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1 Fight in NSW parliament over ICAC funding
2 Role of the ICAC
3 KSL Investigates: Child Predator Tips Jumped 50% In Utah During COVID-19
4 Proposed federal Icac won't be able to prevent corruption, critics say
5 Two more child pornography suspects are arrested by Fontana Police Department
6 Greens, Labor demand funding for ICAC amid Parliament stoush
7 Transport Minister requests ICAC to investigate controversial land deal
8 Crossbenchers say federal Icac won't be operational before next election
9 Internal probe into toxic Sydney land deal two years ago went nowhere
10 It's not that there's no time for a federal Icac. There's simply no will
11 A bark with bite: Australia needs an ICAC-styled national independent watchdog, says academic
12 Gilbert man charged for crimes related to the sexual exploitation of a minor
13 Upper house votes for Premier Gladys Berejiklian to be referred to ICAC
14 Former AFP officer says any 'federal ICAC' must have the power to tap politicians' phones
15 Coalition's plan for federal ICAC plan will create a toothless tiger
16 Government finally proposes federal ICAC, 11 months after receiving draft
17 Hokes Bluff man arrested for child pornography
18 Eighty-one per cent of Australian voters want a federal Icac, Guardian Essential poll shows
19 An ICAC is not a star chamber
20 ‘Insulting’: ICAC’s covert diplomat tapes in Maguire case
21 PNG hailed on passing of ICAC law
22 Need for a federal ICAC has never been clearer
23 Man accused of possessing, distributing files of child sexual abuse material
24 Charlestown Man Arrested On Child Molesting And Child Pornography Charges
25 'Remarkable intervention': ICAC chief calls on Parliament to step in on funding conflict
26 Watchdog hamstrung on ICAC
27 People want an ICAC, Government offers them a sham: Bandt
28 Attorney General Raoul: Fayette County Man Charged With Possession Of Child Pornography
29 Scott Morrison's gold standard ICAC distractions
30 Mark Latham demands ICAC investigation into NSW Premier
31 Questions raised over ICAC bug
32 Government's Sham ICAC Has No Friends
33 Coronavirus pandemic giving sex predators more access to children, detectives say
34 NSW would be a more unsavoury place without Icac. We need a real federal anti-corruption body
35 Sex crimes against children tips triple during COVID, says ICAC commander
36 Labor says scandals are behind federal Icac delay as Coalition blames Covid
37 34 Central Valley men arrested for trying to meet children for sex, Fresno County sheriff says
38 Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC): Findings relating to the University of Adelaide
39 Icac findings: Gladys Berejiklian to know her fate by Christmas
40 Given the evidence, the intrusion of Icac’s public hearings into Gladys Berejiklian’s private life is justified
41 ICAC Investigations Lead to Two Clearwater County Men Being Charged With Alleged Sexual Exploitation of a Child
42 Fontana P.D.'s Internet Crimes Against Children unit is one of the most aggressive units of its kind in the nation
43 Montgomery County ICAC combats Child Exploitation amid COVID-19 Pandemic
44 Icac's independence 'threatened' by NSW funding model
45 Internet Crimes Against Children task force arrests two men: charges related to child pornography
46 GBI arrests 10 in Clayton for child expliotation
47 Yakima resident arrested for several charges related child pornography
48 Can you challenge an ICAC search warrant on the ground that it does not contain sufficient information?
49 NC authorities report "unprecedented" rise in tips for cyber crimes against children
50 Predators target children online at alarming rates during pandemic
51 NSW Coalition putting 'head in the sand' over corruption watchdog's $4m funding shortfall
52 GBI Unit on Children, Internet Crimes Has Been Busy Since Schools Ceased In-Person Classes
53 Why child pornography complaints have soared in San Diego County during the pandemic
54 Ex-NSW MP stood to earn $690,000 for helping to 'grease the wheels' in land sale, Icac hears
55 “Operation Broken Arrow” Targets On-line Child Predators
56 Nashua Police and ICAC Task Force Net 8 Arrests on Child Exploitation
57 Palm Coast man arrested for 30 counts of possession of child pornography
58 Man Shot and Killed By Officers During Execution of ICAC Search Warrant Near Weippe
59 SPD Detectives Assist in Arresting Texas Man for Soliciting Sex From Seattle Child
60 Internet crimes against children on the rise in Idaho
61 Stockton man arrested for arranging to rape 9-year-old girl in Fresno, deputies say
62 ICAC investigation leads to arrest
63 BRIEF-Dingyi Group Investment Updates On Investigation Conducted By ICAC
64 No rush for federal ICAC as Labor seizes on 'seriously dodgy' deal
65 Former ICAC Commissioner David Ipp dies aged 82
66 NEW: Warren Little League & Pop Warner Football Coach Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography
67 ICAC confirms ongoing criminal investigations into unnamed South Australian MPs
68 Public forgives the Premier for ICAC but she is on notice
69 Federal ICAC Now: You can make a difference
70 The birth of Federal ICAC Now
71 Turn Back The Clock Tuesday
72 Daryl Maguire oversold position as 'chairman' to charm Chinese business: ICAC
73 Berejiklian summonsed to NSW ICAC hearing
74 Damage to the Iran Centrifuge Assembly Center (ICAC) at Natanz
75 Electronics sniffing dog funded by ICE aids in fighting child exploitation
76 Northeast Ohio authorities arrest 27 men accused of attempting to sexually abuse children
77 We need a federal ICAC now more than ever
78 Defendant Sentenced to 30 years in prison following ICAC Taskforce Investigation
79 Tamed, toothless and lying doggo
80 GBI Arrests Six Men on Child Exploitation Charges in Columbus
81 Former MP told his business partner to 'delete' records: ICAC
82 NSW corruption watchdog has brought down premiers, ministers and corrupt police
83 Crimes Against Children Task Force announces new K-9
84 Detectives for Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) teach parents about internet dangers
85 ICAC to retrieve former Wagga MP Daryl Maguire's 'concealed' hard drive from Parliament House
86 Pressure mounts on government to pass federal ICAC plan
87 Howard City man arrested for child sexually abusive activity
88 Who needs a federal Icac when we've got the IntegriBot 5000
89 Milton man arrested for possession of child pornography
90 ICAC funding should be independent of Department of Premier and Cabinet
91 Electronic storage detection dog joins New Hampshire Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force
92 Victorian scandal shows need for federal ICAC
93 ICAC to investigate corruption claims against former NSW Liberal MP
94 PNG minister suggests new ICAC be headed by a foreigner
95 How a corrupt Hong Kong police force became ‘Asia’s finest’
96 'Blow-by-blow' file note after extraordinary meeting with Daryl Maguire: ICAC
97 New ICAC confirms she will continue corruption investigation into SA Liberal MPs
98 27 men arrested in Ohio undercover child sex sting
99 A 'pretty good deal:' ICAC hears details of cash for rural visa scheme
100 ICAC eyes property crooks through 'world-leading' digital planning portal