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Result Content Idea Research
1 CIFOR–ICRAF 2020–2030 strategy
2 Dig it: Unearthing the importance of soil
3 CPS & ICRAF support opposition to sand mine
4 Keeping ecosystems intact, keeping humanity alive
5 Reforestation and restoration targets missed as roads and mining expand
6 FEATURED: World Vision commits to plant over 7 million trees
7 Q+A: CIFOR-ICRAF scientists to speak at tree planting forum
8 Mars, IFAD and ICRAF collaborate on sustainable farming project
9 event Forest Film Festival
10 CIFOR and ICRAF Create 'Resilient Landscapes' Initiative | News
11 event CIFOR-ICRAF experts at Forestry Webinar Week
12 CIFOR-ICRAF merger FAQs
13 ICRAF@GLF Bonn Digital Conference 2020
15 ICRAF merger FAQ
16 A new organization born from the merger of CIFOR and ICRAF
17 World Agroforestry gene bank germinates a future for healthy ecosystems
18 Scientists from CIFOR-ICRAF showed examples of successful restoration techniques at the Global Landscapes Forum
19 CIFOR and ICRAF join 11000 scientists to declare 'climate emergency'
20 15 quotes about planting trees, from the economics to poetic value
21 Working in the COVID-19 era: An unfailing commitment to forested landscapes
22 New resource hub will offer evidence-based solutions for land restoration
23 Six tips for Africa's restoration entrepreneurs
24 Digital Forum: Plant trees, save planet?
25 Amid multiple global crises, global forestry and agroforestry centres “reset” with engagement landscapes
26 Signing of agreement for restoring Asian drylands: Landscape Partnership for Asia
27 event Digital Forum: Can tree planting save our planet?
28 Global Experts Call For A Paradigm Shift To Head Off Future Pandemics
29 Agroforestry Congress, ICRAF/FAO Publications Call for Transformation of Global Food System | News
30 corporate-news Kenyan farmers can bank on tree seeds
31 'Nutri-scapes' a recipe for better nutrition
32 Kenyan farmers adopt new agroforestry strategies through research in development program
33 COVID-19 recovery is a chance to improve the African food system
34 Burning questions about Africa's wood fuel
35 The Economist Intelligence Unit: ICRAF's Tony Simons on agricultural transformation
36 Susan Onyango, Author at CIFOR Forests News
37 ICRAF Publishes World Congress on Agroforestry Abstracts | News
38 Key insights into land degradation from seven African countries
39 New Resilient Landscapes initiative links public and private actors
40 “Engagement landscape” concept takes shape in DRC's Yangambi
41 Q+A: How an “engagement landscape” in DRC's Yangambi can make a difference
42 GGGI Supports Peru's New Agroforestry Concessions System for Family Farmers to Reduce Deforestation in the Amazon
43 Daniella Silva, Author at CIFOR Forests News
44 OPINION: Nairobi recovers its green spaces during pandemic. Other cities can too
45 Beyond bans: Toward sustainable charcoal production in Kenya
46 Not just farmers: understanding rural aspirations is key to Kenya's future
47 GLF Live with Tony Simons and Crop Trust experts
48 Dispelling the top seven tree planting misconceptions
49 Our food system, is it sustainable?
50 Germany
51 How trees and water fuel sustainable communities
52 Agroforestry 'basins' stir up big benefits for women in Kenya drylands
53 Can Planting Trees Save The Planet? Find Out At The Upcoming GLF Digital Forum
54 World's leading forestry and agroforestry organizations merge for accelerated impact against climate change
55 CGIAR Map Rates Country's Food System Sustainability | News
56 Mars, IFAD back project to help small producers export cocoa | Jasper Y. Arcalas
57 Four new fungi species discovered on bat carcasses in China
58 Sri Lanka : President visits World Agroforestry Center in Nairobi
59 Tree planting is critical for sustainable future but can't fix climate change on its own
60 Nestlé, Ivory Coast, Earthworm Foundation partner to regenerate Cavally Forest Reserve
61 Can agroforestry propel climate commitments? Interview with Peter Minang
62 CIFOR and CGIAR Research Programs
63 Terrain through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic: Blueprint for a healthy planet
64 Women's place in Africa's growing charcoal sector
65 Transforming Kenya's invasive 'mathenge' bushes into charcoal farms
66 [FEATURED] Regreening Africa: An initiative that puts farmers first in Rwanda
67 Ethiopia is making maps to help improve soil health
68 How agroforestry could solve climate crisis
69 Guest Article: Following COP 23 Decision on Agriculture: The Role of Agroforestry and a Glance at Peru's Climate Plans
70 Numbers not neutral and only part of a story, say scientists at GLF Bonn
71 48 African Countries Meet in Nairobi to Explore Climate Change Technologies
72 Spectroscopy a tool for improving soil health – and food security
73 Growers reject advice on impact of blue gum tree
74 How climate finance and technology could better integrate women
75 Farmer-managed natural regeneration: the fastest way to restore trees to degraded landscapes?
76 How to plant trees: A guide to the latest tree-planting technologies
77 Mass Movement and the “Femininization” of Agriculture
78 Can African smallholders farm themselves out of poverty?
79 Agroforestry can ensure food security and mitigate the effects of climate change in Africa
80 Water Towers
81 Karl Hughes
82 GLF talks dig deep on food security, soils and social inclusion
83 UK's Prince Charles, CIFOR's Nasi see forests as green infrastructure for new economy
84 Agroforestry with refugees in Uganda: overwhelming demand and a huge desire to plant
85 Leveraging data for transformational change towards climate- and forest-friendly food systems.
86 Defining the role of forests, trees, agroforestry to help curb COVID-19 food crisis
87 International Forests Day: Two heads look to a future of restoration
88 A Stronger ASEAN Response to Potential Transboundary Haze Event in the wake of Pandemics
89 Photos
90 Which Tree? Where? Why? Farmers in India Can Now Choose From 25 Species of Trees Based on Their Usefulness for Timber, Fruit, Fuel, Fodder, Building and Medicine
91 Ensuring a nutritious diet for all. Together.
92 Gender
93 GLF Bonn: Food systems in focus at a time of crisis
94 The COVID-19 challenge: Zoonotic diseases and wildlife
95 Home
96 Science must back initiatives to restore Africa's forests, say experts
97 Gender equality vital part of forest-based climate action, says CIFOR scientist at COP24
98 Forest restoration: Transformative trees
99 Insecurity, COVID-19 hit women-led shea sector on eve of Africa free trade deal
100 Scientists create 'first' map of agroforestry and ecosystem services in Asia-Pacific