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1 Humane Society International Saves Nearly 200 Dogs from Meat Farms in South Korea, Calvert County Humane Society Assists | Southern Maryland News Net
2 Humane Animal Rescue Takes In Dogs Saved From South Korean Meat Farm
3 Nearly 200 Korean meat market dogs saved, put in local DMV shelters
4 Make this Diwali a happy one for animals too: Humane Society International (India)
5 Naps in the sun, treats and Beethoven: Survivors of Korean dog meat farm live it up at temporary shelter
6 South Korea starts to close dog meat farms as attitudes change
7 World's Largest Fur Auction House Is Closing
8 Lawsuit aims to save leopards from import to U.S. as hunting trophies
9 Nearly 200 Dogs Rescued from South Korea's Dog Meat Trade Arrive in U.S. in Need of New Homes
10 USFWS sued for allowing imports of leopard trophies · A Humane World
11 Covid-19 Found In Polish Mink, Cull Feared
12 Humane Society International and Mars, Incorporated join forces to care for dogs and cats around the world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
13 The Golden Joystick Awards 2020 recognizes Outstanding Contributions from, EA, and more
14 Humane International Society and beauty brands claim ECHA is undermining EU animal testing ban
15 World's largest fur auction house to close by 2023
16 For nearly 200 dogs, a journey from a South Korean meat farm to a shelter in Maryland
17 Wellesley, Massachusetts, bans fur sales · A Humane World
18 Dogs rescued from South Korea dog meat trade making progress, becoming available for adoption
19 Dogs rescued from South Korean meat farms
20 Animal Care Sanctuary welcomes 10 rescue dogs from South Korea
21 Fur industry faces uncertain future due to Covid
22 Crown & Paw Donates More Than $75,000 to Humane Society International in Support of Efforts to End the Dog Meat Trade
23 Dog Food Is Being Flown Into Northern Quebec To Save Stray Puppers In Need
24 'It's really about saving animals': Kitchener dog supply company Terrible Toby's aims to raise $10K for animals in need
25 Virginia Rescue Group Saves Dogs From South Korean Meat Farm
26 Platypus in peril: Australian egg-laying mammals' habitat shrunk by 22% in 30 years | Daily Sabah
27 More puppies rescued from dog farms on the way to Montreal and, hopefully, adoption
28 SPCA Expansion Aids With International Rescue
29 HSUS helps local shelters rescue and reunite lost cats with families after Oregon wildfires
30 HSI will deploy this week to help animals affected by Australian wildfires
31 In 2019, HSI drove key global wins for farm animals and against dog meat trade, wildlife trafficking and more
32 Humane Society International Rescues Puppies Ahead of Yulin Dog Meat Festival Starting this Weekend
33 Humane Society International Seeks Protection For wildlife In Liberia
34 Actor Daniel Henney adopts HSI rescue from South Korean dog meat farm
35 Victory! World's Largest Fur Auction House to Close
36 20 Years of a Fur Farm–Free UK: What's Next?
37 Second group of 'traumatized' dogs brought to Montreal this month from South Korean farm
38 HSI brings much-needed food, medical help to companion animals affected by pandemic around the world
39 Humane Society International supports Liberia's celebration of World Chimpanzee Day Liberia
40 Hermès Opens Australian Farm With 50,000 Alligators for Luxury Goods
41 Denmark halts plan to cull 17 million mink over coronavirus infections
42 Factory farms could pose pandemic risk
43 Europe tries to shut down new coronavirus strain from Danish mink farms
44 Mars donates $1 million to support global companion animal relief efforts
45 170 dog meat trade survivors touch down in the United States; new poll shows a growing majority of South Koreans reject dog meat
46 As cancer has evolved, it is time for cancer research to do the same
47 World's largest fur auction house to close down following covid-19 initiated mass mink cull
48 Humane Society International, People for Animals welcome Nagaland dog meat ban
49 Humane Society International tries to highlight lifetime lockdown of animals
50 Australian farm to hold 50,000 crocodiles for luxury Hermès goods questioned by animal welfare groups
51 HSI deploys to assist with rescue efforts in Beirut; HSUS transporting dogs, cats out of storm path in Gulf Coast
52 HSI responders saving koalas, kangaroos and other animals in wildfire-ravaged Australia
53 Liberia: Humane Society International Launches 'Feed And Treat' Exercise For Domestic Animals in Charlesville
54 Mizoram has taken the first step towards ending its dog meat trade: Humane Society International
55 On World Health Day, a global reckoning with COVID-19 is urgent
56 Denmark wants to cull 15 million minks over COVID fears
57 HSI undercover investigation shows foxes bludgeoned, skinned alive on Asian fur farms
58 Map reveals 'real concern' for Australia
59 As black bears prepare to hibernate, trophy hunters go on a killing spree
60 Humane Society International welcomes IPC proposal to end animal tests for human vaccines
61 Fur farm foxes and raccoon dogs ‘may infect humans with coronaviruses’
62 Lush Prize aims to stop animal testing
63 More than 100 dogs rescued from Korean dog meat farms arrive in the U.S. for adoption
64 Humane Society International urges PM Modi to ban wildlife trade to prevent corona spread
65 Children of Morta's new animal DLC donates all profits to Humane Society International
66 Hermès Opens an Alligator Farm in Australia to Make Luxury Goods
67 HSI closes 16th dog meat farm in Korea; rescues 70 dogs bound for slaughter
68 Pandemic price check and how not to buy a puppy
69 Legal action initiated to speed Endangered Species Act protections for giraffes
70 China's recognition of dogs as companion animals bodes well for its animal welfare future
71 Hermès slammed over proposed NT crocodile farm imprisoning 50000 animals for skin and meat
72 BREAKING: HSUS, HSLF, HSI release policy plan on wildlife markets, factory farms, companion animals and more to avoid another global health crisis
73 Lucknow municipality builds shelter for stray dogs, sterilises and tags them
74 HSUS, HSI lawsuit forces U.S. to act to protect pangolins, world's most trafficked mammals
75 Humane Society International Saved Over 90 Dogs From Dog Meat Trade in South Korea!
76 Dairy Farm International : announces Pan-Asian collaboration with Humane Society International to strengthen the supply chain for laying hens and other animal-sourced products across Asia
77 Humane Society International/India hosting online webinar on climate change
78 A voice for the voiceless: Nonprofit rescue group seeks to solve stray animal issue
79 Court case to stop 80 000 sheep being exported: 7 questions for Humane Society International
80 HSUS, partners release coronavirus tool kit for shelters; Authorities say no evidence of pet-to-human transmission
81 Leona Lewis, Hopefield Animal Sanctuary and Humane Society International Promote Plant-Based Eating
82 HSUS in Florida to assist with animal rescue efforts
83 Parker College of Business students paint for a purpose
84 Media Advisory: Humane Society International rescuing approximately 100 wild and exotic animals following Montreal SPCA Criminal Code seizure
85 World's Largest Fur Auction House to Close
86 Creating a humane legacy for animals
87 Humane Society International saves 149 more dogs destined for butcher in South Korea
88 Breaking news: Second city in mainland China bans dog and cat meat trade
89 Humane Society International Welcomes $150 Million Funding For Wildlife & Habitat Bushfire Recovery
90 Perdue Taps Farmers' Knowledge and Experience In Getting The Most Birds Outside Into Free-Range Pastures
91 The Estée Lauder Companies join Humane Society International's global campaign to end cosmetics animal testing
92 Animal Care Expo takes place online this year; Event to feature more than 30 sessions
93 Breaking news: Netherlands will close all mink fur farms by next year
94 Newly released footage confirms the Joe Exotic we know
95 Victory! Federal appeals court agrees Yellowstone grizzly bears should remain protected from trophy hunters
96 This dog's a survivor! · A Humane World
97 Local animal shelter rescues nine dogs from dog meat farm in South Korea
98 Our mission
99 Breaking news: Nordstrom to stop selling products made with fur and exotic animal skins
100 Breaking news: U.S. House approves key animal reforms, including combating wildlife trafficking, preventing cruel hunting practices and enforcing animal cruelty laws