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1 Here's How Hugo Chavez, Dead Since 2013, Became Responsible for Trump's Election Loss
2 Hugo Chavez Lives!
3 Trump campaign cuts ties with attorney Sidney Powell after bizarre election fraud claims
4 Fact check: Dominion is not linked to Smartmatic, Antifa or Venezuela, did not switch U.S. 2020 election votes in Virginia and was not subject to a U.S. army raid in Germany
5 Trump’s lawyers are claiming a man who died in 2013 helped fix the election for Biden
6 Krebs says allegations of foreign interference in 2020 election 'farcical' | TheHill
7 Hugo Chavez’s ex-nurse indicted in US for money laundering
8 Maradona, football legend, was a champion of Latin America's left
9 What's next for Trump's legal team
10 Trump Lawyer Claimed Long-Dead Hugo Chavez Tilted 2020 Election – Free Press of Jacksonville
11 The Not So Weekly Daley: Fever dreams
12 Letter: Heed the tale of Hugo Chavez
13 Chávez, Soros and ‘My Cousin Vinny’: Giuliani gives a performance to remember
14 Trump supporters file lawsuit asking Georgia to decertify election, declare Trump the winner
15 Former CEO says he's funding 'a team of hackers and cybersleuths' in an attempt to prove that Tr
16 Jonah Goldberg: Trump legal team fails in peddling hearsay as legal evidence
17 1.2 Million Pennsylvania Votes Could Be Fraudulent: Expert
18 LETTER: Parody alive and well
19 Fulcher encourages Trump to pursue fraud claims | Opinion
20 Voter Fraud Conspiracies Seep into Santa Barbara
21 Honduran ex-president Zelaya stopped at airport with bag of money
22 Bonner County Daily Bee
23 GENE LYONS: As Trump's set is struck, his disastrous plot plays out
24 Lamar Jackson tested positive for COVID-19, according to a report
25 Maradona hated the US, once called George W. Bush 'trash'
26 The Kraken: What is it and why has Trump's ex-lawyer released it?
27 Just Stupid | Opinion
28 Letters to the Editor: Nov. 28, 2020
29 ‘In my heart I am Palestinian’: Maradona’s activism remembered
30 Opinion: No, Cobb County is not shredding Trump ballots
31 Maradona, people's love
32 What’s happening in Trump campaign lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Georgia & Michigan?
33 Donald Trump, Hugo Chávez: Using illness for political gain and to erode democracy
34 Rural American hospitals overwhelmed with coronavirus patients
35 Gold in secret vault is traced to Hugo Chávez's former nurse
36 'This agency has been gutted'
37 Black Friday Customers Play Video Games as They Wait in Line to Buy PlayStation 5
38 Utah Police Officer Kidnapped Family Member on Thanksgiving in 'Paranoid' Episode: Cops
39 Bluster, distraction, denial: Trump follows Chavez's successful template
40 Afghan pilot who saved Americans hiding from Taliban after US denies plea for refuge
41 Former US election security chief says Trump team's fraud allegations are 'farcical'
42 The fire that led to the death of former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh occurred over a week before he succumbed to injuries
43 The petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 now has over 1.5 million signatures
44 Kayleigh McEnany on Trump’s election legal battle: Judge ‘misunderstood’ argument
45 Logan Airport COVID-19 testing site closed for weekend as travelers return from Thanksgiving
46 Britain secures additional 2 million doses of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine
47 Newly Revealed Documents Show How the AFL-CIO Aided US Interference in Venezuela
48 Polk GOP site shares conspiracies, false claims
49 Why Did the US Fund Anti–Hugo Chávez Rock Bands in Venezuela?
50 Guardian Blames Trump's Murderous US Exceptionalism on Hugo Chávez
51 Sing a song of subversion: US funded Venezuela rock bands to dent Chávez
52 Venezuela still resists for Hugo Chávez
53 Biden the ‘Socialist’ vs. Trump the ‘Caudillo’: The Battle for the Venezuelan Vote
54 Venezuela President Highlights Hugo Chavez' Legacy – Escambray
55 Aló Presidente! Trump's Rants As Sophomoric, Hateful – And Effective – As Hugo Chávez's
56 Hugo Chávez's nurse linked to 250 gold bars hoarded in bank
57 Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez Worked to Flood U.S. With Cocaine, U.S. Prosecutors Say
58 Hugo Chavez Legacy Keeps Venezuela Broken 20 Years After Rise
59 President Hugo Chavez dies at 58; hero to Venezuela's poor
60 8 Venezuelan Industries Hugo Chavez Nationalized (Besides Oil)
61 Goodbye, Chávez: LatAm's Biggest Stories of the 2010s
62 How Chávez Broke Venezuela's Military
63 Hugo Chávez, Venezuela’s Polarizing Leader, Dies at 58
64 This is the day Venezuela changed. Twenty years ago, Hugo Chávez was elected president
65 Venezuelan activist: Socialist Hugo Chavez implemented what Bernie Sanders talks about
66 Hugo Chavez Fast Facts
67 Even in barrios once devoted to Hugo Chavez, murmurs of opposition grow in Venezuela
68 How today's crisis in Venezuela was created by Hugo Chávez's 'revolutionary' plan
69 Democrats’ ads comparing Trump to Chávez are unfair, but raise valid issues | Opinion
70 Venezuela slams video comparing Donald Trump to Hugo Chavez
71 Venezuela crisis: Why Chavez's followers are standing by Maduro
72 For Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, A Second Life On The Small Screen
73 Venezuela's Suffering Shows Where Illiberalism Leads
74 Obituary: Hugo Chavez
75 Venezuelan Revolutionary Hugo Chavez Is Rolling Over In His Grave Right Now
76 Recalling when Hugo Chávez was elected president of Venezuela
77 Insult, provoke, repeat: how Donald Trump became America's Hugo Chávez
78 Venezuela creates Hugo Chavez peace prize, awards to Russia's Putin
79 Venezuela's Chavez: An Outsized Personality, A Domineering Figure
80 Hugo Chavez TV Series Slammed as 'Trash' by His Allies
81 Is Donald Trump an American Hugo Chávez?
82 Venezuela's Hugo Chávez died a year ago, but the 'eternal commander' still won't be silenced
83 Chavez: Survivor and Venezuela's long-serving president
84 How Venezuela Fell From the Richest Country in South America into Crisis
85 Ex-Venezuelan spy chief Carvajal discussing surrender with U.S. authorities: sources
86 Hugo Chavez came to power 20 years ago – and proved that the socialist dream can turn into a nightmare
87 The Limits of Chávez's Communal State
88 Cuba President Highlights Legacy of Commander Hugo Chavez
89 People are comparing Donald Trump to Hugo Chávez. That’s mostly wrong.
90 Venezuela, 1992: The rise of Hugo Chavez
91 The Cult Following of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez
92 Spanish court agrees to extradition of Hugo Chavez's aide
93 Hugo Chávez was first tweeter-in-chief
94 Revolution in Ruins: The Hugo Chávez Story review – essential, chilling viewing
95 What does Trump have in common with Hugo Chavez? A media strategy.
96 Hugo Chávez statue torn down as death toll rises in Venezuela protests
97 Bernie Sanders and Venezuela
98 Hugo Chávez Frías: When a friend departs › World › Granma
99 The Winner of Venezuela’s Election to Succeed Hugo Chávez Is Hugo Chávez
100 Why They Mattered: Hugo Chávez