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1 'We're obsessed with Christmas!' IDS rages in post-December lockdown warning for 2021
2 Lockdown in all but name is bitter blow for business, says former Tory leader IAIN DUNCAN SMITH
3 Iain Duncan Smith warns PM over coronavirus police powers at Christmas
4 Iain Duncan Smith savages Chris Whitty in staggering rant on 'business breaker' lockdown
5 UK’s ‘big state’ must shrink if Britain is going to avoid bankruptcy, Sir Iain Duncan Smith says
6 Iain Duncan Smith tells Joe Biden to 'butt out' of Brexit
7 Iain Duncan Smith: Priti Patel didn't just erupt, civil servants didn't do their jobs
8 Now is not the time to buckle on Brexit — no deal is better than a bad deal
9 'BAME is a useless term' says Centre for Social Justice think-tank
10 'Power is going to her head!' IDS dismantles 'Scroogy' Sturgeon's demands for independence
11 Iain Duncan Smith shames EU for breaking OWN rules amid Brexit Internal Market Bill row
12 London Covid: 'Nightmare' Tier 3 rules for London that would be 'like another lockdown'
13 IDS was late to an event Under his own rules his benefits would
14 ‘Sage has pressurised the Government into taking this decision’: Political figures react to lockdown
15 Who's in charge here? Boris 'BULLIED by medical advisers' over coronavirus lockdown
16 IDS: Sage has demanded a pound of flesh
17 Hold your nerve Boris! EU has more to gain than UK from Brexit trade deal says IDS
18 Maybe Matt Hancock should take 60 years off sick the next time he has a cough
19 Child poverty in 21st century Scotland is a scourge that should have been eradicated long ago
20 Covid: Hospitals could be overwhelmed without new tiers, says Gove
21 Iain Duncan Smith calls for review of Chinese investment in UK
22 Scientists Have Been 'Abysmal' With COVID Forecasts, British Official Says
23 Arise, Sir Iain Duncan Smith – the man whose welfare reforms shame Britain
24 Why Iain Duncan Smith knighthood was ‘slap in the face’
25 PM urged to call in police to find identity of 'Chatty Rat' who leaked plans for second lockdown
26 MPs amp up pressure to avoid placing London in Tier 3
27 IAIN DUNCAN SMITH: We must stop kow-towing to these despots
28 Brexit ULTIMATUM: 'No sell out' to Brussels to get a deal, vows Boris
29 Boris warned 'don't sell out Britain' as Brexit deal looms
30 London lockdown: Iain Duncan Smith lambasts decision to put capital into Tier 2 measures
31 Coronavirus has exposed extent of slavery in UK, says Sir Iain Duncan Smith
32 Calls to boycott Beijing Winter Olympics grow as IDS backs sending 'message' to China
33 COVID-19: The PM has burned through his political capital to set a strict course for the next few months
34 Iain Duncan Smith: Burden of coronavirus payback will fall hardest on poorest
35 Iain Duncan Smith furious at Boris Johnson's reluctance to ditch 10pm COVID curfew
36 'We're leaving, we're sovereign!' Iain Duncan Smith attacks Remainer 'doomsday dossier'
37 Iain Duncan Smith Commons speech comes back to haunt him
38 Quick, hide! How the PM and his top aides dodged IDS... on the day he won No10 for Boris Johnson
39 Iain Duncan Smith calls China the new Nazi Germany
40 Boris Johnson will never defeat Covid and UK must learn to live with it, says Iain Duncan Smith
41 I will not defend Priti Patel because of her ethnicity and gender — she clings on thanks to the chumocracy
42 Iain Duncan Smith complains Brexit deal he voted for 'denies true national independence'
43 UK’s ruling Conservative Party is burning bridges with China
44 UK politician Duncan Smith calls for Government to lobby IOC over Beijing 2022
45 Keir Starmer is Labour's Iain Duncan Smith
46 Iain Duncan Smith says Government should unleash £460m benefit reform in wake of Covid
47 Don't lecture Britain over Brexit, Iain Duncan Smith tells Joe Biden
48 'Terrible bad joke!' Starmer's Covid plan torn apart by Iain Duncan Smith in damning rant
