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1 Improving Cancer Immunotherapy by Blocking Glucose Supply
2 Post-Doctoral Associate Position in Tumor Immunology/Immunotherapy at
3 Edwin Kim, MD, MS: Uncovering the Factors of Peanut Allergy Immunotherapy
4 Funding the Future of Cancer Research: The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy Awards Nearly $3 Million to Six Early Career Researchers
5 Bill Ludwig, patient who helped pioneer cancer immunotherapy at Penn, dies at 75 of COVID-19
6 What's next for T-cell therapies: Q&A with Dr. Stanley Riddell
7 Penn immunotherapy pioneer Carl June shares prize from Israeli foundation that also honors Fauci
8 Future of immunotherapy could be 'off-the-shelf' treatments
9 Immunotherapy drug delays onset of Type 1 diabetes in at-risk group
10 Faecal transplant benefits cancer immunotherapy non-responders
11 Fecal Transplant Overcomes Resistance to Immunotherapy
12 Middle East matters
13 Intrommune Therapeutics Publishes Peanut Allergy and Immunotherapy Report
14 U. Cancer Center pilot projects: developing cancer therapeutics
15 U. Cancer Center pilot projects: investigating cancer connections
16 Smectite promotes probiotic biofilm formation in gut for cancer immunotherapy
17 Cancer immunotherapy adapted to fight dangerous fungal infections
18 New gut microbiome-based approach may have translational potential for cancer immunotherapy
19 ACGT awards $500,000 to advance immunotherapy approach for treating solid tumors
20 Handcuffing the culprit cancer: Immunotherapy for cold tumors with trispecific antibody
21 Why Some Melanoma Patients Do Not Respond to Immunotherapy
22 Penn Medicine Cancer Cell Therapy Pioneer Carl June, MD, Named 2021 Dan David Prize Laureate
23 Carl June: Dan David Prize Laureate
24 Winter Trustees Meeting Coverage
25 Transforming immune killer T-cells into 'super soldiers' to fight against cancer
26 Merck withdraws Keytruda in type of lung cancer amid 'industry-wide' review by FDA
27 To improve immunotherapy, researchers look to shift immune cells' access to sugar
28 PICI awards $3 million to support early career cancer researchers
29 Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer to Host Virtual Leadership Institute Focusing on Professional Development of Women in Cancer Immunotherapy
30 Melanoma Resistance to Checkpoint Therapy Scrutinized with Perturb-CITE-Seq
31 Help UM Biomedical Research Teams Compete in the Annual STAT Madness Tournament
32 Ionic liquid formulation kills cancer cells, allows uniform distribution of chemotherapy to tumors
33 Coronavirus: Can a vaccinated person still spread COVID?
34 New biological antibiotics can beat tuberculosis
35 Why grandparents can’t find vaccines: Scarcity of niche biotech ingredients
36 Illicit pandemic travel, Audrey Hepburn behind the glamour and Da Vinci's Loire Valley
37 Zai Lab Announces Financial Results for Second-half and Full-year 2020
38 Imcyse Raises €21.3M for Therapies in MS, Other Autoimmune Diseases
39 Postdoctoral Fellow
40 IU School of Medicine scientists discover 'game-changer' treatment for triple negative breast cancer: News at IU: Indiana University
41 Natera Revenues Grow 35 Percent in Q4
42 With $117M in fresh cash, Amunix paves path to the clinic for 'universal mask' prodrug on the hunt for HER2 tumors
43 AeroPress, Inc. Announces Winner of $100,000 Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Innovative Translational Research Award
44 Stage 4 Melanoma: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
45 Immunai raises $60M as it expands from improving immune therapies to discovering new ones, too
46 Fundamental proteins that guide embryo development are co-opted by cancer
47 Prime time for Five Prime as Amgen snaps up this once-moribund biotech for $1.9B and its phoenix-from-the-flames cancer asset
48 FDA Grants Emergency Use Authorization for Home Collection Kit for Advanta Dx SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Assay
49 Vicky Phelan celebrates treatment ‘goal’ as Lynsey Bennett shares cancer update
50 Advances in tumor models could expand effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy
