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1 Ilhan Omar underperforms Biden in Minnesota in 2020
2 Squad member Ilhan Omar wins reelection in Minnesota House race
3 Rep. Ilhan Omar terminates contract with husband's consulting firm
4 Ilhan Omar accuses journalist Glenn Greenwald of 'weird assertion' for saying she defended John Brennan, Logan
5 Cape Up Live: Rep. Ilhan Omar with Jonathan Capehart
6 Ilhan Omar fires back at Dem colleagues for urging moderation
7 Representative Ilhan Omar: ‘I Hope President Biden Seizes This Opportunity.’
8 Ilhan Omar's campaign paid her husband's firm nearly $2.8M
9 Minnesota Fifth Congressional District Results: Ilhan Omar vs. Lacy Johnson
10 Rep. Ilhan Omar Underperformed Joe Biden In Her Own District
11 Ilhan Omar: 'Cancel rent and mortgage payments now'
12 Squad members AOC, Omar plug campaign merchandise for Black Friday
13 Rep. Ilhan Omar gets into Twitter smackdown with Georgia GOP women
14 EXCLUSIVE: Ilhan Omar calls for end to American sponsorship of police brutality
15 Ilhan Omar: Defund Israel over illegal Bedouin homes that were demolished
16 'The Squad' stays strong: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib win reelection
17 Rep. Ilhan Omar Accuses Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'
18 Ilhan Omar calls on Biden to reverse Trump's deals with the Middle East
19 Ilhan Omar urges Biden to reverse Trump's Middle East deals
20 Ilhan Omar addresses Democratic caucus infighting post-election
21 ‘Bye bye Trump’: Ilhan Omar and others celebrate as president finally begins transition
22 Ilhan Omar to President-elect Biden: Seize 'Once-in-a-Generation' Chance to End Disastrous US Foreign Policy
23 Meet the 'Freedom Force,' the GOP's answer to AOC's 'Squad'
24 Ilhan Omar calls for dismantling police, say Biden will be r
25 Book Review: ‘Black Futures,’ by Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham
26 Malliotakis mulls conservative clique to counter AOC’s 'Squad'
27 Omar to Biden: Seize "once-in-a-generation" chance to end disastrous U.S. foreign policy
28 Ilhan Omar Urges Biden to Annul Israel-UAE Peace, Drop Saudi Arabia, Push Palestinian State
29 New group 'Freedom Force' vows to be GOP answer to AOC's 'Squad'
30 Ilhan Omar Wins Minnesota Congressional Primary
31 A day after refusing to condemn white supremacists, Trump aims a xenophobic attack at Ilhan Omar.
32 Ilhan Omar Is Not Here to Put You at Ease
33 Rep. Ilhan Omar responds to President Donald Trump's attacks: 'This is my country'
34 Democrats bash Lindsey Graham over claims he pressured Georgia to discard ballots: ‘Morally reprehensible’
35 ‘The Truths I Tell Are An Inconvenience’: Rep. Ilhan Omar Unapologetic, Unfazed In Her Quest For 2nd Term
36 US Congresswoman Omar Calls on Biden to Reverse Trump's Deals with the Middle East
37 As White Americans Die, Racial Inequality in the US May Get Much Worse
38 Rep. Ilhan Omar on the moment that will 'reshape our whole system'
39 Rep. Ilhan Omar, daughter featured on cover of Teen Vogue
40 Embrace this win, Kamala Harris [letter] | Letters To The Editor
41 Rep. Ilhan Omar will support Biden, but said it's important to 'believe survivors'
42 Biden Brings the Gang Back Together
43 Ilhan Omar On Her Memoir And Moving The Needle Toward Progressive Policies
44 For Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, re-election turnout is about more than a win
45 False headline claim: Ilhan Omar faces 40 years in prison and deportation
46 Progressives Can’t Repeat the Mistakes of 2008
47 Challenger Melton-Meaux outraises Rep. Ilhan Omar
48 Biden bets on a diverse Cabinet and staff to handle the problems of a diverse nation
49 US should clear the sale of F-35s to Abu Dhabi
50 The War on Thanksgiving
51 Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Father Dies From Complications of Covid-19
52 ‘We don’t need someone distracted with Twitter’: Ilhan Omar fights off tough primary challenge