49 Brexit: Patriotism does not have to mean nationalism – Yorkshire Post Letters
50 Concerns over pupils being repeatedly sent home for Covid-related reasons
51 Iain Duncan Smith: UK needs to urgently review nuclear contracts with China
52 Iain Duncan Smith tells government to "put things right" over A-level shambles
53 BBC backlash: How Iain Duncan Smith fumed at 'carping and moaning' broadcaster
54 Iain Duncan Smith lashes out at China in fiery debate
55 UK Sends £81million Of Taxpayers Money A Year In Aid To China
56 Iain Duncan Smith SNAPS after Brexit warning
57 Iain Duncan Smith accuses scientists of getting coronavirus response 'completely wrong from start'
58 EU's utter contempt for Britain will wreck any hope of Brexit deal IAIN DUNCAN SMITH
59 Iain Duncan Smith tells Joe Biden not to 'lecture' Britain on Northern Ireland
60 Iain Duncan Smith warns of two 'real nightmares' UK will have to confront over coronavirus
61 Iain Duncan Smith snaps at Channel 4 host in furious coronavirus row 'There's a limit!'
62 Iain Duncan Smith admits the five-week wait for Universal Credit is pointless – but wouldn't change it
63 Lord Magan of Castletown declared bankrupt with debts of £14m
64 Sir Iain Duncan Smith is wrong to say that only 15% of people ever move above low pay
65 Iain Duncan Smith tried to stop MPs from debating the Brexit Bill
66 Sir Iain Duncan Smith – 'Hong Kong is now a rescue mission'
67 Iain Duncan Smith says universal basic income during coronavirus pandemic would be 'disincentive to work'
68 London Mayor shamed: 'Weak' Sadiq Khan attacked over 'latest betrayal of our capital'
69 Boris Johnson ‘hid in a bedroom’ to avoid having to talk to Iain Duncan Smith about Brexit, book claims
70 'I would have turned to military on day one' – former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith
71 Iain Duncan Smith and Eleanor Laing welcome government A-level U-turn
72 Iain Duncan Smith: Getting UK back to work ‘absolute priority’
73 Anger over 'utter hypocrisy' of Iain Duncan Smith knighthood
74 Iain Duncan Smith labels HSBC's support for China in Hong Kong a 'grave error'
75 It's time we took seriously the danger of a no-deal Brexit
76 EU stance in Brexit negotiations 'a complete chaotic mess': Iain Duncan Smith
77 Removing Huawei makes sense. Waiting seven years to do it does not, says IAIN DUNCAN SMITH
78 Iain Duncan Smith says Boris isn’t bluffing
79 BBC Breakfast viewers slam ‘out of touch’ Iain Duncan Smith interview
80 New tier system means quarter of the country pays price for high Covid cases next door
81 'He didn't carry on at same level, he delegated a lot of decision making' – Sir Iain Duncan Smith on Boris Johnson
82 Iain Duncan Smith: Lockdown could do more damage than coronavirus
83 The Tory lockdown revolt shows Boris Johnson’s struggles will not end easily
84 Iain Duncan Smith warns 'ridiculous addiction' to China must end after COVID-19 cover-up
85 Tory grandee Iain Duncan Smith urges No10 to 'rethink' China ties in wake of coronavirus crisis
86 Brussels exposed: Iain Duncan Smith outlines new ace up PM's sleeve as Brexit talks spiral
87 'Longer we stay on lockdown, the more companies will go bankrupt' – former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith
88 UK Conservative lawmaker Duncan Smith says time to get Brexit done
89 Petition against Iain Duncan Smith knighthood tops 220,000
90 Government majority cut as almost 40 Tories rebel over Huawei
91 Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith erupts at EU for 'bullying' UK: 'Brussels broke law first!'
92 Iain Duncan Smith SHUTS down calls for UK to be tied to Brussels rules after Brexit
93 Britain could become even more dependent on China, warns Sir Iain Duncan Smith
94 Iain Duncan Smith holds on to his seat despite Labour campaign to unseat him
95 It's time to unlock the lockdown and trust the common sense of the British people
96 'You're getting it wrong!' Iain Duncan Smith snaps at BBC host in furious immigration row
97 Iain Duncan Smith says UK Brexit negotiating team ‘not up to job’
98 Tory DWP veteran Iain Duncan Smith says Universal Credit needs more money
99 Iain Duncan Smith hits out at 'absolute morons' who vandalised his Conservative office in east London
100 Former Tory Leader Accuses Huawei Of "Disgraceful" Exploitation Of Coronavirus Pandemic