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1 Republicans abandoned Jewish students. The media blamed the Democrats.
2 Let's talk about Hen Mazzig and his troubling history
3 Opinion | Here's Why We Protested Hen Mazzig At Vassar
4 How Jewish Twitter users and celebrities took down a virtual anti-Semitic mob
5 LGBTQ+ Activist Shares His Story with University Community
6 The real reason that Mizrahi Jews support Israel
7 Pro-Israel activist Hen Mazzig booed at Vassar College
8 US, UN, UK, German officials hear anti-Semitism incidents, call for adoption of definition
9 Israel's UN Ambassador Gave Israel Lobby Groups $7-Million to Fight BDS, Violating Federal Law
10 The real reason Mizrahi Jews support Israel
11 Hen Mazzig: Commentary: A false narrative of race in Israel
12 Hen Mazzig
13 #JewishPrivilege trends on Twitter as activist fights back against antisemites
14 Hen Mazzig: Gay, Progressive, Israeli Activist
15 Did This Pro-Israel Superstar Work As A Secret Agent On College Campuses?
16 What is ‘Jewish Privilege?’ It’s complicated.
17 No, Israel isn’t a country of privileged and powerful white Europeans
18 Meet Hen Mazzig, Israel's "guru" of grotesque behavior
19 The Damage Done by Shouting Down Ideas
20 Conflict flares over protest, speaker as statements surface
21 SJP Protesters Chant 'From the River to the Sea Palestine Will Be Free' During Hen Mazzig's Speech at Vassar College
22 Jesus was not a Palestinian
23 Students Against Israeli Apartheid protest Hen Mazzig talk
24 Hen Mazzig: 'Why I defend Israel' | World News
25 When Jews Attack Black Lives Matter, It Only Fuels Anti-Semitism
26 Celebrities share anti-Semitic experiences after hashtag stirs Twitter storm
27 Vulnerable Jewish communities are suffering through this crisis. We must not forget them when it's over.
28 Author: Hen Mazzig
29 Vassar’s education on anti-Semitism
30 My Grandparents Were Victimized by Nazis. Why Am I Afraid to Call Myself the Grandson of a Survivor?
31 Wisconsin Synagogue Vandalized With 'Free Palestine' Graffiti During Protests
32 How everyday people can help Israel and support peace in the Middle East
33 Jewish students angry over being denied access to Hen Mazzig talk at UCL
34 Mizrahi-washing: The new face of Israeli propaganda
35 What The Left
36 The D.C. Dyke March barred the Jewish pride flag. This LGBTQ space no longer feels safe.
37 Dua Lipa criticised for sharing post claiming Israeli government are 'fake' Jews
38 SJP disruption reignites bitter campus debate over Israel
39 Attacking Israeli Food? Your Racism Is Showing
40 Hen Mazzig on the UCL protest: "They were shouting 'intifada'
41 Meet Hen Mazzig: the gay Israeli activist challenging bigotry from the Left and Right
42 LGBTQ Israelis are still fighting for equal rights.
43 Why does Holocaust Remembrance Day ignore Middle Eastern Jews?
44 OPINION – Hen Mazzig: Universities must celebrate rather than silence debate
45 Sarsour Organization Promoted Juneteenth Rally as Open to Everyone 'Minus Cops and Zionists'
46 The nakbas
47 'Farhud' Massacre of Iraqi Jews Remembered, 79 Years Later
48 Pro-Palestinian student group shouts down openly gay Israeli activist, calls him 'fascist'
49 Singer Dua Lipa Shares Instagram Post Calling the Israeli Gov't Fake Jews
50 Mizrahi Jewish spies built Israel, their descendants meet racism there
51 New age for Israeli-American relationship with Gilad Erdan
52 Professor Reflects on Fighting Antisemitism and Fostering the Soul of Academia
53 Don’t silence Middle Eastern and North African Jews
54 Sarsour and Duke, Kindred Spirits of the Worst Kind – InsideSources
55 The How Two Live sisters discuss their Jewish identity and why they chose not to disclose it to their followers
56 Open letter to Natalie Portman from an Israeli progressive
57 Jews Always Are Scapegoated for Pandemics. Are We Safe Today?
58 Q & A with Gabi Kirk
59 What Is a Jew of Color?
60 Opinion – Hen Mazzig: UCL protest resembled a scene from a horror film
61 Senior Rabbi Rebukes Junior Rabbi's Viral Tweet Claiming Jews Aren't Indigenous to
62 How did November become the Mizrahi Heritage Month? And what's Mizrahi anyhow?
63 'Shtetlizing’ our students
64 Openly gay Israeli Defense commander visits UF while on tour
65 Sarsour Group Says 'No Zionists' at Civil Rights Rally
66 Freedom 101: Slowly but surely, New York universities are learning how to deal with students who disrupt speech
67 Hundreds of Israelis Protest in Solidarity at US Embassy in Tel Aviv
68 Police called to UCL over 'violent' anti-Israel protest which left Jewish students barricaded in room
69 Visions for the post-pandemic Jewish world: Imagining a better future
70 Rashida Tlaib slammed online for T-shirt that erases Israel from the map
71 PA Liberal Arts College Reaffirms Anti-BDS Stance
72 Knesset makes effort to confront anti-Israel, anti-Jewish posts, hate speech online
73 NYT Criticized for Tweeting That Israeli Defense Ministry Pioneers 'Ways to Kill People and Blow Things Up'
74 Opinion: Israel as the Only Jewish Homeland | Selina Nevills
75 Campus Farhud
76 NowThis Removes Video Clip of Student Saying Anne Frank 'Didn't Die In a Concentration Camp'
77 Israel has always been a haven for nonwhite Jews
78 Stephen Jackson Apologizes for Defending DeSean Jackson's Posts: 'I Could Have Changed My Words'
79 White Supremacists Stole My Rabbi Husband’s Identity
80 As campus anti-Semitism morphs, bullied Jewish students counter-organize
81 Unreported in the Media: Ancient Jewish Community Being Persecuted
82 I’m A Gay Jew Of Color Who Supports Israel. The Left Hates Me
83 Free speech for me, not for thee: The real problem with debate on college campuses
84 Israeli ex-soldier's freedom of speech breached by pro-Palestinian student protest, university investigation finds
85 Young Jews Call For Zionist Organization of America President to Be Censured for Racism
86 Activist Discusses Indigenous Culture, Embracing Identity with University Community
87 Muslim fundraisers falsely accused of not handing over money to Jewish victims of Pittsburgh shooting
88 White supremacy and Zionism converge in deleted Times of Israel post on Ferguson
89 Tapper Pushes Back After Tlaib Accuses Him of Comparing Palestinians to White Nationalists
90 Ilhan Omar Says She Supports BDS But Not Iran Sanctions Because BDS 'Is Driven by the People'
91 The stories you cared about most this year, based on your clicks
92 Gay Israel Activist Rips LGBT Student Group After It Pulls Support for His Event to Show 'Solidarity' With Palestinians
93 An Israeli leftist to J Street: Stop! | Hen Mazzig | The Blogs
94 Demi Lovato Apologizes to Fans for Visiting Israel
95 Pro-Palestine students shout down openly gay Israeli vet
96 LGBTQ Israelis are still fighting for equal rights. Anti-Israel activists are trying to erase us.
97 University accused of not publicising talk by Israeli speaker
98 What To Do About The Increasingly Vicious Anti-Jew Campus Protests
99 Letter to the Editor: President Bradley releases additional statement on SJP protest
100 Jewish Students Must Stop ‘Debating’ The Hate Against Them And Start Fighting It