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1 Herd immunity for COVID-19
2 When will the world reach ‘herd immunity'? Citi economists weigh in
3 How many Vermonters will need to get vaccinated for herd immunity?
4 Indiana University study reveals the deadly risk of planning on herd immunity
5 Herd opens season with win over Red Wolves
6 Suddenly, Swedes are ‘very worried’ that the ‘herd immunity’ strategy is no match for COVID
7 Scientists: This percentage of people will need to be vaccinated for herd immunity
8 The Herd: New hires, promotions & departures for 11.24.20
9 Herd immunity by May?
10 Herd immunity?
11 Indiana far from 'herd immunity' | News |
12 Sweden Sees No Signs So Far Herd Immunity Is Stopping Virus
13 Herd immunity will happen quickly with widely-available COVID-19 vaccine, medical expert says
14 Swedes Lose Faith in Covid-19 Strategy With Virus Rampant
15 Munson stands firm against herd immunity concept | Local News
16 COVID-19 lowers Sweden life expectancy, 'no signs' of herd immunity
17 Little evidence herd immunity stopping coronavirus spread in this country, official says
18 Analysis: Can first COVID-19 vaccines bring herd immunity? Experts have doubts
19 Is it 'Herd Mentality?' | Opinion
20 Former Shasta High School offensive lineman Kary Kutsch is head of the herd in Colorado
21 NYC still far from herd immunity, Mount Sinai data shows
22 Why experts say we need to stop talking about herd immunity
23 Herd immunity requires herd mentality | Letters to the Editor
24 News
25 Fauci says herd immunity possible "reasonably quickly" if enough Americans take vaccine
26 Herd immunity? India still has a long way to go, scientists say
27 The idea of herd immunity to manage the coronavirus should ring alarm bells
28 Coronavirus vaccines could speed up herd immunity, Fauci says. ‘Help is on the way’
29 Herd has local flavor with county trio of players
30 Have you herd (sic), immunity coming soon
31 A herd of gracious Thanksgiving guests | Outdoors |
32 Will This Surge In COVID Cases Generate Herd Immunity?
33 Herd‐immunity across intangible borders: Public policy responses to COVID‐19 in Ireland and the UK
34 Letting Covid-19 circulate in hope of herd immunity 'could make it more lethal'
35 Herd Immunity An Important Concept For Humans, Animals
36 Challenges in creating herd immunity to SARS-CoV-2 infection by mass vaccination
37 Understanding herd immunity and the vaccine
38 Would you let your mother die for herd immunity? | Letters
39 Is Florida a test case for coronavirus herd immunity? Experts warn it’s deadly
40 Operation Warp Speed projects 70% herd immunity, potential return to normalcy May 2021
41 Herd to play on 50th anniversary of crash
42 Epidemiologist Who Refused Lockdown: Herd Immunity Isn't Slowing COVID-19 in Sweden
43 Alabama vaccine director estimates timeline on herd immunity after Pfizer vaccine news
44 Trump has been publicly indicating his openness to a herd immunity strategy for months
45 Here's Why Herd Immunity Would Not Work to Treat the Coronavirus in Illinois
46 If we don’t vaccinate the world quickly, all our COVID efforts will be a waste
47 Coronavirus: Mayor accuses Florida Gov. DeSantis of pursuing herd immunity
48 Healthy herd
49 Frontline healthcare experts explain why ‘herd immunity’ is not a solution for COVID19
50 A fantasy castle for sale on Loch Lomond, with a Rennie Mackintosh library and a herd of Highland Cattle
51 Seeking Common Ground in 'Herd Immunity' Debate
52 Great Barrington Coauthor Backs Off Strict Reliance on Herd Immunity
53 Letter, 11/20: Herd immunity isn't worth it
54 Herd immunity or herd eugenics?
55 Miami Beach Mayor Accuses Governor of Chasing Herd Immunity
56 Herd immunity is not the answer | News |
57 Herd Track and Field Announces 2020-21 Newcomers
58 What’s Up Doc column: Do the math: ‘Herd immunity’ not an ethical option without a COVID vaccine
59 Fighting COVID-19 with herd immunity?
60 Arguments against herd immunity as a strategy against COVID-19
61 Herd Immunity or Herd Insolvency: Which Will Affect Gold More?
62 High-tech system at work on this Wisconsin farm
63 Marshall basketball: Backcourt strength featured in Herd's opener vs. Arkansas State
64 It's time to be real about herd immunity
65 Herd Hierarchy: Week 12
66 Herd football likely sitting out again this week
67 Lonely elephant to join herd in Cambodia
68 Could herd immunity explain Senegal's low COVID-19 cases?
69 Sweden's herd immunity hopes dashed by second coronavirus wave
70 'I finally got my wish': Sen. Groene, who wants herd immunity, catches coronavirus
71 Marshall basketball: D'Antoni proud of Williams' growth for Herd
72 Doctors reject 'herd immunity' strategy for coronavirus control
73 Marshall football: Changes could still happen to Herd schedule
74 Marshall football: Herd No. 21 in initial College Football Playoff rankings
75 Former CDC director: For COVID-19, attempt to build 'herd immunity' is a losing strategy
76 Coronavirus: G10 economies to reach herd immunity by the summer of 2021 – Deutsche Bank
77 Herd's season opener cancelled due to pandemic concerns
78 Health Matters: Why a vaccine is the only way to achieve herd immunity
79 Marshall basketball: Mixed emotions as Herd prepares for opener
80 Cow Fertility, Pregnancy Rate Important Economic Numbers
81 Infected again or endless COVID-19? How the 'reinfection phenomenon' could impact vaccines, herd immunity and human behavior
82 Herd DE Owen Porter's feel for '75' stems from home
83 Dairy herds and milk production growing
84 Marshall football: Wide receivers make big leap for Herd offense
85 Edgar Amaya talks about his decision to join the herd
86 Swedish surge in Covid cases dashes immunity hopes
87 Sighting of elephant herd near fringe villages sparks panic
88 Letter: Forget herd immunity, what we're doing is culling the herd
89 Mixed emotions for D'Antoni as Herd hoops enters game week
90 Pro Farmer's First Thing Today: Second COVID-19 Vaccine, China's Pig Herd and More
91 High-tech system provides insights for dairy farmers
92 D'Antoni seeks on-floor energy as Herd hoops season starts
93 Herd continues being heard | News, Sports, Jobs
94 The N'West Iowa REVIEW Herds Nov. 28, 2020
95 OPINION | WALLY HALL: Orgeron's herd-immunity theory falls flat
96 Auckland Zoo to rehome elephants after challenges in setting up herd
97 Marshall basketball: Herd opener vs. Coppin canceled
98 Finishing halves strong has keyed Herd success | Sports |
99 Herd hoops Friday game is off.....for now
100 Juliette Kayyem: Expect Widespread Immunity to COVID By Summer Of 2021