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1 WWE's Hulk Hogan thanks God: 'Today is more beautiful than yesterday'
2 WWE legend Hulk Hogan returns from social media hiatus and asks God for ‘one more day’ after concerning fan
3 Fred Ottman On Plans For Sheik Tugboat Feud With Hulk Hogan At WrestleMania VII, Forming Tag Team With Earthquake
4 WWE legend Hulk Hogan asks God for 'one more day' in emotional post
5 Bruce Prichard Says Tugboat Nearly Main Evented WrestleMania VII Against Hulk Hogan
6 Chris Hemsworth will officially play Hulk Hogan in biopic
7 Reality of Hulk Hogan's controversial win at WWE WrestleMania IX revealed
8 Ask 411 Wrestling: How Many Men Faced Hulk Hogan One-On-One?
9 Here's Why Hulk Hogan Is Done With Reality TV | TheThings
10 D-Von Reveals How Hulk Hogan Helped Him for His TNA Run
11 D-Von Recalls Hulk Hogan Going To Bat For Him In TNA, Reveals Dream Singles WrestleMania Match
12 5 Times WWE Superstars botched their promos: The Undertaker forgets major detail, Roman Reigns fumbles lines
13 Miro reveals details of his friendship with Hulk Hogan
14 WWE Mount Rushmore includes Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker but no room for legends The Rock or John Cena
15 Eric Bischoff Gives His Opinion On Why Fans Rejected Hulk Hogan Early Into WCW Debut
16 5 Best Hulk Hogan Rivalries In WWE (& 5 In WCW) | TheSportster
17 The Iron Sheik Roasts Hulk Hogan Out Of Nowhere
18 ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4 guesses: Broccoli is Vin Diesel, Channing Tatum or Hulk Hogan?
19 Ken Resnick on How Hulk Hogan 'Smartened Him Up' on the Wrestling Business
20 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan and a WWE/WCW Dream Card
21 Jim Ross On Hulk Hogan Not Wanting To Lose WWE Title To Bret Hart, Why They Could've Had A Great Match
22 Pro wrestler Johnny Meadows dead at 59
23 Chris Jericho Talks Earning Hulk Hogans Trust During Hogans Last Full WWE Run In 2002
24 No John Cena!- Roman Reigns Reveals His Mount Rushmore of WWE
25 Hulk Hogan’s Daughter Brooke Gets Wet & Sultry In A String Bikini During Florida Beach Trip
26 Hulk Hogan’s Daughter Brooke Rocks Soaking Wet Bikini At Clearwater Beach
27 Kevin Sullivan reveals WCW was sued by Abdullah The Butcher for 100K over Brutus Beefcake’s ‘Butcher’ name in WCW
28 10 WWE Champions Who Never Got A Rematch | TheSportster
29 Mystery Wrestler Reveals: 5 Times They Delivered (& 5 Times They Were Big Disappointments)
30 “Goldberg’s Kick Ended my Career” – WWE Legend Bret Hart Makes a Shocking Revelation
31 Bret Hart Fires Back At Jake Roberts For Branding Him One Of The Worst Champions Ever
32 10 Times Wrestling Promotions Came Back From The Dead
33 Cody On The One Thing That Sets AEW Apart: "Authenticity"
34 Spirit Halloween Store compiled a list of the best sellers.
35 The Coronavirus Pandemic: A Spiritual Opportunity
36 Former NBA ref Tim Donaghy to officiate pro wrestling league
37 Mitch Gould and Nutritional Products International Announce the Hiring of Kenneth E. Collins as Executive Vice President
38 10 Coolest Pro-Wrestlers In The World Right Now
39 Disgraced Ex-NBA Ref Tim Donaghy Makes Return to Officiating in Pro Wrestling
40 Which Shocking WWE Star Almost Headlined WrestleMania 7
41 Relive the Time Stone Cold Taught Conan How to Chug a Beer
42 The 10 Most Controversial WCW Results In Company History
43 Bret Hart Responds To Jake Roberts Saying He Was One Of "The Worst World Champions"
44 Hulk Hogan: Forever Runnin’ Wild
45 Chris Jericho and MJF Perform A Musical Duet On AEW Dynamite (Video)
46 Kurt Angle Reveals His Pick For The Greatest WWE Superstar Of All Time
47 Video: Terry Funk Comments On Twitter Impersonators
48 Everything You Need to Know About Roman Reigns’ Legendary Anoa’i Family
49 #FakeNunes previews Syracuse Orange vs. Clemson Tigers
50 Under-Sized, Hard-Hitting Bobby Fish Takes Pride in Undisputed Era’s Unrivaled Chemistry
51 Video: Backstage Footage From The Capitol Wrestling Center
52 A WWE alum who trains wrestlers, this Tampa native co-stars in an sci-fi action movie
53 AEW Star Calls Out Tweet Made By Stephanie McMahon, NXT Star Doing Kickboxing
54 Video: WWE Performance Center YouTube Channel Profiles Jake Atlas
55 Ask 411 Wrestling: What if the WWF Never Released No Holds Barred?
56 Hulk Hogan Almost Went Bankrupt After Losing More Than $200 Million
57 Hulk Hogan Could Have Been a Baseball Star, If Not for an Unfortunate Injury
58 Eric Bischoff Says NXT Is Worse Than Peak TNA
59 Sci-fi meets pro wrestling in Mother Trucker
60 More classic episodes of WWF Superstars coming to the WWE Network
61 Battlebowl & 9 Other Unique WCW Ideas You Forgot About
62 Hulk Hogan Shows Back Scars After 10th Surgery, I'm Still Huge!
63 Hulk Hogan Tried to Be a Jack-Of-All-Trades
64 Fans concerned for Hulk Hogan after hospital photos emerge
65 Arn Anderson Details How Hulk Hogan Changed Once He Became "Hollywood" Hogan
66 Hulk Hogan Used to Think Dave Bautista Was Making Fun of Him in Promos
67 Hulk Hogan’s $140 Million Win in Court Killed a Popular Website
68 10 WCW Champions Who Were Way Past Their Prime | TheSportster
69 WATCH: Hulk Hogan’s Fan Cuts an Epic Promo on Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt
70 Sgt. Slaughter Was An Integral Part Of WWF’s Biggest Eras Whether He Was Proud American Or Turncoat Heel
71 Hulk Hogan Joins WCW and the Most 'Holy S--t' Moments in Wrestling History
72 “He Was a Journeyman”- Roman Reigns Reveals His Childhood Inspiration
73 10 Best WWE Championship Title Changes At WrestleMania, Ranked
74 How professional wrestling perfectly explains Donald Trump's 'Superman' stunt
75 Actor Chris Hemsworth to step into the ring as Hulk Hogan in new movie
76 COLUMN — Mask up for Halloween
77 Updated NXT Line Up For This Week
78 Updated: Eric Bischoff Details Why Michael Hayes Used To Have Heat With Him
79 ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4 guesses: Broccoli is Seth Rogen, George Foreman or Khalid?
80 Vince McMahon’s Botched Plans for Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania Revealed
81 Hulk Hogan Now Looks Like "Santa" After A Huge Transformation
82 Tony Khan Bans Hulk Hogan From All AEW Events
83 WWE legend Hulk Hogan shows off dramatic transformation with bushy white beard leaving fans stunned
84 5 Celebrity Supercars Ruined With Hideous Mods (5 That Are Actually Sick)
85 Chris Hemsworth's Hulk Hogan Movie: 5 Things I Really Hope We See In This Film
86 Undertaker on first WWE title win against Hulk Hogan, memories of Montreal Screwjob
87 Chris Hemsworth teases Hulk Hogan transformation, says preparing will be 'insanely physical'
88 Various News: Hulk Hogan Back At Doctor's Office, Damian Priest Injury Storyline Update
89 How Laila Ali Stopped Hulk Hogan From Committing Suicide and Didn’t Even Know It
90 Bret Hart Vents About Goldberg Ending His Career
91 Hulk Hogan Teases Public Workout With Ronnie Coleman
92 ‘It’s a cult classic’: The mystery and legacy of Hulk Hogan’s rock album
93 AEW Owner Explains Why Hulk Hogan Is Banned for Life | CBR
94 Chris Hemsworth's Hulk Hogan Biopic Currently Being Written
95 Arn Anderson: “I don’t think Hulk Hogan has been Terry Bollea for a long, long time”
96 The Hulk Hogan sex tape case is over – but its damaging legacy lives on
97 Top 10 Best Bound For Glory Pay Per Views (So Far)
98 Bret Hart On How He Would Rate Hulk Hogan
99 WWE: Hulk Hogan’s Nearly Forgotten History in New Japan, Explained
100 5 Mystery Storylines With A Great Payoff (& 5 That Flopped)