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2 Hitler and Trump: 2 megalomaniacs inside same bunker of defeat and disbelief
3 Rise of the Nazis | Politics | Episode 1
4 FG 42 Rifle: Hitler's Super Rifle the Allies Feared
5 Watch The Monstrous German Weapon That Created 'Fear Of God' In The Whole Of Europe
6 A Sobering Look at How Quickly Hitler Transformed Germany
7 Cher bizarrely accuses Trump of sleeping with copy of Mein Kampf and preaching from Hitler’s playbook
8 How Hitler Transformed a Democracy Into a Tyranny
9 This Is How It Happens
10 Hitler and the Holocaust
11 Why Hitler Secretly Met With a Japanese General During WWII
12 Did America Have a 'Good Relationship' with Hitler? What Joe Biden Got Right and Wrong About That History During the Debate
13 Nazi-Occupied Norway Offers a Glimpse of What Hitler Wanted for the Entire World
14 Adolf Hitler's speech cards on auction block in Germany
15 Trump: America's Hitler?
16 When Hitler Realised the End of the War Was Upon Him
17 My Grandmother Kept Telling Us About the Nazis. Now I Know Why.
18 Hitler's Building Plans for a World Under the Swastika
19 After World War II, Most ‘Ordinary Nazis’ Returned to Lives of Obscurity. The World Must Recover Their Stories Before It’s Too Late
20 29 Officers Suspected of Sharing Hitler Images Are Suspended in Germany
21 Linda Ronstadt sees 'great parallels' between Hitler's Germany and Trump's America
22 Fact check: Did Adolf Hitler defund the police in Nazi Germany?
23 How Did The Nazi Party Rise To Power In Germany In 1933? And What Were Hitler's Motivations?
24 Growing up brutalized in Hitler's Germany, Walcott woman says 'my life began here'
25 How Hitler Took the World Into War
26 Germany's ex-royals want their riches back, but past ties to Hitler stand in the way
27 Berlin's battle scars linger 75 years after Nazi defeat
28 Hitler's dogs, Göring's lions: How the Nazis used and abused animals
29 In the Second Volume of ‘Hitler,’ How a Dictator Invited His Own Downfall
30 The images that fought the Nazis
31 1930s Germany and 2020 USA: Should we fear the parallels?
32 ‘Hitler’s Northern Utopia’ juxtaposes an oppressor’s fantasy state with Norway’s reality under Nazi occupation
33 'Stop the Steal' March and Demonstration in Eureka – Redheaded Blackbelt
34 How Hitler found his blueprint for a German empire by looking to the American West
35 Double Life: A Jewish Boy In The Hitler Youth
36 May 8, 1945, was 'zero hour' for Germany in multiple ways
37 The Fuhrer’s latest biographer: Hitler was ‘blithely underestimated’
38 Hitler's Commando Order led to 300 secret agent and soldier deaths, SAS papers reveal
39 By understanding Hitler’s rise to power, we can avoid repeating history
40 Xi’s China is a Nazi Germany lookalike. It is also in a hurry
41 German car parts giant Continental confronts Nazi past
42 Lessons from IBM in Nazi Germany
43 QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded
44 Why Donald Trump isn't Hitler – he poses a new threat
45 GOP congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn on the defensive over social media post of visit to Hitler retreat
46 Civil Rights lawyer details how 1930s German rhetoric and dangerous policies are being used today
47 Why did women vote for Hitler? Long-forgotten essays hold some answers
48 Wife of Ohio state senator likens lockdown reopening plan to ‘Hitler’s Germany’
49 Austria unveils new design for Hitler's birthplace
50 Nazi history: Hitler's world views reexamined in biography
51 Evidence Reveals Hitler’s Hand In Mass Murder
52 Germans snitch on neighbours flouting virus rules, in echo of the Stasi past
53 As the Allies Closed in on Hitler, They Jockeyed for Future World Dominance
54 VERIFY: No, Hitler didn't call for defunding the police
55 'Hitler's alligator' that survived Battle of Berlin dies in Moscow
56 No, America is not succumbing to fascism
57 Germans Unnerved by Political Turmoil That Echoes Nazi Era
58 QAnon Conspiracy Theory Is Exactly What Fueled Nazi Germany, Genocide Scholar Says
59 Tintin cover that mocked Hitler’s Germany to go under hammer
60 Being black in Nazi Germany
61 Heinrich Himmler: How a fake stamp led to the Nazi SS leader's capture
62 The Secret British Campaign to Persuade the US to Enter WWII
63 Caught between Hitler's troops and Stalin's: How one family escaped
64 Hitler's Aborted Last Stand: WWII's Unexpected Ending
65 Hitler's Northern Utopia: Building the New Order in Occupied Norway
66 Germany's Nazi symbols, imperial statues on display in Berlin museum
67 Commentary: Trump takes tactics from Hitler’s playbook
68 When the RAF Buzzed Over Germany to Drown Out Nazi Broadcasts
69 Trump Hails “Good Bloodlines” of Henry Ford, Whose Anti-Semitism Inspired Hitler
70 When did Hitler start hating Jews? New evidence may change what we know
71 How Hitler Pioneered ‘Fake News’
72 One of the Most Daring WWII Air Raids Targeted Hitler's Critical 'Gas Station'
73 1918 flu pandemic boosted support for the Nazis, Fed study claims
74 The Invasion of Memory: Hitler's Attempt to Rewrite the History of World War I
75 Adolf Hitler
76 New York Fed Paper Finds Pandemic a Century Ago Fueled Nazi Rise
77 'I have had, in my life, whole squadrons of guardian angels looking after me. There's no other way.'
78 When Jim Crow Reigned Amid the Rubble of Nazi Germany
79 What happened in Hitler's Germany in 1930s happening in India now: Amarinder Singh on CAA
80 How Did Hitler Gain Power And Become German Chancellor?
81 Letter: Confederate statues are like Germany honoring Hitler
82 Adolf Hitler: How the Nazi dictator met his death 75 years ago and brought the Second World War to a close
83 German ambassador “can neither justify nor condemn” father who served Hitler in Berlin bunker
84 Hans Posse: The man who curated Hitler's stolen art
85 Hitler's Youth: How The Third Reich Used Children To Wage War
86 Singer Linda Ronstadt compares Trump's America to Hitler's Germany
87 Germany to honor anti-Nazi hero Sophie Scholl with coin
88 Battle of the Bulge: How American Grit Halted Hitler's Last-Ditch Strike
89 Russian President Vladimir Putin announces support for ban on comparing USSR with Hitler`s Germany
90 Beethoven as Nazi propaganda
91 Germany: 29 police officers suspended for sharing Hitler`s images
92 Surfing on Hitler's show grounds: new plan for Berlin's Olympic Park
93 Witness to tyranny: Barrington woman recalls life under Hitler, and after WWII ended 75 years ago
94 Hitler's Nightmare: Meet America's Spies In Nazi Germany
95 Cher wildly claims Donald Trump 'slept with' Hitler's Mein Kampf in latest rant
96 Germany transformed under Nazis in 100 days. Do we understand why?
97 Nazi diary reveals secret location of WWII treasure under a palace in Poland
98 Did a 1933 Article Report That Hitler Would Not 'Disrupt' Germany?
99 Berlin strips Hitler kingmaker Paul von Hindenburg of honorary citizenship
100 There Was a Spy Inside Hitler's SS. Here's What He Did to Stop the Nazis