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1 Quarantine May Negatively Affect Kids’ Immune Systems
2 COVID-19 immunity: How long do antibodies Last?
3 The gut trains the immune system to protect the brain
4 Coronavirus humoral immunity may decline in months after infection-study
5 Immunity to the coronavirus may last years, new data hint
6 Immunity to SARS-CoV-2 Lasts at Least Six Months, Data Show
7 More people are getting COVID-19 twice, suggesting immunity wanes quickly in some
8 Questions and Answers About Your Immune System and Winter
9 Could COVID-19 immunity last decades? Here’s the science.
10 The immune and circulatory systems are functionally integrated across insect evolution
11 Boost your immune system for winter with food
12 Immune responses during embryo development could increase risk of schizophrenia
13 This holiday family tradition may not be immune to COVID, but it can adapt
14 Channeling the immune system for head and neck cancer
15 New insights into how the CRISPR immune system evolved
16 Will social distancing weaken my immune system?
17 Ways you might be secretly sabotaging your immune system
18 Boosting your immune system during the holidays
19 These at-home exercises can help older people boost their immune system and overall health in the age of COVID-19
20 Three vitamins, minerals to boost your immune system and fight COVID-19
21 Immunity to COVID-19 may persist six months or more
22 13 Foods to Boost Your Immune System and Fight Sickness
23 Strong Immunity, Stronger Community: Boosting a Child's Immune System
24 MSK Study Is the First to Link Microbiota to Dynamics of the Human Immune System
25 Modeling studies show 60-70 pct of population need to be immune to curb COVID-19 transmission: WHO
26 Fusion Health and Vitality Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Core Essential Nutrients and Immune Boost Sublingual Vitamin D3 Due to the Unapproved Use of a Food Additive and Unapproved Marketing Statements
27 Coronavirus immunity lasts months, if not years, study finds
28 In fatal COVID-19, the immune response can control the virus but kill the patient
29 3 at-home exercises to boost your immune system
30 New Type of Test May Better Discern Immunity to the Coronavirus
31 Can Supplements Boost Your Immunity This Winter?
32 Mybiopassport Launches The “COVID-19 & Immunity Profile” At-home Blood Collection Test
33 Coated nanoparticles survive immune system and deliver drugs
34 Have you herd (sic), immunity coming soon
35 Gut Immune Cells May Help Send Multiple Sclerosis Into Remission
36 How the immune system remembers viruses: Immune response: memory T cells are formed earlier than previously thought
37 Slideshow What Doctors Do to Boost Their Immune Systems
38 Coronavirus: Santa Claus has ‘innate immunity’ to COVID-19, Dr. Fauci says
39 Training the innate immune system to fight cancer
40 The Foods to Boost Your Energy Levels and Immune System as We Head Into Covid Winter
41 Q&A: How vaccines can strengthen immune response beyond a specific disease
42 Herd immunity for COVID-19
43 Doctor says best way to bolster your immune system is through healthy habits
44 How the CRISPR Immune System Evolved
45 When will the world reach ‘herd immunity'? Citi economists weigh in
46 Seasonal rhythms within immune systems may explain infection rates – study
47 Tiny swimming boat, AI summarizes research and COVID immunity
48 Natrol® Unveils Full Line of Immunity Products Designed to Protect, Support and Better Manage Immune Health
49 Turning playgrounds into little forests improves the immune system of day­care chil­dren
50 Oxford University vaccine results show strong immune response in older demographic
51 Experts dispute Sanford CEO's COVID-19 immunity claims
52 The known unknowns of T cell immunity to COVID-19
53 Letter: Does your body's immune system come from a vial?
54 A dietary defense against disease: Proper nutrition can boost your immune system
55 Early Trials Of Chinese Company's Vaccine Show It Triggers An Immune Response
56 HEART OF WELLNESS Immune-strong movement and nutrition
57 How Exercise Might Affect Immunity to Lower Cancer Risk
58 Why experts say we need to stop talking about herd immunity
59 COVID-19: Could immunity last at least 6 months?
60 How two immune system chemicals may trigger COVID-19’s deadly cytokine storms
61 Report: Fauci says Santa Claus has immunity to COVID-19, will still bring holiday cheer this year
62 Siemens Healthineers to offer antibody test for quantifying COVID-19 immunity
63 Immune cells are responding to Covid six months after infection, study finds
64 Engineered immune cells elicit broad response to HIV in mice, offering hope for vaccine
65 Why our immune system might be better at fighting COVID-19 than we think
66 4 ways to support your natural immune defenses during cold and flu season
67 Six months immunity following COVID-19 infection, say researchers
68 Covid immune response faster and stronger post-infection, scientists say
69 CORE and Immune Boost vitamins recalled due to unapproved additive and marketing claims
70 Genetic disposition protects immune system from aging: Study reveals a previously unknown function of a human gene
71 How your diet could help you avoid or fight off coronavirus and the flu
72 Gut Immune Cells That Travel to Brain May Help Resolve MS Disease...
73 Cellular context of IL-33 expression dictates impact on anti-helminth immunity
74 Mybiopassport Launches The "COVID-19 & Immunity Profile" At-home Blood Collection Test
75 Elderberry may be one of the best immune-boosting fruits — here's how it can benefit your health
76 How to spike your immunity
77 This wedding season, glow with good skin health and strong immunity
78 Marine jewels for immunity seekers
79 Robots are not immune to bias and injustice
80 Parents Of Man Killed In U.K. Crash Lose Their Challenge To U.S. Diplomatic Immunity
81 Expanded study tests immune response of care home staff and residents
82 Challenges in creating herd immunity to SARS-CoV-2 infection by mass vaccination
83 Fauci says Santa Claus has 'innate immunity,' won't be spreading COVID-19 to anyone this Christmas
84 Analysis: Can first COVID-19 vaccines bring herd immunity? Experts have doubts
85 Suddenly, Swedes are ‘very worried’ that the ‘herd immunity’ strategy is no match for COVID
86 Covid-19: how vaccines lead to immunity – podcast | Science
87 Sweden sees no signs herd immunity is stopping virus
88 Best supplements to boost the immune system: The health drink recommended to fight colds
89 Metro doctors remain unsure over degrees of immunity following COVID-19 diagnosis
90 Getting Answers: COVID-19 and immunity
91 Do Waning COVID-19 Antibodies Mean Loss of Immunity?
92 Herd immunity by May?
93 Herd immunity?
94 Munson stands firm against herd immunity concept | Local News
95 Paging Dr. Hamblin: Will I Slowly Get Immunity Just Going About My Life?
96 COVID-19: Who is immune without having an infection?
97 Covid Vaccine Delays Undermine Indonesia’s Path to Immunity
98 PPM1G restricts innate immune signaling mediated by STING and MAVS and is hijacked by KSHV for immune evasion
99 Herd immunity will happen quickly with widely-available COVID-19 vaccine, medical expert says
100 The danger of legal immunity for those who expose others to Covid-19 | Editorial