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1 Stephanie Hofeller Shares Redistricting Files From Thomas Hofeller's Hard Drives
2 The Private Files Of Thomas Hofeller, GOP Redistricting Operative, Are Now Public
3 Redistricting Guru Thomas Hofeller's Files Could Mean Trouble For GOP
4 Thomas Hofeller, Republican Master of Political Maps, Dies at 75
5 Thomas Hofeller Linked To Trump Administration On Census Citizenship Question
6 Daughter of Thomas Hofeller, late North Carolina GOP redistricting expert, releases documents related to gerrymandering efforts
7 The gerrymanderer's daughter
8 Deceased G.O.P. Strategist’s Hard Drives Reveal New Details on the Census Citizenship Question
9 Thomas Hofeller's redistricting files now online, posted by daughter
10 A Father, a Daughter, and the Attempt to Change the Census
11 Republican Gerrymander Whiz Had Wider Influence Than Was Known
12 Who leaked the Hofeller files? NC gerrymandering battle spawns new court case
13 Secret Gerrymandering Files Can Now Be Made Public, Court Rules
14 Most of the Hofeller files are no longer protected by court confidentiality | The Progressive Pulse
15 Citizenship Question Emails Connect Thomas Hofeller With Christa Jones
16 The man who rigged America’s election maps
17 Opinion: Missouri voters should remember GOP gerrymandering
18 Republicans ‘got greedy’ in drawing Pennsylvania congressional maps, new documents say
19 Gerrymandering architect's files figure in census, map cases
20 Biden to overturn Trump order excluding undocumented immigrants from census
21 Hofeller files can be used in NC gerrymandering trial, judges rule in win for Democrats
22 Daughter of late redistricting guru reveals more of his work
23 The Battle Over the Files of a Gerrymandering Mastermind
24 GOP Paid Millions to Gerrymandering Expert Behind Census Citizenship Question – Mother Jones
25 GOP Racial Gerrymandering Mastermind Participated in Redistricting in More States Than Previously Known, Files Reveal
26 Dispute over Hofeller files severed from Common Cause redistricting lawsuit | The Progressive Pulse
27 Daughter Of GOP Gerrymandering Architect Believes Her Father Intended For Her To Discover Document Trove
28 Vox explores how Hofeller shifted power in new video about gerrymandering | The Progressive Pulse
29 Progress, setbacks in fight against gerrymandering headline an extraordinary year in the courts
30 Memos Reveal Scope of GOP Gerrymandering Ambitions
31 The New Yorker releases its review of secret Hofeller files | The Progressive Pulse
32 North Carolina Court Strikes Down Gerrymander, Citing Smoking Gun Evidence in the Hofeller Files
33 Pioneer of modern redistricting dies at 75 | TheHill
34 Gerrymandering challengers handed 75,000 files from computer of a dead redistricting guru
35 There’s New Proof That Trump Officials Lied Under Oath About the Census Citizenship Question
36 Draw The Lines That Shape Your Future
37 Gerrymandering King Thomas Hofeller Dies
38 SpaceX Wants to Conquer the Internet | Space
39 A Jewelry Box, A Bag Of Thumb Drives: How Lawyers Got An Explosive Set Of Gerrymandering Documents
40 Gerrymandering expert worked with Alabama Republicans on 2011 redistricting lines, documents show
41 Did Hofeller draw NC maps before redistricting process? Judges throw out expert testimony showing he didn't | The Progressive Pulse
42 On the Ballot in Missouri: A GOP Effort to Undo Redistricting Reform
43 Dead Republican operative’s electronic records at the core of two major legal battles
44 Order: Hofeller files will remain secret a little longer | The Progressive Pulse
45 Must-read book on voter suppression | Opinion |
46 Republicans Are Freaking Out Over Deceased Gerrymandering Expert's Files
47 Hofeller files: Consulting firm mapmaker co-founded makes ownership claim over his documents | The Progressive Pulse
48 Starlink working on lowering terminal costs |
49 Deceased GOP strategist's daughter makes gerrymandering files public that Republicans wanted sealed
50 Hofeller, Hiatt & Clark
51 A Census Whodunit: Why Was the Citizenship Question Added?
52 Gerrymander guru's secret files: He used racial data to disenfranchise black voters
53 Atlantic
54 The coming redistricting showdown in Missouri will be huge | TheHill
55 SpaceX plans Falcon 9 launch Thursday from Kennedy Space Center – Spaceflight Now
56 Justice Department says allegations that it hid true motives for census citizenship question are ‘frivolous’
57 Judge lifts confidentiality order on Arizona redistricting documents from GOP operative • Arizona Mirror
58 SpaceX Starlink: We'll stay direct-to-consumer, at least in US; work continues on lowering user terminal cost
59 NC case could slay the dragon of partisan gerrymandering
60 Secret Files Revealed in North Carolina Gerrymandering Case
61 Key expert witness on Day 2 of testimony in partisan gerrymandering trial | The Progressive Pulse
62 8 Takeaways From Our SpaceX, Telesat LEO Constellation Webcast
63 Report: GOP redistricting expert was in touch with Alabama legislator, attorney
64 The week's top stories on Policy Watch | The Progressive Pulse
65 Virginia Democrats are playing a dangerous game with redistricting
66 SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites, beta testing well underway – Spaceflight Now
67 Hofeller files: Lawmakers deny mapmaking misconduct in latest court filing | The Progressive Pulse
68 Judge in census case: New evidence alleging political motivation behind citizenship question 'raises a substantial issue'
69 GOP paid millions to operative who pushed census question aimed to help "whites"
70 Judge in Census Case Slaps Feds on 'Unacceptable' Discovery Breach
71 NC Senate majority hangs on handful of races
72 Expert Witness Says Mapmaker Used Racial Data to Create North Carolina Voting Districts
73 When You Wonder How We Reached the Peak Stupid of Sharpie-Gate, Remember the Name Thomas Hofeller
74 Stuck With Census Policy, More States Pass Laws To End 'Prison Gerrymandering' : Code Switch
75 Expert Witness Claims North Carolina Voting Maps Intentionally Gerrymandered
76 SpaceX raising over $500 million, double what Elon Musk's company planned to bring in
77 Missouri Republicans on the verge of gutting gerrymandering reform
78 Lengthy North Carolina Gerrymandering Trial Wraps Up
79 Inside the Republican Plot for Permanent Minority Rule
80 To Fix Racial Gerrymander, N.C. Republicans Considered a Map That Could Have Elected an All-White Slate
81 SIEGEL: The slaughter of democracy
82 The contested census citizenship question could cost the South
83 Tomorrow: The wait will be over for SCOTUS rulings on gerrymandering, Census | The Progressive Pulse
84 Opinion | Republicans in Missouri Are Trying a New Kind of Gerrymandering
85 SpaceX, Telesat, SES and Iridium Talk Constellation Markets and Competition
86 Counting everyone — citizens and non-citizens — in the 2020 census is crucial
87 The real reason Republicans are so interested in the census
88 SpaceX targets 2021 commercial Starship launch
89 Files from Dead Mapmaker Focus of NC Redistricting Hearing
90 Redistricting in Texas
91 Gerrymander puzzles: Ohio.
92 Just How Bad Is Partisan Gerrymandering? Ask the Mapmakers
93 SpaceX Plans to Fly a Single Rocket 5 Times by the End of the Year
94 House Democrats file bill nixing citizenship data-gathering
95 North Carolina Redraws Maps To Comply With Court Redistricting Ruling
96 Day One of NC partisan gerrymandering case: 2016 congressional map an 'extreme statistical outlier' | The Progressive Pulse
97 North Carolina may have fairer congressional districts by 2020
98 AIAA's ASCEND Event Launches Space-Themed Summits
99 What's behind the citizenship question on the 2020 census
100 Court considering releasing all or some of dead GOP mapmaker's data to parties in lawsuit | The Progressive Pulse