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1 The Head of ISIS Is a Snitch. The Group's Enemies Should Use the Revelation to Discredit Him.
2 Top US general in the Mideast says ISIS in Iraq and Syria still long-term threat
3 American teen who once threatened Trump in ISIS video says it's 'sweet relief' being in US
4 Iraq arrests ISIS/Daesh terrorist at Baghdad Airport
5 Iraqi army killed 16 Daesh/ISIS terrorists
6 Iraqi official says combat operations against ISIS by US-led coalition ending after troop drawdown
7 ISIS attack hits Kabul as Pompeo joins Afghanistan peace talks
8 Her Daughter Was Taken By ISIS 6 Years Ago. Now She May Have Found Her
9 Pa. couple pleads guilty to providing support to ISIS from U.S.
10 Pennsylvania Residents Plead Guilty to Conspiring to Provide Material Support to ISIS
11 ISIS attack hits Afghan capital Kabul as Mike Pompeo joins peace talks
12 A Year After al-Baghdadi's Death, ISIS Is Alive -- and Growing
13 ISIS claims responsibility for deadly attack in Kabul
14 The death of Ayman al-Zawahri and the future of al-Qaida
15 Daesh/ISIS terror attack kills 4, injures 3 in Iraq
16 At least 22 dead, 22 wounded in ISIS attack on Afghan university
17 BBC's Panorama & PBS's Frontline Team For Podcast 'I'm Not A Monster' About U.S. Family Who Lived Under ISIS
18 Coalition aircraft launched almost 35,000 strikes on ISIS targets over six years
19 Iraqi Family Identifies Their Son As ISIS Teen At Center Of Navy War Crimes Trial
20 ISIS member asks for defense lawyer | News |
21 More than 50 people beheaded by ISIS-linked attackers in Mozambique
22 ISIS attack hits Afghan capital as Pompeo joins peace talks
23 Gunman who killed 4 in Vienna attack had sought to join ISIS
24 ISIS Attacks An Israeli-Egyptian Pipeline
25 No, MAGA Isn’t “Vanilla Isis”
26 Oregon resident charged with aiding ISIS
27 The Trump Doctrine: Terrorists Lose and Peace Wins
28 Leading Member Of ISIS That Was Granted Asylum Status Has Been Arrested In Greece
29 Indiana mom captured in Syria is sentenced to prison for supporting ISIS
30 Shamima Begum was paid benefits by ISIS and got twice as much as other jihadis, her fanatic husband boasts
31 Brutal ISIS terror stalks northern Mozambique
32 Shamima Begum returning to UK described as 'affront to justice'
33 Syrian Jihadist Filmed Abusing Prisoners Has Been Seeking Asylum In Greece Since 2018 (VIDEO)
34 Italian Magazine: Desperate, Rogue Polisario Now Acting Like ISIS
35 Washington Post Publishes Names and Details of 1,400 Civilians Killed in US-Led Bombings of ISIS
36 Utah man pleads guilty to helping ISIS terror plot
37 Ethiopia Arrests al-Shabaab and ISIS Suspects Planning Attacks
38 5 Daesh/ISIS terror suspects arrested in Turkey
39 US-trained Iraqi counterterrorism forces capture ISIS child recruiter in independent operation
40 Morocco dismantles a terrorist cell affiliated with ISIS
41 Can Case of Samantha Elhassani Be a Positive Example for Repatriation of Other ISIS Wives?
42 ISIS Claims Attack at Saudi WWI Ceremony
43 Kuwait: Five get jail terms for buying weapons for ISIS with donation money
44 Trial opens for ISIS terrorist foiled by American tourists on French train
45 Judge rules Clint Eastwood cannot appear at trial of 'ISIS jihadi'
46 Canadian accused of fabricating past as ISIS executioner ‘Abu Huzayfah’ appears in court
47 ISIS attack hits Afghan capital killing eight
48 The ISIS-Al-Qaeda conspiracy theories on COVID-19
49 Groups associated with al-Qaeda, ISIS spread conspiracy theories about COVID-19: UN report
50 Turkey detains 5 Daesh/ISIS-linked terror suspects
