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1 Hitchcock Ichnological Cabinet – Amherst, Massachusetts
2 The First Scientist to Study Dinosaur Footprints Thought Giant Birds Made Them
3 Hitchcock's Primeval Birds | Science
4 'Lepeichnus giberti', a new trace fossil with exceptional characteristics in the palaeontology world
5 Footprints from 10,000 years ago reveal treacherous trek of traveler, toddler
6 Georgia Coast Atlas: A Portal to Hidden Stories
7 Humans reached Saudi Arabia at least 120,000 years ago
8 A typical teenager’s stroll: Carrying a baby and dodging mammoths
9 Joseph Barratt's Grave – Middletown, Connecticut
10 Where Dinosaurs Walked: Eight of the Best Places to See Prehistoric Footprints
11 Way We Were: The era of explosive volcanoes in Park City
12 Art World Roundup: a £1.1M facemask, the search for the owners of a painting stolen in WWII, and more
13 Mysterious footprint fossils point to dancing dinosaur mating ritual
14 Late Ediacaran trackways produced by bilaterian animals with paired appendages
15 World's Oldest Fossil Impression Of Flying Insect Discovered: Found In Suburban Strip Mall
16 Lyme Regis Museum – Dorset, England
17 The origins of paleontology
18 Book Review: 'Dinosaurs Without Bones' by Anthony J. Martin
19 Half-a-billion year old worm fossils shed new light on animal evolution
20 Fossil Detectives Close the Case on Prehistoric Spider Footprints
21 Ashfall Fossil Beds – Royal, Nebraska
22 Are These Markings in South Africa the World's Earliest Sand Sculptures?
23 Early post-mortem formation of carbonate concretions around tusk-shells over week-month timescales
24 Laetoli's lost tracks: 3D generated mean shape and missing footprints
25 14,000-Year-Old Human Hand- and Footprints Found in Italian Cave | Archaeology
26 Dinosaurs Left Their Footprints in a Scorched Earth and That Had Stages of Death and Rebirth in the Jurassic Epoch
27 Tübingen University Paleontological Collection – Tübingen, Germany
28 Found: The First Known Footprints of an Elusive Sabre-Toothed Cat
29 Walking in the footsteps of giants: what fossil prints can tell us | Elsa Panciroli
30 Emily Dickinson's Bedroom – Amherst, Massachusetts
31 Friday Field Photo #156: Meandering Tracks of an Ancient Critter
32 Hidden ‘Jesus’ found under famous Leonardo da Vinci painting – mysteriously covered up for centuries
33 Tetrapod Trackway – Kerry, Ireland
34 Hakai Magazine – Where Our Human Ancestors Made an Impression
35 Mysterious ‘secret drawings’ by Leonardo da Vinci found hidden beneath famous painting
36 Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘lost sketch’ for world’s longest bridge with no supports or glue would’ve worked, scienti
37 Wild bear filmed by young boy in French Pyrenees
38 The adventures of Dyzio the feathered Dilophosaurus
39 Heinrich's digital Kentrosaurus: the SJG stegosaur special, part II
40 Dino track in Lesotho
41 Where an epoch lies — The Indy
42 How may people does a Kaiju need to eat every day?
43 Birthday Special: Leonardo da Vinci, the Apex of Human Genius Inspires us Even 566 Years Since his Birth
44 2 May in history: US forces kill bin Laden in Pakistan