51 Study Explains Why Patients with Cancer Spread to the Liver Have Worse Outcomes
52 Edited Transcript of 9688.HK earnings conference call or presentation 1-Mar-21 1:00pm GMT
53 Potential treatment might make tumors more responsive to immunotherapy
54 New Map of the Immune Landscape in Pancreatic Cancer Could Guide Future Personalized Immunotherapy Treatments
55 New cell therapy can boost immunotherapy against breast cancer
56 Novel breast cancer therapy candidate enters clinical study
57 at CROI: COVID-19 vaccine efficacy trials, T-cell immunity following vaccination, immune responses to SARS-CoV-2, and late-breaking science on HPV, HIV and long-term antiretroviral therapy
58 Study predicts good passive immunotherapy donors to combat COVID-19
59 Inflammatory Molecules an Underlying Cause of COVID-19 Brain Fog
60 Despite COVID-19 Pandemic First Patient Undergoes New Personalized Immunotherapy
61 A boost for cancer immunotherapy
62 BioNTech and InstaDeep Announce Strategic Collaboration and Form AI Innovation Lab to Develop Novel Immunotherapies
63 Advanced humanized mouse model helps better understand immunotherapy resistance in melanoma
64 Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) Market Size, Trends, Analysis, Demand, Outlook and Forecast
65 MSK-led Studies Support the Concept of “Cancer Environment Immunotherapy”
66 New Cancer Immunotherapy Shows Promise in Early Research Co-led by CPB Distinguished Professor
67 First patient participates in immunotherapy trial despite COVID-19 pandemic
68 Global Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics Market Forecasts 2021-2025: Revolution in Cancer Therapy to be Driven by New Diagnostics
69 Novel immunotherapy combination can be highly effective for treating lung cancer
70 Powering up cancer immunotherapy by improving protein signaling
71 New combination of immunotherapies shows great promise for treating lung cancer
72 The Myeloma Crowd by The HealthTree Foundation Introduces Community Chapters and Events Platform
73 BioCanRx invests $10 million in promising new cancer immunotherapy research and biomanufacturing
74 Edited Transcript of ONC.TO earnings conference call or presentation 5-Mar-21 1:30pm GMT
75 Immunotherapy research
76 MSK researchers report an underlying cause of COVID brain
77 Global Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics Markets 2020-2024: Focus on Biomarkers and the Next Five Years
78 Counting your antigens
79 Regeneron's Antibody Cocktail Wants to Join the Immunotherapy Revolution
80 Computational method could predict immunotherapy response in patients with advanced melanoma
81 Boosting stem cell activity can enhance immunotherapy benefits
82 Scientists Develop ON-OFF Switch for CAR T Cell Immunotherapy
83 Immunotherapy with radiotherapy could improve cancers in liver
84 Study shows why young, female patients have low response rates to cancer immunotherapy
85 Study points the way to boost immunotherapy against breast cancer, other solid tumors
86 New Treatment Approach for a Common Glioma Subtype Shows Promise in Animal Models
87 Heska Announces Pricing of Upsized Public Offering of Common Stock
88 Pursuing Precision Immunotherapy for Cancer: Approaches and Challenges
89 Removing copper from blood can destroy deadliest cancers that are resistant to immunotherapy
90 Newly designed hydrogels allow the culture of T-cells for use in cancer immunotherapy
91 Immunotherapy May Work Better Against Stomach Cancer When Combined with Chemo, Given Earlier
92 First patient undergoes new personalized cancer immunotherapy at UCSD Health, despite COVID-19 pandemic
93 Researchers develop promising immunotherapy treatment for glioblastoma
94 CRISPR Clinical Trials: A 2021 Update
95 Immunotherapy benefits patients with gastric and esophageal cancers, new data shows
96 New Connections Reveal How Cancer Evades the Immune System
97 Immunotherapy Developer Acepodia Hopes to Slash Cell Therapy Manufacturing Costs
98 Experimental Covid-19 treatment would reach patients before they're put on ventilators
99 RAPT Therapeutics Appoints Lisa Butterfield, Ph.D., and Lawrence Fong, M.D., to Scientific Advisory Board
100 FDA approves pembrolizumab as first-line treatment for colorectal cancer