51 Boston Globe columnist suggests no 'difference' between Trump supporters and ISIS
52 Did Deutsche Bank Fund Auschwitz, Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, and ISIS?
53 Spain concerned about increasing enlistment of Sahrawis from Tindouf in ISIS ranks
54 Opinion: Biden should consider the far right as grave a security threat as Isis
55 Shamima Begum told to ‘build a future for us’ by ISIS fighter husband
56 Centre Stage: Isis Davis
57 American who tackled ISIS terrorist on Paris train reveals he tried to shoot the gunman
58 The terrorist threat still lurks: A grim reminder for Joe Biden
59 4 Daesh/ISIS suspects arrested in Turkish capital
60 Turkey steps up attacks on Kurds near Syria’s Raqqa, seized from ISIS in 2017
61 Isis supporter who said ‘attack’ video was just dog command jailed for encouraging terrorism
62 Syrian Army gears up for first major offensive against ISIS this year
63 Al-Qaeda, ISIS Linked Groups Spread Conspiracy Theories On Covid: UN Report
64 Isis Davis: ‘The internet can be a scary place. I’m grateful I didn’t have it as a child’
65 Histria Books Announces the Release of "Rescued from ISIS Terror" by Firas Jumaah and Charlotta Turner
66 NATO Chief Warns Trump: Leaving Afghanistan Would Only Help ISIS
67 ISIS claims gas pipeline blast between Egypt and Israel without evidence
68 Al Tanf garrison: America’s strategic baggage in the Middle East
69 Former ISIS recruit reportedly living in Calgary granted new freedom to overnight at ski resorts
70 Two convicted terrorists released early onto Britain's streets with three more to follow
71 Teen spirit to the fore at Isis High prom – Bundaberg Now
72 ISIS attacks surge in Africa even as Trump boasts of a ‘100-percent’ defeated caliphate
73 ISIS is using the COVID distraction to rearm and regroup
74 Bangladeshi couple pleads guilty in US court to helping ISIS
75 Syrian National Arrested in Greece as Suspected ISIS Member
76 2015 ISIS Train Attack Trial Begins In France
77 Elkhart woman sentenced to 6 years for supporting ISIS
78 The jihadist threat is outliving its global leaders
79 ISIS claims attack in Kabul that killed at least 8
80 Two ISIS fighters charged in deaths of American journalists and aid workers in Syria
81 Trial Begins For 2015 ISIS Train Attack In France
82 ISIS exploiting coronavirus security gaps to relaunch insurgency, UN report warns
83 DOJ To Charge Suspected 'Beatles' ISIS Militants
84 ISIS extremists step up attacks as Iraq, Syria grapple with virus
85 What to Know About the Threat of ISIS During Coronavirus | Time
86 ISIS Attacks Surge in Iraq Amid Debate on U.S. Troop Levels
87 Syria: Restart Efforts to Find Victims Kidnapped by ISIS
88 The Inconvenient Truth About ISIS
89 ISIS is using coronavirus to rebuild its terrorism network in Iraq and Syria
90 ISIS-Affiliated Fighters Take Control Of A Strategic Port In Mozambique
91 A Yazidi Survivor's Struggle Shows The Pain That Endures After ISIS Attack
92 The appeal of ISIS fades among Europeans who returned home from Syria
93 ISIS seeks to exploit pandemic to mount resurgence in Iraq and Syria
94 ISIS Is No Reason to Stay in Iraq
95 ISIS terrorists known as the 'Beatles' likely to be brought to U.S. in coming days
96 Isis: Resilient On Sixth Anniversary
97 Western Countries Leave Children of ISIS in Syrian Camps
98 UN report warns ISIS is reasserting under new leader believed to be behind Yazidi genocide
99 Terrorism on a budget: Americans who joined ISIS or planned attacks did so with little money
100 Centcom Chief: Enduring ISIS Defeat Requires Plans for Refugees, Local Security