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1 Where The Hobbit's Dwarves Are During Lord Of The Rings (Are Any Alive?)
2 Top 10 moments from CSGO’s tricksy Hobbit
3 ‘Poldark’ & ‘The Hobbit’ Star Aidan Turner Signs With ICM
4 Bucky Barnes is a big nerd for reading 'The Hobbit' in 1937
5 How Lord of the Rings' Sauron Became the Necromancer in The Hobbit
6 James Nesbitt reflects on 'mixed' Hobbit experience
7 The Hobbit: 10 Plot Holes That Aren't Actually Plot Holes
8 Identity of mysterious 'Hobbits' possibly found
9 Teacher suspended for showing The Hobbit, To Kill a Mockingbird in class
10 Valheim Player Recreates Lord of the Rings Hobbit Hole
11 Valheim Player Builds Bilbo's Hobbit House Using a Portal
12 Scientists discover true origins of `Hobbit` species that roamed Asia 50,000 years ago!
13 Bucky Barnes' 'The Hobbit' Line Proves He's The Biggest Nerd In The MCU
14 Marin's own 'Hobbit Cottage'
15 'Tuttles' cartoonist creates parody of 'The Hobbit' with 'The Turtle'
16 Hobbits (sort of) existed, and they might be related to us
17 ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’: Bucky Barnes Read 'The Hobbit' in 1937
