazi salute was unintentional
9 The long-lost Hitler sitcom that caused outrage
10 Royal Oak church leader: N-word, 'Heil Hitler' disrupted Sunday service
11 PressProgress
12 A’s bench coach apologizes after displaying ‘unintentional’ Nazi salute
13 German army investigates soldiers over 'Heil Hitler'
14 Reaction swift to photo featuring W.Va. correctional officer giving Nazi salute
15 Chinese tourists learn that the Nazi salute remains a serious matter in Germany
16 Merkel ally under police protection after 'Heil Hitler' death threat
17 Man apologizes for yelling 'Heil Hitler, heil Trump' at 'Fiddler on the Roof' performance in Baltimore
18 Letter: A warning from my past
19 Mark Canha believes Ryan Christenson's Nazi salute was 'unintentional'
20 On the Way to Auschwitz, I Found ‘Heil Hitler’ Signs for Sale
21 Hunters season 1 binge-watch recap: Episodes 1-10
22 Video Resurfaces Featuring Images Of Hitler And Local GOP Party Chair Tony Krvaric
23 Hitler shot himself 75 years ago, ending an era of war, genocide and destruction
24 Yelling ‘Heil Trump!’ during ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ seemed like a good idea while drunk, man says
25 Video shows California high school water polo athletes singing Nazi march song while giving ‘Heil Hitler’ salute
26 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm' Highlights Humanity In A Country Sickened By Plague And Politics
27 The Chop: Sky pulls TV woodwork show over contestant's tattoos
28 Double Life: A Jewish Boy In The Hitler Youth
29 Official apologizes after Hitler remark over mask mandate
30 When Hitler Realised the End of the War Was Upon Him
31 Chemnitz protester convicted over Hitler salute
32 Texas students salute Trump, yell 'Heil, Hitler!' during senior photos
33 When Dhyan Chand and India’s Olympians Refused to Salute Hitler
34 Maryland delegate says driver yelled 'Heil Hitler' at her while campaigning
35 NC House candidate is under fire for posts some call sympathetic to white nationalists
36 Commentary: Trump takes tactics from Hitler’s playbook
37 West Virginia Will Fire Corrections Cadets for Doing Nazi Salute
38 ‘Hail Trump’ salute recalls a powerful message of hate
39 'I was 90% dead': Henri's story of surviving Auschwitz
40 Chinese tourists arrested after giving ‘Heil Hitler’ salutes in Germany
41 Merkel condemns 'disgusting' message of hate toward refugees
42 'Jojo Rabbit' is a heavy-handed but moving satire of Nazism
43 Who are the Proud Boys? Trump's debate callout bolsters far-right group
44 Donald Trump Doll Gives ‘Heil Hitler' Salute at Oakland Protest
45 Germany's confusing rules on swastikas and Nazi symbols
46 Drunk U.S. tourist punched after giving ‘Heil Hitler’ salutes in Germany
47 Man accused of vandalizing Mandeville synagogue with Nazi sentiments arrested
48 German police called after store sells 'Nazi beer' | DW | 25.01.2020
49 For weeks he trained a dog to do a Nazi salute. The man was just convicted of a hate crime.
50 Amazon Confronts Criticism Over ‘Hunters’ and Sale of Nazi Propaganda
51 What if Hitler was your imaginary friend?
52 Tragic tale of the German who wouldn't salute Hitler
53 Black Lives Matter protesters say they were attacked. Boise police investigate, speak out
54 City removes graffiti associated with white supremacy
55 Makers of ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Game Remove Racist Cards
56 A Teacher Made a Hitler Joke in the Classroom. It Tore the School Apart. (Published 2018)
57 'Sieg Heil' Hitler wine label sparks new Nazi row in Italy
58 Stay-At-Home Protests Draw Extremists Groups, Anti-Hate Group Says
59 Man fined for hate crime after filming pug's 'Nazi salutes'
60 Who got America to the moon? An unlikely collaboration of Jewish and former Nazi scientists and engineers
61 Bullets, Blood and Then Cry of ‘Heil Hitler’
62 Trump's Sinister Appropriation of the Nazi Triangle Camp Badge
63 Rare pictures of Hitler emerge from glass photo negatives, like parts of a puzzle
64 'Nazi-chic': Why dressing up in Nazi uniforms isn't as controversial in Asia
65 Cypress Ranch High School students in hot water after Hitler pose in senior pictures
66 Swastikas, 'Heil Hitler' found at Highland Park school after students read 'The Diary of Anne Frank'
67 Trump responds to Hitler comparison
68 Review: Love's at the heart of Taika Waititi's brilliant Nazi-mocking satire 'Jojo Rabbit'
69 'A Hidden Life': The tale of an Austrian who refused to serve Hitler
70 Dana Milbank: Trump blew it — not the WHO, Fauci or the Jews
71 FILM REVIEW: 'A Hidden Life' returns Terrence Malick to straightforward filmmaking
72 German army investigates soldiers over Nazi salutes
73 Queen Nazi salute film: Palace 'disappointed' at use
74 Swastika, 'Heil Hitler' found in forestry building on anniversary of Kristallnacht
75 Iowa State students protest anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi slogans
76 The peculiar history of the Pledge of Allegiance
77 'Someone shouted Heil Hitler at me'
78 Austrian party suspends member over Nazi salute claim
79 German gig shut down by police after crowd chants Nazi slogan 'sieg heil'
80 Unrepentant White Supremacist Gets 2 Years for Hate Vandalism in Virginia
81 Neo-Nazi gang members charged with murder, racketeering in Alaska
82 The History Behind 'Jojo Rabbit' and What It Was Really Like to Be in the Hitler Youth
83 Why experts say students keep doing the Nazi salute in social media photos
84 Restaurant apologizes for 'inadvertently' hosting alt-right event
85 When a ‘little Lutheran lady’ stood tall on Kristallnacht
86 When the Nazis were welcome in the Canary Islands
87 Growing up brutalized in Hitler's Germany, Walcott woman says 'my life began here'
88 Ernst Zündel, Holocaust Denier Tried for Spreading His Message, Dies at 78
89 When Do We Call It “Terrorism”? Remembering All-Star Pitcher Roy Halladay
90 Nazi salute and 'Heil Hitler' on a Melbourne street
91 A Nazi salute and 'heil Hitler'
92 Review: Raúl Esparza Becomes a Very Familiar Fascist in ‘Arturo Ui’
93 Jewish Man Confronted With Hitler Salutes While Walking in Australian City of Melbourne
94 Trump convoy participant yells ‘Heil Hitler’ and gives Nazi salute in Hillsborough
95 Nuremberg, 75 Years After
96 Dutch anti-coronavirus restriction protesters shout 'Heil Hitler'
97 ‘Heil Hitler’ salute at Swinburne
98 A white supremacist unfurled a giant Nazi flag and yelled 'Heil Hitler' at a Bernie Sanders rally
99 In 1939, Claudio Arrau signed off with 'Heil Hitler' – Slipped Disc
100 Liberalism, Class and the Politics of Austerity