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1 New NASA Research Announcement 80JSC019N0001- HFBP Topics in Human Factors and Behavioral Performance
2 Tips to adapt your leadership style to a virtual environment
3 Connect America Partners with Idaho Health Data Exchange to Deliver Telehealth Solutions to Patients Statewide
4 Increasing Prevalence of Chronic Diseases and Infections to Drive Clinical Laboratory Service Market and Reach US$403.7 Bn Valuation by 2027, finds TMR
5 Risks and benefits of an AI revolution in medicine
6 Assessing preventive health behaviors from COVID-19: a cross sectional study with health belief model in Golestan Province, Northern of Iran
7 Bet on These 4 Momentum Anomaly Stocks for Enticing Returns
8 2021 Schwab Market Outlook: On the Path to Recovery
9 Miami developers see improved lending climate since March
10 electroCore Announces Selection of gammaCore for National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)-Sponsored Study in Opioid Use Disorders
11 Minerva Neurosciences Announces Outcome of Type C Meeting with FDA and Next Steps in the Development of Roluperidone
12 Sleep Debt: The Number One Sales KPI You’re Not Measuring
13 Pre-Proposers Conference for NASA Research Announcement 80JSC019N0001 – Human Exploration Research Opportunities: Appendices E and F
14 Molecules and Circuits Implicated in Schizophrenia Provide Leads for Novel Treatments
15 Exercise Your Mind- The Benefits of VR Fitness on the Brain
16 Air pollution spikes linked to lower test scores for Salt Lake County third graders
17 NASA Research Announcement HHCHFBP HERO Appendix D: Topics in Human Health Countermeasures, Human Factors, and Behavioral Performance
18 Safety culture transformation—The impact of training on explicit and implicit safety attitudes
19 AAAS announces leading scientists elected as 2020 fellows (contd.)
20 Informal Caregiving, Poor Mental Health, and Subjective Cognitive Decline: Results From a Population-Based Sample
21 VirTra Announces Winners of the Force Science Scholarship Award
22 Adviser: Are your performance improvement initiatives focusing on the right factors?
23 10 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise
24 Professionals warn of uptick in mental health needs as pandemic enters winter
25 Human Insulin Market 2020 Analysis by Industry Segments, Share, Application, Development, Growing Demand, Regions, Top Key Players & Forecast 2025
26 NASA is looking for participants to isolate in a Russian lab for 8 months
27 Mindfulness and Meditation Helps Students Perform — and Cope | Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
29 NASA 2019 Human Exploration Research Opportunities (HERO) Overview Released
30 Windows 10 to soon run mobile apps built for Android
31 Making revenue resilient – lessons from half-yearly fiscal outcomes
32 Mitigating toxic stress in children affected by conflict and displacement
33 Grant Management Software Market Analysis by Industry Trends, Share, Company Overview, Growth Development and Forecast By 2025
34 The Critical Importance of Human Behavior in Our Response to COVID-19
35 Archaeology: AAAS announces leading researchers elected as 2020 fellows (contd.)
36 Human Factors and Behavioural Science
37 Executive Q&A: Enabling Human-Centered Organizational Resilience
38 The Human Factor Will Separate You From The Pack
39 Scott Shappell Improves Safety by Factoring in the Human Element
40 Driving Simulator
41 University Programs for Ergonomics and Human Factors | Sustainable Ergonomics Systems
42 Viomi Technology Co., Ltd Reports Third Quarter 2020 Unaudited Financial Results
43 HFES Releases New Book Examining How to Conduct Task Analyses
44 Behavioural safety information and resources
45 Unmasking selective path integration deficits in Alzheimer's disease risk carriers
46 Probability in Human Factors: So What Do We Do? (Part II)
47 RNI researchers to study the impact of excessive speeds on the human brain, body
48 Safety and Performance Excellence: Two-Dimensional Safety
49 Human endogenous retroviral protein triggers deficit in glutamate synapse maturation and behaviors associated with psychosis
50 Therapist Effects on Treatment Outcomes: Factors that Influence Client Progress
51 Pygmalion Effect: How Expectation Shape Behaviour For Better or Worse
52 Living Life at a Distance
53 We're Celebrating Our 2020 Safety Standout Award Winners!
54 Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics Market: Pin-Point Analyses Of Market Competition Dynamics To Offer You A Competitive Edge
55 Global Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics Market Expected to Grow at a High CAGR By 2027, Top Players Analysis: Tableau, SAS Institute Inc., Angoss Software, Microsoft Corporation, Versium Inc., Oracle Corporation
56 Strategic vision for improving human health at The Forefront of Genomics
57 Former NASA Human Research Program Chief Scientist John Charles Joins Space Center Houston
58 Pete Davidson and all-star cast to perform 'It's a Wonderful Life' table read for a good cause
59 Hyperloop Health
60 10000 social brains: Sex differentiation in human brain anatomy
61 Don't Overlook the Human Factor in Industry 4.0
62 Quantitative Behavioral Marketer
63 Can I Take Ibuprofen With Cbd Oil
64 Airman links deployed operators to human performance experts
65 Exoskeletons and Workers' Comp: How the Insurance Industry Can Lead the Way
66 How NASA Will Keep Astronauts From Going Stir-Crazy on Long Space Missions
67 Performance Management Evolves
68 Can People Change? A Look at What's Realistic
69 Cybersecurity's Human Factor: Lessons from the Pentagon
70 Newsroom
71 As technology proliferates, human factors matter more than ever for healthcare
72 Tired of self-isolating at home? NASA wants you to isolate in Russia for 8 months instead
73 Guns and Tasers: Solving Cops' 'Weapon-Confusion' Problem
74 The effects of social deprivation on adolescent development and mental health
75 Heart Disease Prevention Program
76 NICE Delivers the Market's First Real-Time Interaction Guidance, Powered by Its Groundbreaking ENLIGHTEN AI Platform
77 The (neuro)science of getting and staying motivated
78 HR Managers Rethink Their Role During the Coronavirus Pandemic
79 The Human in HR: Becoming People Centric Organizations to Drive Success
80 Safety Engineering Meets Behavioral Science
81 Medical myths: Does sugar make children hyperactive?
82 Making Way for Probability in Human Factors (Part I)
83 Games, not shame: Why security awareness training needs a makeover
84 Testing for the High Arctic
85 The GEO Group Publishes Second Annual Human Rights and ESG Report
86 Canine behavioral specializations reflected in brain structures
87 Redesigning Foreign Service Performance and Promotion at USAID
88 Optimizing and Implementing Contact Tracing through Behavioral Economics | Catalyst non-issue content
89 Can we ease motion sickness through mental training?
90 A Human Perspective
91 New way to treat stroke using an already FDA-approved drug: Researchers first to report neuroprotective properties of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor
92 Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission
93 Eye pupil an indicator of effective decision making
94 Student is Helping NASA Prepare for Trips to Mars
95 A Guide for Conducting a Food Safety Root Cause Analysis
96 Ophthalmologist Khizer Khaderi: How Can You Teach a Machine to Perceive Like a Human?
97 Entersekt Rolls out Behavioral Analytics for Real-time Risk Scoring With NuData Security
98 Researchers identify novel anti-aging targets
99 Human factors and the fundamental attribution error of incident investigations
100 Behavioral Economics and Donor Nudges: Impulse or Deliberation?