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1 A Feminist Reading Of Mulan & Larger-Than-Life Portrayals Of Women On-Screen
2 The Real Story of Hua Mulan Is More Impressive Than Any Disney Version
3 Is Disney's Mulan based on a true story? Meet Hua Mulan, the Chinese warrior
4 Mulan: What's The Real History Behind The Chinese Legend?
5 Who Was the "Real" Mulan?
6 Watch an English Subtitled Version of 1939 Wartime Classic “Hua Mu Lan” Online
7 Scientist Finds Remains of Warrior Woman, Possibly the Inspiration for "Mulan"
8 The Many Different Versions of Mulan
9 Loyal, brave and true: Whom are Mulan’s virtues dedicated to?
10 The real story of Mulan
11 Disney criticized for filming 'Mulan' in China's Xinjiang
12 Inside the Rich and Timeless Sets of Mulan
13 Chinese viewers pan Disney's new 'Mulan' as inauthentic
14 Movie Review | Mulan | Johnstown Magazine |
15 Researchers Uncover New Evidence That Warrior Women Inspired Legend of Mulan
16 Mulan Joins the Army: 1939 Mulan Movie is Still the Most Fun
17 How Disney's 'Mulan' became one of 2020's most controversial movies
18 Ancient Mongol warrior women may have inspired legend of Mulan
19 Mulan: 10 Best Moments Of Female Empowerment In The Live-Action Movie
20 Controversies following the release of Disney's live action 'Mulan'
21 Disney's 'Mulan' Movie will be available for Purchase on Apple TV+ on September fourth
22 Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Ending Explained
23 Mulan has fizzled in Chinese cinemas, here's why Disney's blockbuster retelling might have failed to land
24 How Mulan Maintains The Animated Film’s Queerness
25 The Evolution of The Ballad of Mulan
26 What’s Up at the Movies: We Review “Mulan”
27 Disney's 'Mulan' Remake Isn't What Fans Expect
28 Disney's "Mulan" breathes new life into classic tale
29 New Chinese Mulan Movie In The Works For 5 October 2021
30 Op-Ed: Will Disney's 'Mulan' be liberated enough?
31 Here’s What Critics Are Saying About ‘Mulan’
32 An Original 'Mulan' Star Makes a Surprise Cameo in the 2020 Remake
33 Disney's 'Mulan' coming to Disney+ in September for $29.99
34 Will Hua Mulan Have a Love Interest in Disney’s Live-Action Adaptation?
35 The “Representation” in ‘Mulan’ Throws Marginalized Peoples in Asia Under the Bus
36 Explained: Centuries after it was written, why the legend of Mulan is still popular
37 'Mulan' neglects global issues – The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle
38 Granger on Film: If willing to pay, ‘Mulan’ is action-packed adventure
39 Review: The new “Mulan” is courageously different
40 Disney’s Mulan Debuting on Digital Platforms Next Tuesday
41 'Mulan' Launched Christina Aguilera's Career
42 Mulan actor Yoson An on star Liu Yifei and Asian representation
43 'Mulan' star Jason Scott Lee enjoyed playing complicated villain after years of heroic roles
44 Who was Hua Mulan? The true story that inspired the original Disney film Mulan and upcoming remake
45 From ancient history to Hollywood: A brief history of Chinese martial arts
46 Disney’s Mulan tells women to know their place
47 Disney's 'Mulan' delays March release as coronavirus restrictions on public gatherings increase
48 Mulan: Disney aims to win over China with second take on the legend
49 Mulan True Story: What Disney's Movie Changed From Real Chinese Legend
50 Did Mulan Really Exist? – The Big Picture
51 Movie Review: 'Mulan' (2020) – Mill Valley News
52 'Mulan' Expected to Find a New Theatrical Release Date
53 Disney+: 10 Reasons Mulan Is Actually A Star Wars Movie
54 Mulan loses message of empowerment, inadvertently enforces gender roles — The Lamron
55 Live-Action 'Mulan' Remake Pays Tribute To Source Material, Reinvents Classic Tale
56 The Real Story Behind Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Is Pretty Different Than the Movie
57 'Mulan' on Disney Plus: 2020 release date, price, cast, plot, soundtrack and other things to know
58 Mulan is relevant to today's world: Executive Producer Bill Kong
59 UBC professor translates first surviving Mulan film from the 1930s
60 23 Fascinating Facts About The Original "Mulan" Movie That I Can't Believe I Never Knew Before
61 Live-Action 'Mulan' Lacks the Depth of the Animated Original
62 New Mulan Trailer Teases Disney+ Debut
63 Mulan: Disney drop character following #MeToo movement
64 'Mulan' Actor, Yoson An, Explains the Connection Between Mulan and His Character, Honghui
65 Disney's Mulan flops in China with just $23 million
66 Liu Yifei a flop as Mulan, but these actresses nailed the role
67 Review: Disney's live-action "Mulan" remake misses the mark
68 Mulan charges to top spot in opening weekend box office takings in Singapore for 2020
69 Will Disney Delay 'Mulan' Theatrical Release Date Again?
70 Sorting “Mulan” Characters into Their Hogwarts Houses
71 Mulan Was Once Upon A Time's First LGBTQ Character | Screen Rant
72 Weekly Movie Review: 'Mulan' is a Disney remake that lacks excitement and plot stability
73 Watch the New Heart-Pounding Trailer for Mulan Ahead of the Film's Disney+ Debut
74 Disney hit by backlash after thanking Xinjiang authorities in 'Mulan' credits
75 Mulan review
76 #PopVultures Podcast: What's wrong with Mulan 2020?, Entertainment News & Top Stories
77 Dark dynasty behind the ‘real’ Mulan, where girls as young as 13 were married off, forced into prostitution an
78 Disney's "Mulan" causes a stir
79 On November 10th, Disney's Live-Action MULAN Comes to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD, and Disney's Animated MULAN Comes to 4K Ultra HD for the First Time
80 Disney's Hollywood Studios to Host Preview of 'Mulan'
81 Why Mulan 2020 doesn't have Mushu
82 Funko, Hasbro, shopDisney and More Reveal "Mulan" Movie Tie-in Merchandise
83 Where Was Mulan Filmed? Is China the Filming Location For the 2020 Movie?
84 Every Single Detail Revealed So Far About Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Remake
85 'Mulan' Movie Facts
86 Mulan Opening Scenes Now Available Online –
87 Red carpet
88 24 Mulan animation movie facts ahead of the remake's release
89 Did badass sword-wielding, arrow-shooting warrior women inspire the legend of Mulan?
90 Mulan And The Chinese Women Warriors of History and Legend
91 Mulan: Early Projections May Have Seriously Overestimated Disney+ Profits
92 OPINION | Diversity in “Mulan” proves Hollywood has long way to go
93 Get A Better Look At Ming-Na Wen’s Mulan Movie Cameo In Set Photos
94 Where Was the New 'Mulan' Movie Filmed?
95 Live-Action Mulan Film Will Arrive on Disney+ September 4
96 Mulan 2020 Soundtrack: Who wrote the score?
97 All the Scoops about Disney's controversial live-action Mulan
98 10 Things To Watch If You Like Mulan | ScreenRant
99 ColourPop's New Mulan-Inspired Collection Is Here to Bring Honor to Your Makeup Bag
100 Mulan Goes to War in Disney’s Action-Packed Trailer