53 Primary challenge to Rep. Ilhan Omar attracts big money
54 Column: Here is why Democrats fared so poorly in Florida
55 The Media Said Ilhan Omar Was Fighting for Her Political Life. She Won Easily.
56 Attacks sharpen divisions in Minnesota battle between Ilhan Omar and Antone Melton-Meaux
57 Ilhan Omar: When I spoke out about systemic oppression, the Republican response was vicious
58 Among Us: the video game that has shot 100 million players into outer space
59 Antone Melton-Meaux challenge puts Ilhan Omar's style, controversies to the test
60 Biden bids to placate the left as he builds centrist transition team
61 This Is What America Looks Like review: Ilhan Omar inspires – and stays fired up
62 US House race to watch: Ilhan Omar vs Lacy Johnson
63 2-24-20: Lacy Johnson; Ilhan Omar; Rodney Davis;
64 Rep. Ilhan Omar Says ‘Status Quo’ Giving Challenger Antone Melton-Meaux Fundraising Dominance
65 Representative Ilhan Omar Talks to Teen Vogue About the Squad and Sexism in Congress
66 Ilhan Omar: If Democrats want to win, focus on nonvoters
67 US-House-All, 5th Add,400
68 Ilhan Omar Attack Ad Goes After $1.1M In Campaign Funds Paid To Her Husband’s Firm
69 Democratic challenge materializes to Rep. Ilhan Omar
70 ‘Project Veritas’ Report Claims Ilhan Omar Supporters Harvested Ballots
71 Transition Roundup: Biden Team Makes Contact With Over 50 Agencies; Progressives Target OMB and Regulatory Affairs Picks
72 Ilhan Omar says protests valid, destruction not
73 Progressives Say Biden Must Embrace Left-Leaning Policies
74 Minnesota Dem slams Ilhan Omar, says she 'doesn't belong in our party'
75 OPINION EXCHANGE | Why I'm challenging Ilhan Omar in the primary
76 Ilhan Omar: ‘I always stand up to bullies’
77 Defend Ilhan Omar
78 Defund-police supporters tell Biden they're 'not going away'
79 Ilhan Omar Talks Minnesota Primary, Her Father's Death, and Overcoming | GEN
80 Civil War, the Challenges of Motherhood and Life in America: What Ilhan Omar Learned from What She's Survived
81 Omar marries political consultant, months after affair claim
82 BDS Faces Setbacks Amid New Political Landscape | Jewish & Israel News
83 Ilhan Omar, Keith Ellison Among Muslim American Officials To Endorse Joe Biden
84 U.S. House 5th District voter's guide: Rep. Ilhan Omar challenged by Lacy Johnson, Michael Moore
85 Ilhan Omar: 2020 Election Guide
86 Rep. Ilhan Omar Announces 4 Bills Addressing Police, Governmental Response After George Floyd’s Death
87 New 'squad' member suggests Biden needs to pay minority communities back after election support
88 Ilhan Omar, Marjorie Taylor Greene Win House Primaries
89 New York man who threatened Rep. Ilhan Omar sentenced to 1 year in prison
90 Fact check: Rep. Ilhan Omar was not photographed at an al-Qaida training camp
91 Representative Ilhan Omar and Isra Hirsi on the Future of Politics and 2020
92 DFL Endorses Incumbent Ilhan Omar for Congressional Seat
93 Who Are the Mysterious Firms Working for Ilhan Omar's Challenger?
94 Rep. Ilhan Omar Tweets ‘I Am Heartbroken’ As Flames Proliferate Near MPD’s 3rd Precinct
95 Zakat Foundation of America, Rep. Ilhan Omar provide 18,000 pounds of fresh produce to Minneapolis
96 That Better America for Everyone: Talking to Representative Ilhan Omar
97 WATCH: Rep. Ilhan Omar holds news conference on systemic racism
98 OPINION EXCHANGE | Endorsement counterpoint: The times we're in call for courage. Ilhan Omar has it.
99 Omar criticizes fellow House Democrats on police brutality, despite sweeping reform bill
100 CAIR Condemns Trump's Latest 'Racist and Xenophobic' Attack on Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota