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1 Astronomers discover exoplanet clouds while observing 'hot Jupiters'
2 Do Hot Jupiters Form Close in, or Do They Migrate? A Newly-Discovered Planet Might Help Answer This
3 Astronomers Find Youngest Known Hot Jupiter | Astronomy
4 Scientists Discover Hot Jupiters That Rain Titanium, and That's Not the Best Part of the Research Yet!
5 Some hot giant planets get larger as they are heated by their stars
6 Bizarre new planet is largest known rocky world, 40 times as massive as Earth
7 Youngest Hot Jupiter Planet: All you need to know about the latest discovery by the astronomers
8 Giant Young Planet Offers Clues to Formation of Hot Jupiters
9 What do 'hot Jupiters' look like? Scientists say exoplanets may have clouds made of titanium or molten sand
10 Exoplanets Exist That Are So Hot They Rain Titanium And Have Aluminium Oxide Clouds
11 First measurement of spin-orbit alignment on planet Beta Pictoris b
12 Segway Is No Longer Making Its Famous Two-Wheeled Scooter
13 Astronomers create cloud atlas for hot, Jupiter-like exoplanets
14 Let there be light: What happens when two black holes collide
15 Ultrahot Jupiter KELT-9b Has Two Summers and Two Winters Every 36 Hours | Astronomy, Featured
16 Kaltenegger details diversity of exoplanets in lecture | Cornell Chronicle
17 Machine Learning Can Help Decode Alien Skies—Up to a Point
18 Researchers use 'hot Jupiter' data to mine exoplanet chemistry
19 What Astronomers Can Learn From Hot Jupiters, the Scorching Giant Planets of the Galaxy
20 This 'hot Jupiter' alien planet is dancing with death with its 18-hour year
21 ‘Hot Jupiter’ exoplanets are super weird
22 Astronomers Detect a 'Hot Jupiter' With a Staggering 18-Hour-Short Orbit
23 New Planet "Hot Jupiter" Is So Hot Its Prone to Planet Meltdowns
24 Four new 'hot Jupiters' discovered
25 Hot-Jupiter Exoplanet WASP-79b Has Yellow Skies | Astronomy
26 Scientists find the most extreme "Hot Jupiter" alien planet to date
27 Lessons from scorching hot weirdo-planets
28 TESS Discovers Two New Hot Jupiters | Astronomy
29 Hot Jupiters Have Rocky Clouds on Their Nightsides | Astronomy
30 Astronomers hope to watch this bizarre 'hot Jupiter' get destroyed
31 The Temperature On This ‘Ultra-hot Jupiter’ Exoplanet Can Even Melt Molecules
32 Molecular Cross Sections for High Resolution Spectroscopy of Super Earths, Warm Neptunes and Hot Jupiters
33 “Hot Jupiter” –Detected Spiraling Towards Its Fiery Doom
34 New telescope to ‘see inside’ hot Jupiter exoplanets
35 'Warm Jupiter' exoplanet found
36 Temp suggests rocky clouds on hot Jupiter 'nightsides'
37 Hot Jupiters may form close to their stars
38 Exoplanet Orbits its Star Every 18 Hours. The Quickest Hot-Jupiter Ever Found
39 TESS Discovers Unusual Ancient System with Two Hot Gas Giants | Astronomy
40 Most Extreme 'Hot Jupiter' Alien Planet Completes 1 Orbit Every 18 Hours
41 New 'warm Jupiter' exoplanet discovered
42 Astronomers make first calculations of magnetic activity in 'hot Jupiter' exoplanets
43 NASA reveals secrets of 'Hot Jupiter' exoplanets
44 This Poofy, Inflated Exoplanet Is One of the Puffiest Ever Seen
45 Magnetic Fields of 'Hot Jupiter' Exoplanets Are Much Stronger Than We Thought
46 No Blue Skies for Super-Hot Planet WASP-79b
47 NASA telescopes reveal secrets of the dark sides of ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanets
48 Inferno ‘ultra-hot Jupiter’ is the hottest planet in the universe
49 This planet is so scorching that metals actually vaporize into the atmosphere
50 Astronomers created an atlas of clouds on hot Jupiters
51 For Hottest Planet, a Major Meltdown, Study Shows
52 Fastest-Orbiting Hot Jupiter Zips around Its Star in Just 18.4 Hours | Astronomy
53 How 'Ploonets' Tell Us About Planet Formation
54 Your Umbrella is Insufficient on a Planet Where it Rains Iron
55 The Different Kinds of Exoplanets You Meet in the Milky Way
56 Hot Jupiters Have Powerful Magnetic Fields | Astronomy
57 Rocks could rain on dark side of hot Jupiter exoplanets
58 No Blue Skies for This Super-Hot Planet
59 Jupiter’s image taken from NASA’s Cassini reminds Twitter of Dosa on Tawa
60 Four giant exoplanets discovered around a single young star
61 Jupiter-like planet is so hot that it tears apart hydrogen molecules in its atmosphere
62 'Hot Jupiter' planet discovered 1,000 light years away that's 'on edge of destruction'
63 This Hot Jupiter Has a Bright Yellow Sky, and Scientists Don't Know Why
64 Why Didn't Jupiter Become a Hot Jupiter?
65 Yale's EXPRES looks to the skies of a scorching, distant planet
66 Giant, scorching-hot alien planet has yellow skies
67 Young 'hot Jupiter' offers clues to how planets form
68 'Hot Jupiter' Exoplanets May Be Born Uncomfortably Close to Their Stars
69 Eight new 'hot Jupiters' discovered by astronomers
70 Massive exoplanet in hellish 18-hour orbit faces tidal destruction
71 Two new inflated 'hot Jupiters' discovered by astronomers
72 This planet is so hot it tears apart the hydrogen molecules in its atmosphere
73 Planet WASP-12b is on a death spiral, say scientists
74 K2-25: An eccentric hot Neptune with the mass of seven Earths
75 What are Hot Jupiters?
76 Hottest known exoplanet is so hot, it's tearing its molecules apart
77 Four new 'hot Jupiter' exoplanets discovered
78 Ultrahot Jupiter KELT-9b is So Hot that Even Atmospheric Hydrogen Molecules are 'Torn to Shreds' | Astronomy
79 Extremely Hot and Incredibly Close: How Hot Jupiters Defy Theory
80 Mystery of 'Hot Jupiter' Planets' Crazy Orbits May Be Solved
81 These strange worlds are too hot to be planets, and too cool to be st
82 Wrong way, hot Jupiter
83 Astronomers are watching an exoplanet die right before their eyes
84 This pitch-black exoplanet is spiraling toward its doom
85 In About 3 Million Years, WASP-12b Will Spiral into its Star and be Consumed
86 Astronomers Think They Know Why Hot Jupiters Get So Enormous
87 Backward wind on 'hot Jupiter' confuses astronomers
88 Why Huge 'Hot Jupiter' Alien Planets Are So Puffy
89 NASA Makes Hot Jupiter Atmospheres On Earth
90 Giant 'Hot Jupiters' May Grow Even Larger with Age
91 A hot planet, shaped like a football, spews heavy metals
92 A 'hot Jupiter' with unusual winds: Puzzling finding raises new questions about atmospheric physics of giant planets
93 Scorching Jupiter-Like Planet Throws Wrench in Planet Migration Ideas
94 Why 'Hot Jupiter' Exoplanets Aren't Eaten by Their Stars
95 Astronomers Find 'Impossible' Planet Circling Tiny Star
96 How extreme temperatures can turn exoplanets into bizarre planet-star hybrids
97 Scienceline's Guide to the Exoplanets: The Infernal Shadow
98 A planet made of melted metal could be the key for finding the next Earth
99 TESS has found the first-ever ‘ultrahot Neptune’
100 Distant 'heavy metal' gas planet is shaped like a football