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1 Can Hydrogen Energy Save Coal Country
2 Siemens and Deutsche Bahn plan trial of hydrogen-powered train in Germany
3 Hydrogen-powered trains could replace diesel engines in Germany
4 Asia’s Hydrogen Fuel Future May Be Coalescing
5 The hydrogen economy: Hyped for years, the most abundant element in the universe is finally having its moment
6 California Is Trying to Jump-Start the Hydrogen Economy
7 Analysis | How Hydrogen Is and Isn't the Future of Energy
8 Energy Department Looks to Boost Hydrogen Fuel for Big Trucks
9 Aayog: Mulling FAME-like scheme for hydrogen-powered systems
10 Two-photon frequency comb spectroscopy of atomic hydrogen
11 Green Hydrogen: Could It Be Key to a Carbon-Free Economy?
12 3 reasons why batteries will power our future trucks, not hydrogen fuel cells
13 A Hydrogen-Powered Car Will Compete In The Dakar Rally In 2024
14 Hydrogen is having a moment, and power generation is leading the way
15 Plug Power Raises $1B for US Green Hydrogen Infrastructure Build-Out
16 RAY MASSEY: Hyundai's hydrogen-powered Nexo purifies polluted air
17 Hydrogen new core focus in Snam's strategic plan
18 Finland and Japan are Studying Hydrogen Powered Ship Designs
19 Cummins Wants to Be a Hydrogen-Fuel Player. It Has a Skeptical Audience.
20 US nuclear lab partnering with utility to produce hydrogen
21 Hydrogen escape from Mars is driven by seasonal and dust storm transport of water
22 Green Hydrogen Could Fill Big Gaps in Renewable Energy
23 Will Australia's 'hydrogen road' to Japan cut emissions?
24 UK's sole hydrogen car maker bets on green revolution
25 The new fuel to come from Saudi Arabia
26 US puts $14M toward hydrogen energy plant
27 Microwave magic can help provide clean hydrogen fuel
28 Why Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stocks Are Soaring Today
29 Hydrogen—A Key Element in the EU’s Green Planning
30 Italian operator orders hydrogen fuel cell trains | News
31 Cooled water vapor forms droplets containing hydrogen peroxide | Stanford News
32 DFDS to operate a hydrogen-powered ferry from 2027
33 Green hydrogen is opening doors for higher platinum demand
34 BP Steps Up Green Drive With Hydrogen Deal
35 Chemicals Giant Ineos Targets the World’s Cheapest Green Hydrogen
36 First wave of ships explore green hydrogen as route to net zero
37 Britain's Richest Man Plans To Make Hydrogen Cars Mainstream
38 New Evidence Our Neighborhood in Space Is Stuffed With Hydrogen
39 TECHNOLOGY: Utilities launch groundbreaking 'green' hydrogen-gas project
40 Hydrogen-powered aircraft may be getting a lift
41 The Industrial Giants That Could Get a Lift From Hydrogen
42 Has the fuel cell’s day in the sun arrived on China’s road to 2060?
43 Could hydrogen-electric cars be crucial to meeting California’s climate goals?
44 Understanding the “Hydrogen Burning” Power of Our Sun – Success After More Than 80 Years
45 UK prepares to make 'big bet' on hydrogen power
46 China Defies Elon Musk’s Warnings and Pushes Ahead With Hydrogen
47 Danish Ferry Operator DFDS Planning Hydrogen Powered Large Vessel
48 China goes ahead with hydrogen-powered cars, defying Elon Musk's warnings
49 Cummins and Navistar prototype hydrogen truck with 300-mile range
50 Cummins, Navistar to develop hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy truck
51 Econ and env ministries share patronage of Germany's international hydrogen hub
52 DOE publishes strategic framework for hydrogen effort : Energy & Environment
53 Origin links with Japan giant Kawasaki in plan to export 'green' hydrogen
54 GCK Motorsport launches hydrogen-powered vision for future of cross-country rallying
55 U.K.’s Richest Man Partners With Hyundai to Make Hydrogen Happen
56 Could hydrogen kill off diesel?
57 Pillsbury's New Hydrogen Practice Attorneys on the Viability of Clean Energy | Texas Lawyer
58 Rail equipment firm Linsinger introduces hydrogen-powered milling train
59 Why Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stocks Jumped -- Then Gave Most of It Back -- on Thursday
60 How to Build a Green Hydrogen Economy for the US West
61 Green hydrogen project combining tidal power and battery tech aims for continuous production
62 German Lobbyists Push For Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Automakers Have Moved On
63 World Suddenly Goes Nuts Over Green Ammonia, Now That Green Hydrogen Is Old Hat
64 The Hype and Hope of Sahara Desert Green Hydrogen
65 E.ON converts natural gas pipeline to pure hydrogen in H2HoWi project
66 Cummins investing in hydrogen power, although path to profitability uncertain
67 Japan's KHI exits nuclear sector to focus on hydrogen
68 Hydrogen is and isn't the future
69 Ambitious but controversial: Japan's new hydrogen project
70 You say old coal plant, I say new green hydrogen facility | Greenbiz
71 Listen: Greening steel production and hydrogen's potential
72 A roadmap for the US hydrogen economy
73 Hydrogen homes is a terrible idea
74 Govt mulls plan to bring FAME-like scheme for hydrogen-powered systems: Niti Aayog member
75 You say old coal plant, I say green hydrogen
76 Hydrogen-powered VTOL drone flies for 3.5 hours
77 The future of nuclear: power stations could make hydrogen, heat homes and decarbonise industry
78 SunHydrogen Improves Hydrogen Production Device in Manufacturing Process
79 New technique seamlessly converts ammonia to green hydrogen
80 Faurecia wants to be industry's hydrogen leader
81 India to launch Nat’l Hydrogen Energy Mission
82 HYZON Motors: 100000 hydrogen trucks on the road by 2030
83 Hydrogen Gas Industry Market Research Report And Predictive Business Strategy By 2026 | UpMarketResearch
84 UK Boosts Hydrogen, EVs and Carbon Capture With New Net-Zero Plan
85 Hydrogen Tops Canadian Investors' Clean Energy List, HSBC Says
86 Bigger Picture: Offshore Wind, Green Hydrogen Backbone of EU's 2050 Goal
87 Hydrogen pushing fossil fuels out the way and becoming new source of power
88 Researchers create hydrogen-producing living droplets
89 Under the skin: The logic behind Bosch's plans for hydrogen fuel cell trucks
90 Royal Mail to trial hydrogen dual fuel van
91 Sunday Drive: Hyundai Nexo
92 Italy drafts guidelines for national hydrogen strategy, document shows
93 DOE releases Hydrogen Program Plan
94 Hydrogen embrittlement through the formation of low-energy dislocation nanostructures in nanoprecipitation-strengthened steels
95 Saudi Arabia Aims Next to Be Largest Hydrogen Exporter
96 Hydrogen produced from nuclear will be considered 'low-carbon', EU official says
97 Domestic green hydrogen production offers huge economic potential for Germany – study
98 Hydrogen: A magic pill or magic bean?
99 Made in America: New liquid hydrogen plant and extensive pipeline network position Air Products for growing hydrogen demand
100 Spain strengthens green hydrogen position