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Result Content Idea Research
1 US: New York Police Planned Assault on Bronx Protesters
2 Chile: Reject 'Anti-Denial' Law
3 A Human Rights Controversy at the University of Toronto
4 Cyprus: Asylum Seekers Summarily Returned
5 India: Amnesty International Forced to Halt Work
6 Social Media Platforms Remove War Crimes Evidence
7 Global Coalition urges UN to Address China's Human Rights Abuses
8 Morocco: Espionage Case Against Outspoken Journalist
9 Bolivia: Justice System Abused to Persecute Opponents
10 The Value of a UK Strategy on Human Rights
11 Human Rights Watch accuses Cypriot authorities of pushbacks to Lebanon
12 China: 12 Hong Kong Protesters Held Incommunicado
13 Turkmenistan: Denial, Inaction Worsen Food Crisis
14 Arrests and torture of gays, lesbians in Egypt are ‘systematic,’ rights report says
15 Armenia/Azerbaijan: Don't Attack Civilians
16 Top Human Rights Tweets of the Week
17 UN: On 75th Anniversary, Recommit to Human Rights
18 Syria's 100 Dollar Barrier to Return
19 Myanmar: Stop Prosecuting Peaceful Protesters
20 US: Vote 'No' on Homeland Security Nominee
21 China's Influence on the Global Human Rights System
22 Nepal: Punish Rights Abusers; Protect Independent NHRC
23 NYPD's Violent Crackdown In Mott Haven Violated Human Rights Laws, Report Finds
24 Indonesia: Investigate Police Raid on 'Gay Party'
25 Ethiopian Forces Should Show Restraint at Upcoming Festival
26 Egypt: Man Dies in Unjust Detention
27 South Africa: Widespread Xenophobic Violence
28 Belarus: Systematic Beatings, Torture of Protesters
29 UN: Release Saudi Dissidents, Activists
30 Tanzania: Freedoms Threatened Ahead of Elections
31 U.S. War Crimes in Yemen: Stop Looking the Other Way
32 India: Stop Using Pellet-Firing Shotguns in Kashmir
33 Rwanda: Rusesabagina Was Forcibly Disappeared
34 Human rights campaigners urge action over ‘widespread xenophobic violence’ in South Africa
35 Yemen: Free 'Disappeared' Civilians
36 UK Seeks to Stop Justice for War Crimes
37 Venezuela: Human Rights Watch Oral Statement
38 Cambodia: Free Detained Youth, Environmental Activists
39 US Should Shun Autocrats, Re-Embrace Human Rights
40 US Sanctions International Criminal Court Prosecutor
41 Yemen: Aid Obstruction Puts Millions at Risk
42 Witness: Police 'Kettle,' Beat Protesters in New York City
43 Syria: Health Workers Lack Protection in Pandemic
44 Big Tech's Heavy Hand Around the Globe
45 Guinea: Security Forces Failed to Stem Election Violence
46 Human Rights' body slams Egypt over 'abuse, torture' of LGBT people
47 Human Rights Watch claims Cyprus illegally pushing back migrant boats
48 Guinea: Stadium Massacre Victims Await Justice
49 Australia: Harsh Police Response During Covid-19
50 China: Mongolian Mother-Tongue Classes Curtailed
51 Iran Suddenly Executes Wrestler Navid Afkari
52 Latin America's Support for Justice in Philippines
53 Yemen: More is needed to break the cycle of impunity
54 Kosovo Lead Poisoning Victims Still Awaiting Justice
55 Top Human Rights Watch Official Condemns University of Toronto for Not Hiring Anti-Israel Academic
56 Human Rights Watch or Terrorist Rights Watch?
57 Caster Semenya Loses Appeal for Equal Treatment
58 Brazil: Revoke Regulation Curtailing Abortion Access
59 Russian Repression a Persistent Reality in Crimea
60 Cuba's Government Throws Its Repressive Playbook at a Journalist
61 Hong Kong: Stop Prosecuting Pro-Democracy Activists
62 Cameroon: Soldiers Get 10 Years for Murder of Civilians
63 Symposium on Human Rights in the Diamond Supply Chain to Be Held in October | INSTOREMAG.COM
64 Video Demonstrates Chechnya Leadership's Brutality
65 UK: Automated Benefits System Failing People in Need
66 Pompeo’s Quest to Redefine Human Rights Draws Concern at U.N.
67 Sadly, it’s not a joke: Cuba, China, Russia about to join U.N. Human Rights Council | Opinion
68 UK offshore detention proposal could create 'human rights disaster', Australian experts warn
69 European Commission Should Defend Asylum Seekers' Rights
70 Breach of HRW Database Hosted by Blackbaud
71 Key Rights at Stake in US Supreme Court Pick
72 Attack ad falsely claims lawmaker helped sexual predators ‘hide in the shadows’
73 Stars Back Human Rights Watch's Vision for Post-Covid World
74 NYPD Violated International Human Rights Law in Bronx Protest Response: Report
75 Yuri Orlov, physicist who became a symbol of Soviet dissent, dies at 96
76 Human Rights Watch Oral Statement before the Human Rights Council on Venezuela
77 Hong Kong Bars Human Rights Watch Head
78 Pompeo urges other countries to join alternative U.S. view on human rights
79 Global Call to Reject Hong Kong Security Law
80 COVID-19: A Human Rights Checklist
81 Rights Group: Cyprus Pushed Back Migrants, Ignored Claims
82 New Co-Chair of Human Rights Watch Board
83 Pompeo takes anti-gay campaign to UN
84 Flawed algorithm used to determine UK welfare payments is ‘pushing people into poverty’
85 FCRA law: 15 international organisations condemn Centre’s move to freeze Amnesty India’s account
86 US Immigration Policies Foreshadowed Violence Against Protesters
87 Rights Groups Go to Court Over US Challenge to Human Rights
88 False G.O.P. Ad Prompts QAnon Death Threats Against a Democratic Congressman
89 HRW: Irreecha festival may prove a flashpoint in uneasy Ethiopia
90 US Takes Key Action for Human Rights in China
91 ‘Catastrophe for human rights’ as Greece steps up refugee ‘pushbacks'
92 Human Rights Watch Testimony to US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee
93 The US Commits the Same Abuses it Condemns Abroad
94 New strict social media measures enter into force in Turkey
95 Human Rights Watch Submission to UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights
96 Western nations rebuke China at UNHRC over human rights violations in Xinjiang, Hong Kong
97 Covid-19 Apps Pose Serious Human Rights Risks
98 Morocco's public authorities flatly reject HRW's 'biased' report | MEO
99 Chinese Government Poses Global Threat to Human Rights
100 Deborah Brown