18 Every Single The Lord Of The Rings Video Game, Officially Ranked
19 Rentable Hobbit house nestled in B.C.’s Southern Interior called ‘a labour of love’
20 Researchers may have found true origins of Hobbit species: Study
21 Hobbit-sized humans appear to have lived as recently as 50,000 years ago
22 All 4 Hobbits Will Finally Reunite in Dallas, Precious
23 Teacher In British Colombia Suspended After Showing Students The Hobbit
24 The long-lost Lord of the Rings adaptation from Soviet Russia is a glorious fever dream
25 Lord of the Rings Theory Suggests Gollum Killed Frodo's Parents
26 Edible Book Festival winners announced – The Daily Eastern News
27 You need to play the most controversial fantasy RPG on Xbox Game Pass ASAP
28 Gollum Is Lord of the Rings' Worst Character For A Game
29 Soviet-era 'Lord of the Rings' film a YouTube hit
30 House of the Week: Cabins to condominiums in Richmond
31 B.C. teacher disciplined for showing age-inappropriate movies to Grade 6, 7 students
32 River Hill freshmen Helen Yeung, Benjamin Siriboury sweep titles at Howard County golf championship tournament
33 Here's What's Leaving HBO Max in April 2021
34 Maine man creates popular treehouse retreat
35 The 10 Greatest Bromances In Lord Of The Rings | ScreenRant
36 A Soviet ‘Lord of the Rings’ Is Unearthed, Epic in Its Own Way
37 The Hobbit Trilogy: 5 Things It Got Right (& 5 Things It Got Completely Wrong)
38 Disney’s Unmade Hobbit Movie Explained | Screen Rant
39 Marquette University Is Looking for Oral Histories From J.R.R. Tolkien Fans
40 Will We Ever See The Hobbit 4?
41 The 10 Most Powerful Heroes From The Hobbit, Ranked | ScreenRant
42 Here's How You Can Watch Every Movie In The Hobbit Trilogy
43 The Hobbit: 10 Amusing Goofs & Mistakes That Made It Into The Desolation Of Smaug
44 Lord of the Rings: How Long After The Hobbit It's Set
45 Louise Carroll: A little bit of hobbits in all of us
46 The Hobbit: 10 Amusing Goofs & Mistakes That Made It Into The Battle Of The Five Armies
47 Middle-earth March Madness Semi Final | Lord of the Rings on Amazon Prime News, JRR Tolkien, The Hobbit and more |
48 The Hobbit That Might Have Been With Guillermo del Toro
49 The best order to watch Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies
50 The Hobbit: Main Characters Ranked By Intelligence | ScreenRant
51 The Serpent: Who Plays Celia Wilson?: How You Know Ruby Ashbourne Serkis
52 The Hobbit: 10 Unpopular Opinions (According To Reddit)
53 The Hobbit: 36 Things You Didn't Know About An Unexpected Journey
54 The Hobbit: 10 Amusing Goofs & Mistakes That Made It Into An Unexpected Journey
55 The Hobbit: 10 Best Supporting Characters, Ranked | ScreenRant
56 The Hobbit Films: 5 Characters Who Benefited from Jackson's Changes (& 5 Who Didn't)
57 "It is essential to introduce the franchise also to new fans"
58 From bricks and mortar to the digital age for this Nelson jeweller
59 10 Things You Didn't Know About Bilbo's Adventure In The Hobbit
60 The Hobbit Actor Blames Studio Interference for Trilogy's Poor Performance
61 Middle-earth March Madness Grand Final | Lord of the Rings on Amazon Prime News, JRR Tolkien, The Hobbit and more |
62 Stay Kentucky In This "Game Of Thrones" Themed Chamber
63 The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies are being released on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray
64 The Hobbit synopsis: Bilbo accompanies thirteen dwarves to reclaim the kingdom of Erebor
65 All Lord Of The Rings And Hobbit Movies, Ranked By Budget
66 LEGO The Hobbit Game: What Ever Happened To The Final DLC?
67 Sir Ian McKellen Broke Down Filming 'The Hobbit' Movies: 'I Cried'
68 We Need ‘Hobbit’ Movies That Are the Right Length
69 The Hobbit: 5 Actors Considered To Play Bilbo (& 5 For Other Roles)
70 10 Films To Watch If You Love The Hobbit Trilogy (Apart From Lord Of The Rings)
71 Every Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit Movies Ranked From Worst To Best, According To Metacritic
72 The Hobbit: 10 Best Gandalf Quotes | ScreenRant
73 Rankin & Bass' The Hobbit Predicted the Future of Pop Culture
74 The Hobbit: 10 Memorable Dwarf Quotes | ScreenRant
75 How Old Elrond Is In The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings | Screen Rant
76 Andy Serkis Reads Aloud The Entirety Of 'The Hobbit' For Charity
77 Why Ian McKellen Almost Quit The Hobbit (& Acting In General)
78 The Real Reason Why 'The Hobbit' Movies Were So Bad | TheThings
79 Why Gandalf’s Final Hobbit Scene Isn’t A LOTR Plot Hole
80 The 9 classic children's books worth thousands
81 The Hobbit: Everything That Happened To The Dwarves After The Battle Of Five Armies
82 Lord of the Rings, Hobbit 4K Blu-ray sets: Must-own home-theater stunners
83 Retro-Cast: If The Hobbit Were Made In The 1970s | ScreenRant
84 10 Most Heroic Things Women Did In The LOTR & Hobbit Films
85 Web series on Leonardo Da Vinci in India ahead UK, US
86 Turkish Shire: Hobbit holes of Sivas dazzle visitors with snow-white vista | Daily Sabah
87 The Hobbit Trilogy Arrives on 4K
88 LOTR: Why Viggo Mortensen's Aragorn Didn't Return For The Hobbit
89 The Hobbit: 10 Things Fans Should Know About The Great Goblin
90 'The Hobbit' is getting a new audio book edition read by Andy Serkis
91 One Hobbit Video Game Everyone Forgot About (& Why That's Sad)
92 The 10 Most Tragic Characters From The Hobbit & Lord Of The Rings, Ranked
93 The Hobbit: How Each Character Is Supposed To Look | ScreenRant
94 Coronavirus: Andy Serkis reads entire Hobbit live online for charity
95 Design A Hobbit Hole To Discover Which Hobbit You Are
96 The Hobbit The Motion Picture Trilogy
97 The Hobbit: The 10 Best Bilbo Baggins Quotes, Ranked | ScreenRant
98 Review: I Ate a Four-Course Whiskey Dinner in a Literal Hobbit House
99 The Lord of the Rings 5 Reasons Hobbits Are Underrated (& 5 They Are Overrated)
100 PHOTOS: Modern ‘Hobbit hole’ hits the market far from Middle Earth