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1 How Historians Rate the Danger Trump Poses to Democracy
2 Local historians honor forgotten railroad workers
3 Historians want to honor convicts' contributions to WNC railroads
4 Historians, election experts warn Trump behaving like Mussolini
5 Keeping It Eel: How One Historian Is Using Twitter and Medieval Factoids to Help Endangered Animals
6 A historian takes on Trump’s view of American history
7 A new survey says white support for Black Lives Matter has slipped. Some historians say they’re not surprised
8 19th Amendment: Historians talk about lack of historical info on women
9 Historians: No, to removing Jefferson, Washington monuments. Yes, to contextualizing them.
10 How Historians Shape the Teaching of History
11 UC Davis Historians Receive National Parks Funding to Collect Women's Stories
12 Woodward: Historians examining the Trump era will ask 'What the F happened to America?' | TheHill
13 19th Amendment: Historians talk about lack of historical information on women
14 Five Minutes, Five Questions: Historian Guy Lancaster
15 The Covid-19 Chronicles: WI historians collect pandemic journals
16 Is 2020 the worst year ever? Springfield historians weigh in
17 For historical parallels to Trump, look to Mussolini: historian
18 State senator says Swastika name must go, but town historian says no
19 Barr has brought the D.O.J. closer to the White House than it has been in a half-century, historians say.
20 Remembering Stephen Cohen
21 EDITORIAL Use County Historian Position To Help Revive Post-COVID Economy
22 Where was Brookside Park? Century-old park and lake forgotten by Raleigh
23 Defining who is a historian – The Manila Times
24 Prince George receives shark tooth fossil as gift
25 Re-watching ‘The Civil War’ during the Breonna Taylor and George Floyd protests
26 Civil War historians, authors call for ‘good history’ to counter Confederate monument 'propaganda’
27 From the historian: Victor’s own Sears Roebuck catalog house
28 Educators must defend historian Joseph Scalice from Stalinist attacks
29 UC Davis historians to address women’s history
30 Stephen F. Cohen, Influential Historian of Russia, Dies at 81
31 Being older and bigger – as a civilisation
32 Historian keeps going virtually | News, Sports, Jobs
33 Harvard historian examines how textbooks taught white supremacy
34 Andy Ostmeyer: Lesson from a historian about our story
35 Historian sees past mistakes in racial relations repeated
36 Boston College Appoints New University Historian
37 Historian willing to go to jail for Nigerian teenager
38 We've lost another great historian, Ed Bearss dies at age 97
39 Stephen F. Cohen, historian of Soviet Union whose revisionist views influenced Gorbachev, dies at 81
40 Local historian shares story of Springwater Fire of 1902, its similarities to Riverside Fire
41 UIC historian earns inaugural national award for economic, social justice
42 Historian: I watched 'Mulan' so you don't have to
43 Revisionist history is an American political tradition
44 The Life of Lewis Namier and His Vanished Supremacy
45 Historian Jill Lepore tracks the rise of data science in US politics
46 'Our Malady': Historian Timothy Snyder On America's Health Care Problem
47 Marin Voice: From historian’s perspective, Sir Francis Drake a man to be admired
48 Ruth Bader Ginsburg will become the first woman to lie in state in the US Capitol. Here's who else made history
49 Local historian, judge react to Ginsberg's death
50 Historians urge Warwick Castle owners to put back 17th century painting of 'black servant'
51 Harvard historian exposes white supremacy in school textbooks | TheHill
52 Bill Emmott: Will ex-Japan PM Abe be judged as a survivor that drifted with the tides?
53 Historian Donovan Bowley to discuss: The History of Midcoast Mills
54 Germany's ex-royals want their riches back, but past ties to Hitler stand in the way
55 Column: Donald Trump flunks American history 101 — again
56 Country Musician & Historian Marty Stuart : Fresh Air
57 Historian predicts Trump downplaying pandemic will go down as 'the greatest dereliction of duty' in presidential history | TheHill
58 Rutgers Historian’s Work Featured in new MLK/FBI Documentary
59 Professor Jessica Krug admits she lied about being black: 'I cancel myself'
60 Glimpses From a Teacher Historian: Recall history when considering vacant seat
61 CLC welcomes historian to discuss upcoming election
62 Data Historian Market 2020 | What Is The Estimated Market Size In The Upcoming Years?
63 State historian to discuss witchcraft, Election Cake
64 Elkton historian explains naming of Stonewall Riverside Park
65 How radical historian's revisionism and lies led to 2020's unrest
66 Seattle Public Library gifted with artifacts from Seattle historian Paul Dorpat
67 Seymour Schwartz: surgeon, editor, cartographer, and historian
68 Historian Romila Thapar explores history of dissent in new book
69 September: Bristol History Commission | News and features
70 Jimmy Carter and a lifetime's response to race
71 New Mexico’s State Historian creates YouTube series
72 Cyber spy agency dumps military historian from writing its official history
73 'Anti-trans' Oxford historian Selina Todd heads equality programme
74 Ray Arsenault on retirement from USF: ‘I thought maybe this was a good time to go’
75 Vanderbilt historian says Kissinger’s legacy offers relevant lessons for today
76 Raleigh native serving in the US Navy becomes historian of USS Constitution, aka 'Old Ironsides,' the world's oldest commissioned warship
77 Historian outlines past violence linked to voting, analyzes Trump
78 Robin Lindley Talks with Historian Adam Domby about The False Cause
79 Cadence13, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Historian Jon Meacham, and HISTORY Expand Partnership with Documentary Podcast Franchise Featuring Some of the Most Important and Timeless Speeches in History
80 Trump Calls Howard Zinn's Work “Propaganda.” Hear the Legendary Historian in His Own Words.
81 Remembering David Mundstock, progressive political activist, historian of Berkeley electoral politics
82 Historian traces how we built a society obsessed with serial killers
83 Fighting the new culture wars: Mills College hires pioneering transgender historian and activist
84 Armenians destroying ancient Albanian monuments of Azerbaijan
85 India in the historical imagination
86 Meet Henry Osmers the 70-year-old Montauk Point Lighthouse historian
87 Historian and Journalist Jelani Cobb on New Frontline Documentary 'Policing the Police 2020'
88 Globe-trotting is a rich field of study for Monash historian
89 Listen: Author and Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin on Leadership in Turbulent Times
90 Forgotten film stirs sailor's memories of Mayflower II crossing in 1957
91 Stanley Crouch, Jazz Historian and Critic, Dead at 74
92 AHA Statement on the Recent "White House Conference on American History”
93 Historian Jelani Cobb On Race, Rights And The Challenge Of 'Policing The Police' In 2020
94 Data Historian – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2019-2028)
95 Local historian chronicles Rehoboth Church
96 President Trump Will Have 'Real Legacy in College Football,' U.S. Historian Says
97 Icons and Arrangements: How Courtrooms Talk About Themselves | Texas Lawyer
98 Hamburg historian ready to pass on secrets of his train museum exhibit's circuitry
99 Trump's 1776 education plan part of a decades-long, right-wing movement — but scarier
100 Data Historian Market 2019 Global Trends, Segments, Growth, Share, Emerging Audience, Segments, Industry Size, Profits And Regional Analysis To 2026